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Jon & Kate's 8 Guaranteed Big Money

4/14/2010 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" honchos won't face legal action following an investigation into the show's treatment of the kiddies -- but there's a catch ... and it involves a lot of money.


In documents just released to the public, The Bureau of Labor Law Compliance says it never obtained evidence proving the show abused the rights of the children.

But ... there are new stipulations the show must abide by -- including putting away "at least 15% of the gross proceeds of this show and future shows" that will be put into a trust until the kids are 18. 

A rep for TLC said the trust was established in November.


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1599 days ago


I don't!!!!

1599 days ago


whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is she still on stars, I bout threw the dam tv out in the yard last nite when she didn,t get voted off, hell my dog can dance better than her and she is such a drama drama drama ****.

1599 days ago


What a load of crap

1599 days ago


SO. once again Khate LIED.. She said this trust was set up YEARS ago.. God Dang I wish these idiots would just go away. She is from the trailer park and that is VERY CLEAR. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig.. Good lord.

1598 days ago


Banish them from tmz just like tila I and a LOT of others are over them, they desearve each other

1598 days ago


I have never seen such a pathological mess like Kate. She was raised to spin everything and look you straight in the eyes while repeating her poor me, I have to support my kids. Just goes to show you, the bigger the mess the more TV and press- all in the name of the kids, of course. Not for any personal fame or anything. Not to make her look like the hero of the brood or anything and the father a schmuck. So to counteract her making him look bad- she writes a book praising him "so my kids will read it- the twins are reading it for school". So,no matter what is said bad about her personally or her dissing Jon, she can refer to the book and say "see,it's all a lie"- "see what I wrote about your Dad".

1598 days ago


Good idea, from what I have seen Kate isn't going to be in the spotlight for much longer, being the annoying beaver look-a-like can only get you soo far.. I hope when the kids are older they don't hate their parents for airing them being potty trained..

1598 days ago


The #7 post posted at 11:32 AM on Apr 15, 2010 by Holz
was the most honest blog I have ever seen on Kate G. She slowly degraded Jon and ran him slowly out daily and now wonders why he is not her idea of a man. She then flaunted her "lover" ummm.."bodyguard" in front of him daily. I'm sorry, but I dont believe the "bodyguard" is needed....only in her inflated head. She has kept the votes up for her on DWTS by whining about raising the kids etc. I raised my kids alone also and worked with no help. It can be done. My mother raised 7 on her own as a cook. She could raise 8 as an RN but she wants the fame. Poor kids will one day hate her and her only salvation will be if she can convince them it was for them, not her.

1598 days ago


I am tired and sick of seenin these two again, we had enough in 2009....Its about the kids, that what everyone feel to realize......and both of the parent should be ashamed of themselves for con't behaving like this....It sickened me, I think both should be ban from the media.....Kate defintely need to be ban from dancing with the stars, she should be home raising her kids and trying to clean up some of the mess she has made....What people do for money.. and all the women John has been with that could be time with his children. This is a sad story and I truly feel bad for the kids.....Please tmz, please no more Kate or John, its so much more important things going on then these two jerk.....We had enough

1597 days ago


Not so fast. There has been a resurgence of interest with one of the lawmakers.

Why do the kids only get 15%? They were EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE CAST. Shouldn't they get 80%?

Without the kids, who would know Kate or Jon. There will be a battle royal for the custody of the kids a/k/a THE EIGHT LITTLE MONEYMAKERS.

1596 days ago


Why only 15%, THE KIDS WERE 80% of THE CAST?

1595 days ago


The photo of Kate makes her look like the demon that we all know that she is. All that is missing is FANGS! This photo truly shows the evil of her insides coming clear out.

1595 days ago


To heck with this media hunger TLC reality wanna be star.She worn out her gracies a long time ago. If she was such a concerned mother about her kids should would have been out of sight a long time ago taking care of them herself. They were no exploited. She wanted it all: money, media attention, popularity, kept negotiating for more never thinking about the kids well-being then. To date she cannot spot being on TV or in the lime light: fake boo hooing seeking the sympathy of bored housewives who wished they had her attention. Finally, glad to see her off Dancing with the Stars, was about to stop watching that show. SHE IS NO ~!*@#$(*&@#$% STAR. She used fertilization to have a bunch of kids that TLC decided to feature. As she gained recognition became a bossy,demanding money hungry, media craving, etc, etc, ... pain in the you know where monster. There are many famlies in the states that have 8 or more kids by natural birth that would have made a better story, image, example, or family portriat. Damn those who encourage this crap cause her to still be in the NEWS/.

1592 days ago

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