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Allred to Dwarf: I've Got Your Back

4/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned civil rights crusader Gloria Allred will file a complaint against a college which denied a 3'7" dwarf an education because of her size.

Ms. Allred will display various awards the young dwarf has received -- including one from the President of the United States.

Attorney Allred will also show photos and video of her little client as a high school varsity cheerleader.

Allred will hold a news conference with the dwarf in her L.A. office at 10:30 AM PT. TMZ is inclined to live stream the event.

Who are we kidding ... we'll have 5 cameras there.


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If Gloria could get a fly for a client she would.

1629 days ago


No offence to gloria, but she was leaning into that young ladies face as if she was five years old and struggled to comprehend, then she was almost leading her as she walked as she was unable to walk lol.......this is so crap .. and your headline and the way you have worded would be hung drawn and quartered in the uk! Come on this is just lazy press, you could have found out her name at least, instead of saying a dwarf! How would you like to be referred to as that person. New depths, sorry.

1629 days ago


I just watched the Press Conference, and while she seems like a lovely young woman, it seems really difficult to believe this is the entire story. Why did she wait a month to contact a lawyer, or the school via letter for that matter? If this is indeed 100% accurate of what happened to her, then they need to sue them for all their worth and I hope they are fined as well by the Government.

1629 days ago


You talk about discrimination as you discriminate .. obviously there is some kind of "in" joke going on here....and whoever mentioned Al Sharpton, leave him out of this lol.

1629 days ago


I would pay money to see Gloria's new client take somebody's height and weight. It only took three people to get her out of a chair. Makes me wonder why they didn't show any video of her cheerleading. I'm sorry but putting her on the varsity cheerleading squad is like making the short bus crowd Homecoming Queen and King. Go ahead Gloria, sue a school for being realistic.

1629 days ago


Could you not have found out the young ladies name instead of
referring to her as a dwarf. Such a shame about the college, my
friends daughter as achondroplasia and has been in mainstream school
all her life and is now in college.

1629 days ago


I hope Gloria Allred poses for Hustler and shows plenty of pink!

1629 days ago


I believe Gloria Accidently spilled the beans on which college it was by having her wear the scrubs into the press conference. She asked her at one point if these were the scrubs she had to pay for and the girl stated yes. So this college is actually a tech school. So if her grades are so amazing, why didn't she go to a 4 year college? Oh and if she is wanting to be a Medical Assistant I can see why the school would have concerns. I honestly cannot see her doing basic procedures on patients. Not because im a jerk but I am a nursing student and I know what M.A.'s do and its a lot of hard work. So her size would actually be an issue in the field she wants to work in. If it was Everest College they sure went about this the wrong way I think they were concerned with her paying so much for the education then not being able to find work in her field if I heard that right during the press conference which is a legitimate concern who wants to dish out all that money for school and not be able to get a job its unfair but the truth. I wish her well in whatever she does...

1629 days ago

Sue Wong    

This young lady is smart but I'm uncertain that she can do the work of a medical assistant, only because she couldn't stand on her own. I hate discrimination and I've work with little people in an office setting. I've also seen a very capable little person at the home depot. I think this young lady could be a receptionist or some other office related work more than a medical assistant. Why was she lying back in the chair and not sitting straight up? I believe the school tried to find her a job but had no takers. However, if they deleted her they shouldn't be asking her for money. she was entitled to a full refund.They discriminated against her and didn't leave the decision up to her if she wanted to continue in the program. Why didn't she tell them she had a job offer and why didn't Gloria confirm it. Sometimes an oral job offer is made but it's not serious. Even if it was serious, there's no guarantee they would keep her during or after the probationary period. Little people do move a little awkwardly at times but they're probably a few capable of being a medical assistant. I'm only uncertain in this case because she needed help standing. I don't know if that's normal for her. I didn't hear how tall she was, that's also a factor. I do wish her luck in whatever she does.

1629 days ago


Apparently Survivor's producer (Bruce Beresford-Redman) killed his wife by strangulation. Report it!

Britney cried. Report it!

1629 days ago


Gloria needs a good lay. She is wound way too tight!! I'm female and I can't stand her!! She is a leech!! Also, I bet there is more to the story than what we are reading. There is no way any college would deny admission based on size. Where would the fat folks be? I bet the little person didn't make the cut for other reasons and now wants to use her "size" as reason to gain entrance.

1629 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I don't get it, Did Tiger sleep with this person?

Gloria is scum!!!!!!!!

1629 days ago


Hey Gloria my mommie and daddy didn`t give me size 38dd tits when I was born will you sue them for me.

1629 days ago


I hope the words used in this story were quotes from Alred and not written by TMZ staffers. To use the word 'dwarf' to describe a LITTLE PERSON is akin to calling an African-American the 'N' word. If this WAS written by a staffer, you need to issue an apology to the young lady in question and all little people. If they were quotes from Alred, the young lady needs to fire her!

1628 days ago


Dwarf? Seriously? Very, very tacky, TMZ.

1628 days ago
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