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Big Ben at NFL Office to Face The Commish

4/13/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his quasi-mullet shaved off his head -- Ben Roethlisberger arrived to NFL headquarters in New York just moments ago for his big meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell will decide whether Ben faces disciplinary action from the NFL for the alleged sexual assault in Georgia.

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Roger Goodell's wife is Jane Skinner, a morning shift Fox News reader. Apparently, she likes to bake and bring cookies with her to the set of Fox News. Maybe, she can send Roger with a great big bag of cookies for Ben, if he promises to quit assaulting people ! ! ! It's worth a try . . .

1619 days ago


To put it plainly, she had every right to say NO. But, IF she did say NO, everything that happened up to the point where she said NO, is not a crime.

The girl and her friends followed him to 3 different night clubs. They hugged, kissed, talked sex, etc. They may or may not have gone to the bathroom with the intention of more. IF that wasn't her intention, then she has the right to say no. But, if she was hanging all over Ben, talking about sex all night, it's understandable that he might've interpreted an invitation to do more. IF she said stop, he should've and seemingly did.

1619 days ago


#6 Crystal you go girl ..
Most of these guys are alike ...

1619 days ago


I just saw on Wikipedia that this guy is only 28!! Wow, he looks old. He looks at least in his mid-30's.

1619 days ago


Big, goofy, dumbass is still ugly as sin.

1619 days ago


Big, goofy, dumbass is still ugly as sin.

1619 days ago


On ESPN today they were saying he should be suspended because so many black players have been ..I wish they wouldn't have even went there ...Thats a ridiculous reason ..

1619 days ago


He looks 38 ..stress is a b****

1619 days ago


FLGirl very unbiased opinion coming for a girl ..I wish I could give him that much of a break ...even tho your probably right I just cant give it up to him like that ..

1619 days ago


1 in 3 females are raped by age 18. they arnt all crying wolf. FACT: most rapes go unreported. Male victims are even less likly to report. It is an epidemic in our society. Saying NO...does not make you a whore or a slut. Everyone male or female has a right to say stop at ANY point. It is not one woman claiming he sexually asualted them its TWO. If your out there and your a victim of Bens please report it to the police. Law enforcement failed completly in this case not even having interviewed him and with a woman dropping charges out of FEAR. Once a rapist always a rapist. report it so others in the future may be spared.

1619 days ago


Ben Roethlisphucker is an ugly piece of ****! His head is huge, but too bad he doesn't have a brain of comparable size.

This troglodyte ought to be sidelined for the entire season! The NFL already has enough thugs as it is, without adding this reprobate. Goodell needs to administer some draconian punishment, instead of just a slap on the wrist.

1619 days ago



1619 days ago

Thanks A Lot Ben    

Thanks a lot Ben. The Steelers is "my" team. I am really proud to cheer for most of them, at least the ones who can keep their junk in their pants instead of putting in any warm place that happens along. I'm hoping they get rid of you like they got rid of that loser Santonio and we can get on with the business of football and trying to salvage an image that you sullied. My town eats, sleeps and breathes football. You not only messed with people who know you and some wacked out drunk female stranger in a freaking public bathroom, you messed with a whole town that looks for things to cheer for. Ben ... F*CK YOU. I hope they kick you out of the NFL for life.

1619 days ago


Will Ben's Bodyguard be escorting Roger to the Executive Washroom where I"m sure Big Ben will be awaiting?

Roger, suspend him for a year with a probation that says any kind of nonsense and you're out. Its time to take a stand, once and for all.

1619 days ago


This is the deal. Get the women drunk, the rape them, and you will never have to deal with anything concering your actions.

If you meet a drunk woman, or one not entirely herself, rape her and get away with it.

1619 days ago
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