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O.J. Simpson Gets a Break Today

4/12/2010 7:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson was cut a break today, TMZ has learned.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled it wants to hear oral arguments from lawyers in his robbery and kidnapping case.

Simpson, who was convicted in 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison, is asking the Nevada Supremes to overturn the conviction.  The Nevada Supreme Court typically does not grant oral argument, but today the justices decided it wanted to hear from the attorneys.

The ruling suggests the justices have something on their minds that legal briefs alone won't satisfy.  Simpson's lawyers have argued the whole jury selection process was tainted and the only two African-American jurors were excluded by prosecutors.

Simpson's lawyer, Yale Galanter, tells TMZ, "We are elated and look forward to answering all of the Court's questions."


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ralphie the one-eyed    

Hanging, I say, hanging is to good for the likes of that.

1632 days ago

Throwback kid    

But he hasn't killed anyone in 16 years!

1632 days ago


They always play the race card to get OJ out of trouble. Which is ironic because he doesn't even admit he's black. He needs to just die in prison and stop wasting taxpayers money on appeals.

1632 days ago

Jason Chambers    


1632 days ago


Time to pay the piper! You lived white, you screwed white, you killed your slut, muds**rk wife, you slaughtered an innocent man, now you pay the price, karma is a bitch, baby!

1632 days ago


O.J is at the WOMEN'S PRISON in PRIM, NEVADA.He can not stay at the MEN'S PRISON.

1632 days ago


I hope that they don't let him out. He deserves to rot in prison! He was finally locked up, where he belongs, and now this crap? WTF?? I don't think he should be set free, and I thing there is a lot of people that agree with me! Why was he ever let out after killing two innocent people, and robbing somebody for posession he had sold?

1632 days ago


You know, I am an intelligent person who studied about every second of the O.J. trial and the case. If O.J. really did kill two people in that blood bath, where was the blood on O.J.? Where was the blood in his shower drain (no blood found). Where was some blood, even a smear, on his pristine white bedroom carpet? None was found. The tiniest of dried blood, his own, was found on the inside top portion of his driver car door. Hardly blood from a crime scene. They never matched Nicole's or Ron's DNA to O.J. I am not convinced he was the actual criminal. Involved perhaps. Not the actual killer. He didn't have enough time to dump bloody clothes, sanitize his car, sanitize his drain and replace the carpet. He had about 25 minutes that is unaccounted for, and some of that was the shower he took as the limo was waiting.

1632 days ago


Post #10, OJ's blood was at the murder scene, one of his bloody gloves with his, Ron's and Nicole's blood all mixed together was found in his yard, his bloody sock was found in his room with Nicole's blood all over it, and his shoe prints were found at the murder scene. If that's not enough evidence, there are dozens of other incriminating things that prove beyond any doubt that OJ is GUILTY. I mean, come on.

1632 days ago

MC D-Lyte    

OJ Simpson is one of the best actors ever. Naked Gun, Naked Gun 2 1/2... the list goes on and on. His movies have all been on lists like this

1632 days ago

NO J    

There's something very disturbing that after 19,000 votes, 1 out of 5 people think this dirtbag should walk. It just proves a theory I've propounded for years: 20% of the population are absolute imbeciles.

1632 days ago


He is exactly where he should have been years ago. I still cannot fathom he was never convicted for brutally killing two people but with luck he will spend every last day of his life locked up like an animal. I hope every time he lays his head down to sleep he has nightmares of Nicole and Ron Goldman. I hope he suffers and is haunted for the remaining days of his life. This man should never ever walk as a free man again in today's society.

1631 days ago


The sentance OJ got in Nevada was a joke. The jail time he received bore no relation to the charges he was convicted of. In effect the judge punished him for the double murder he was acquitted of years before. Make no mistake OJ deserves to spend a lifetime in prison, but not like this. Doing it this way makes a mockery of the entire judicial process. Nevada needs to right the wrong that was his sentancing hearing. How ironic that to get justice they've had to corrupt the very system that's supposed to deliver it! FREE THE JUICE FROM NEVADA JUDICIAL CORRUPTION!

1631 days ago


post #12--- he was found NOT GUILTY though, and the 'robbery and kidnapping" case was a set up from beginning to end. manufactured by the state of nevada from beginning to end to show the rest of the country (those that were unhappy with the previous verdict) that 'he wasn't going to get away with anything' there!
someone else present had the guns, someone else present bagged the property, someone else had a key to the room, all o.j. did was yell on a tape.
the 78% who voted for o.j. to remain where he is convinces me that, yes, there are a lot of imbeciles out there! i wish him all the luck in the world that the nevada supreme court realizes the errors made during the fiasco of a trial there and sets him free as he should be!!!

1631 days ago


He deserves to be in jail for Nicole and Ron's murder. But in this case, I fully support him. 33 years for robbing someone who robbed him?? No that's outrageous. They gave him 33 years for the WRONG crime. They are punishing him because he was acquited of those killings and people still want justice for Ron and Nicole. I totally understand this, but it is not how the system works.

1631 days ago
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