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MTV Starlet Hurts Neck in Hummer Incident

4/8/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Terry -- the blonde stunner on MTV's "My Life as Liz" -- received injuries to her neck ... and her precious Hummer H3 after a gnarly collision on a Texas highway.

Taylor tells TMZ she was driving through Fort Worth on I-35 North Tuesday afternoon when the car in front of her rear-ended another car ... and she didn't have enough time to stop before she came crashing in too.

According to Taylor, the Hummer received around $14,000 in damages ... and she had to spend six hours in a nearby hospital for the concussion she suffered ... as well as a sprained neck and bruised shins.


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Thunder Thighs    

Ya'll are rude as fuck.
I'm glad she's okay.

1609 days ago


okay Robert B. she was never a nerdy highschooler she started as one of the blond popular kids and became friends of Liz. Therefore, she isn't a nerdy kid, nor does she say she is she is just friends with a nerdy kid. Another thing is if your parents are gonna get you an H3 your not just gonna say No to that.

1609 days ago


So many haters on here! People in Texas are allowed to have money! I know it's stereotypical but We do drive gas guzzlers. If anyone has been in North Texas they would know the highways are always packed! I35 has got to be one of the worst as well as 635 always an accident EVERYDAY. There's a tollway and people assume they are allowed to go 120mph and think they can do it on the freeways too. Leave Taylor alone. There are many crazy drivers in Texas so if you've never experienced it don't judge peoples accidents.

1609 days ago



1609 days ago


Taylor Terry, despite your "steriotypes" is really suprisingly a great girl. Watching her on the show I thought she was going to be a really mean stuck up bitch. But she's not, she's nice and accepts people for who they are which is something that the people on here are HORRIBLE at. If you watched an episode of My Life as Liz, you'd see that she's not a "spoiled stuck up rich girl." You can't define someone by the car they drive, the clothes they wear, or the color of their hair. Give her a chance before you actually make false accusations about someone you don't even know.
Taylor, you have bright good heart and I hope you know that. Keep being strong girl and feel better soon. :)

1609 days ago


Don't give a ratsass about this girl, but I had an 18 wheeler jackknife in front of me on I-35. Damn NAFTA truck took the wrong exit and tried to correct. FAIL. Five car pile up, Praise Zeus I wasn't included.

1608 days ago


really TMZ? why dont you leave the poor girl alone? she got into a car accident! Im pretty sure everyone one in american has been or will be in a car accident.

1608 days ago


You guys seriously need to freakin lay off. You guys are criticizing her for the way she was driving and saying it was her fault, how the hell do you know how she was driving and who was at fault? Were you there at the site of the accident? I dont think so. So seriously just leave her alone. You guys are judging her too and you don't even know her. I don't know her either, but don't judge, cmon now. Everyone should be glad and thankful that she is alright along with the other drivers/passengers involved.

1608 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

you guys are sooo lame.. chill out its all good shes fine. but you guys dont have to be assholes. haters neeed to back offf

1608 days ago


This is another case where there were no victims--just volunteers.
Stupid people tailgate.

1608 days ago

Elvis Twin    

Those injuries indicate someone wasn't wearing her seatbelt!

Shame on you little girl. I hope it was worth it.

Unless the bruised shins were from an earlier incident in the casting office that she doesn't want to to admit.

Also, shame on you little girl. I hope it was worth it.

1608 days ago


I don't get why people assume she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. If you go from 65 mph to zero in a crash you are probably going to sustain neck injuries regardless. I get the impression that if she wasn't wearing a seatbelt that it could have been much much worse for her and she could have likely died.

1608 days ago


It could've happened to anyone. Peole need to stop being haters and
chill. Besides you guys don't even know her. Grow up and stop talking mess!

1608 days ago


this just goes to show how dumb some of the people that read TMZ are. oh no she did something stupid, who would've thought a teenager would do something stupid huh? people should just be glad noone was seriously injured. as for calling her nerdy, guess what jackoff? you got the wrong character. as for someone saying she is mediorce at best i would bet my salary that if she came onto you you wouldnt turn her down.

1608 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Dumb bitch is in a neck brace throwing up peace signs lol she deserved this shit

1608 days ago
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