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Kate Gosselin's Bro: They Even Faked Christmas

4/14/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin just got scrooged by her brother.

Kate Gosselin's Brother

Kevin Kreider just testified in the child welfare hearing in PA that the 8 kids were forced to fake Xmas during the filming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Kreider claimed the production crew needed to get a shot, showing a big reaction when the kids came downstairs to unwrap their gifts.

So the crew made the kiddies fake a reaction, Kreider claims.

Kreider says the kids were psychologically confused ... why should they be different from Jon?


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What a Joker - He is jealous loser. Hope Kate and her children stay far away from him.

1620 days ago


I wasn't aware that Kate's brother and sister-inlaw were psychologists. Now I understand why Kate doesn't speak to them. Since when is having a "fake" Xmas a hardship? I was under the impression that kids wanted everyday to be Christmas. Did the kids suffer when TLC sent them on fabulous vacations and great learning experiences? Poor kids. Perhaps Mr. & Mrs. Psychologist can provide services to Ms. Alred who apparently cannot live without cameras being in her face. Talk about a publicity hound who craves constant attention. It must have been a slow celebrity-mistress day. Puh-leze

1620 days ago


I make my kid fake it every Christmas when he gets crap from his relatives.....what'd the big deal??? I'm sure when they all have their trust funds from the show when they're 18, they'll be pretty excited they "faked" it. And why does the brother suddenly have a problem??? Because he didn't seem to have problems being on the show with his wife in the beginning. What a piece of crap turning on his sister because she shut his "gravy train" off.....LOSER - he probably hangs out with Jon....and don't even get me started on Gloria Allred.....can't she go represent Danilynn or something?? I hear Larry Birkhead needs a new atty....

1620 days ago


Actually is sounds like her brother has childhood issues of his own!
Has he always been jealous of Kate? Were there past problems with Kate? It sounds like he is wanting some attention himself and will do anything to do it>>>

1620 days ago


Kate is freaking huge! Big business. Her personality is huge and I enjoy her. Her brother is pissed because he couldnt get a big enough piece of the pie. She is going to be around for a while. I'd rather watch her on tv than any other movie star.

1620 days ago


Okay, Claire, Homeschool Expert, are we supposed to be impressed by this? You have no idea how these children will be affected later on by the cameras in their home, by the invasion of their privacy while potty training or the video cameras that were set up in their bedrooms.

1620 days ago


Kevin and Jody's were okay with the reality show when they initially participated but had problems when they were denied compensation? Not the most credible in laws...or witnesses in court.

1620 days ago


Didn't he and his wife get paid for their appearance on past episodes? Why didn't they speak up sooner?

1620 days ago


Kate's brother and sister in law did speak out about this a while back. You can go to and look it up. The reason that kate and her brother don't talk any more is because TLC wanted to make them a regular part of the show which meant a contract and once again KATE got all pissed off and blew up at the producers of TLC and said that if anyone else made money she would end the show.

Her brother and sister in law bent over backwards to help her. And this is how she repays them. She stated in an interview that she does not talk to her family anymore because she feels they have back stabbed her. Well yeah I would have back stabbed you to Kate if i tried to help you in every way and when your showed wanted to give me a contract because I was there any way and you got pissed off.
I hope she just falls flat on her face, I can't stand her. She makes me sick. Everywhere I look all i see is her. Go away already.

1620 days ago


LOL, the case was just dismissed! Oh well Kevin and Jodi, nice try. Now hurry up and run outside the court room, see if you can catch any of the camera men and CRY about what a disappointment this is. LOL!!!

1620 days ago


What a loser! In any reality show there is a little bit of staging or reinacting, where has this guy been? Sometimes certain moments are kept private and reinacted for the camera's. So basically this jerk off is saying that they were asked to pretent on occasion to get a good camera shot. So now pretending or acting is psychologically harmful to our kids? He and his wife are just mad that TLC wouldn't give into their pay request. TMZ quit printing articles about these losers, they had no problems with the show when they were getting paid for being on it!

1620 days ago

none of that    

So what. I fake orgasms!

1620 days ago


This guy did the right thing and I'm sure it took courage to speak out about this. He probably wants to help these kids before Kate freaks out and hurts one or more of them. Those kids are in danger. I guarantee it.

1620 days ago


How much more will come about Kate before you Kate supporters realize how bad she is? I mean come on now, if all these people are coming forward and telling stories about kate, and she denies them, then I guess they are all just jealous? I don't think so. The Kate supporters thing she is the greatest person around. Well I don't think so. I wish she would just go away.

Last year she didn't want the cameras following her around and would hide from them. Now all of a sudden she wants them around, and she seems to get photographed everywhere she goes please.

I think she tips them off as to where she is going to be so that they will show up and take her picture.

1620 days ago


Ok lets use a little common sense here. Kate threatened to end the show if her brother and sister in law were given a contact? That's funny how could she have ended the show without breaching her contract if Jon couldn't end it without breaching it? It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Quit being ignorant people, seriously.

1620 days ago
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