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Elin Nordegren -- Heading for Sweden?

4/14/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren is fixing up the house on her newly purchased property in her native Sweden -- proof that it may be the spot where Elin's headed to rebuild her life.

As we previously reported, Tiger Woods' current wife picked up the $2 million home late last year -- a home that could only be described as a dump, at best.

But now, new photos reveal that a major renovation is underway on the property -- and we're told the builders are trying to get everything done by the summer.

Tiger is scheduled to play the U.S. Open at the end of June -- seems the only way Elin will be watching is if they get cable in Sweden.

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the white bitch has got what she want ,now she is going home.tiger u shoulda have stayed with ur sista dude,u juste made another with mother****er rich>

1653 days ago


Dax: "There's wood everywhere." LOL!

1652 days ago


YES! I realy hope Elin is coming home and never returns to the US. She and her kids get a better and much more dignified life in Sweden. It will take a little while until the paps will leave her alone but when that is over she will be living her life in peace.

I think she handles all this with enormous grace and diganty. No comments to the press just being quite and let people think what ever they want.

I bet most of us here in Sweden will be honoured to protect her by not talking to the media.

Kom hem so fort som möjligt Elin. Du har en fantastisk familj här och massvis med landsmän som känner med dig.

1652 days ago


Why does TMZ wish so much ill will on Tiger Woods? If I had the resources I would hire a bunch of do-nothing videographers and P.I.s to follow you guys around and dig up dirt from your past and plaster it everywhere on the web. As if any of you are saintly...such ****in hypocrisy.

1652 days ago


Both Tiger and Elin have a lot of money now and they will manage trought out the years....no problem with the money so....they are both still young to. There are kids that have parents in two countries and do just fine, they learn fluently English and Swedish and get to know about two countries....not bad at all. It could be worse...;)

1652 days ago


There was a report on ET that the divorce is imminent. So not a real surprise.
I wish her all the best. She did nothing to deserve such a betrayal and humiliation. She stood by him, she supported him, she avoided the limelight, she kept a low profile, she never took advantage of his fame or fortune and more importantly she gave him two precious kids and look what he did !!!! Beyond disgusting.
The real loser in this story will be Tiger himself because he will very lonely from now. No kid and no wife at home. Just a bunch of sluts and trophies to confort him.
Good luck Cheetah. You will need it. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you.
You'd better learn from Phil what a real man and husband and father he is ?
Money will never ever replace the love and the respect of your family.

1652 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Good for Elin. She doesn't wnat herself or the children exposed to the nonsense. The children can have a stress free summer in Sweden.

1652 days ago


Great for you Elin.
Keep thinking what is best for the kids.
You are in my prayers. (and dreams :o)

1652 days ago


Elin - Rent a house NOW in Sweden & get the hell out of Tiger's life so you'll quit "JERKING" him around - take your 4 iron w/u.

1652 days ago


Tiger is finished, and good for her,maybe if it had been one or two women.But 20 or so and now the teenage girl next door nieghbor?Tiger needs to keep his woody in his pants and become a monk...

1652 days ago


Elin must leave now, bagio and bikini 123 should also get lost and stuff thier junk straight up their fat arses at once, losers.

1652 days ago


Leave Elin, now. bagio and bikini 123 screw off with your uselss crap and get a real job/ life, losers

1652 days ago


1. the white bitch has got what she want ,now she is going home.tiger u shoulda have stayed with ur sista dude,u juste made another with mother****er rich>

Posted at 1:08 AM on Apr 14, 2010 by francky

I agree. I don't want to see this swedish bitch again, stay the hell out of the US! And I hope this is the last time TMZ ever reports on sweden, good riddance!

1652 days ago


Two million dollars for a house and they build something so ugly?!

1652 days ago


Well that's interesting.

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1652 days ago
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