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Kate Gosselin - Jon Must Pay!

4/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to pay child support until the kids are adults -- no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, tells TMZ ... although Kate is making good money now -- we're told hundreds of thousands of dollars on "Dancing with the Stars" -- "she won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes."

Momjian says Jon has a responsibility to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary.  If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of his paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

Momjian says, "He will have to contribute.  It's every parent's responsibility."


So, we ask ...


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I have a solution:
These two should co-star in commercials for all forms of BIRTH CONTROL known to mankind. All proceeds should go to their offsprings.
And make it so that we don't have to see them anywhere but in these commercials.
Thank you!

1660 days ago

all about the money    

Jon is not the best guy out there and he should be responsible and help support his kids. If the mother is making much more money than he is then his support should be for the kids only and not her expenses. She is making enough to cover her own expenses now why should he have to still pay to keep her in a higher life style? He should get a job at McDonalds or some carwash making minimum wage and see if she complains that she is not getting enough money. Then it would show is she really concerned about the kids or her own lifestyle.

1660 days ago


who are these people? more self important wanna be's? boreing, who cares what happens inthier life?i thought they were stars or something, never heard of them

1660 days ago


If Jon is not stepping up to the plate to pay his fair share for the upbringing of his children, then he should shut his face and get off of Kate's back. Demanding custody of his kids because he doesn't want to work, and wants Kate to support him? I don't think so! Kate was to much woman for him anyway. She would not of treated him like a child if he didn't act like one. When they married Kate thought she was getting a mature young Man but all she got was a tiny d^ck immature fat slob that won't work. He also lies, steals, cheats, and doesn't have any redeeming qualities. He could get a job anywhere else, just not in the entertainment business. But he doesn't want to. He would rather live off of a woman who is working her butt off to put money in the bank for their children's future. It won't last long, so she has to take everything she can get before it is all over and she can't bring in the money she is making now. Grow up Jon and help pay for the kids you helped make.

1660 days ago


your story reflects the law in Canada as why should Jon have it any differently especially since with 8 children the costs must be impressive!

1660 days ago


He had those kids just like she did. He should pay to take care of them too. No, Kate can't dance to save her life but at least I see her trying to financially take care of her kids. That is a lot of food to put on the table. Somebody's has got to do it. He needs to do whatever he can to raise his kids. Period.

1660 days ago


Jon should pay child support, but not the amount of $2000.00 a month when he is not even working. The courts should take in consideration what he earns. To pay $24,000 a year, if he is only making $30,000, doesn't leave very much for him to live on. If Jon has the children half the time, he souldn't pay any child support, he has them half the time and she has them half the time, both would be supporting the children when they have them.

1660 days ago


He was the one that said at one point. "I'm to famous to hold a real job" so yeah I can see why she's being a bitch about it. Give me a break, I'm to famous? Screw you, douche bag.

1660 days ago

Bama Mom    

Child support is based on what each parent makes. Then insurance, child care fee, etc are removed from their total earnings. Then it is calculated with a table and then child support is based on hat number.

Jon should be responsible for supporting his kids jsut like every other divorced father in the country. Like Kate's attorney said "There are no Jon Gosselin laws"! He willingly made those children just like she did. Now he has to be responsible!!!

1660 days ago

sooz e q    

Child support is based on each parents income, health insurance amount, child care (and I'm sure Kate is throwing the nannies in as child care). She doesn't dictate how much he pays. The court does. If he's ordered to pay $20k a month now, WTF can't she support them on that? What kind of lifestyle are they leading if she needs more than that a month and has to keep pimping the kids out to "support" them?

1660 days ago


In this photo of Jon he looks alot like a young Kim Jong Il of North Korea....

1660 days ago

sooz e q    

Also....I fully think he should pay support, however, if she's making hundreds of thousands of dollars, it should be reduced. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. And since Jon humiliated her with the affairs, she's gone to keep sticking it to him any way she can.

1660 days ago


Karmas a b....he thought he was going to leave the wifee to run off with a trust fund baby, and now she's going to be raking in more money than those jobless tramps will ever have, and it's HERS not her daddys. HA HA HA!

1660 days ago


Jon is a fat, ugly, piece of ****, that I hope dies in a car accident. What a freaking lowlife he is....

1660 days ago


Just goes to show you she is ALL about money. If she REALLY loved those kids she would stop being so selfish and use her earnings to "support" her kids like she keeps claiming. Rather, she will pay a nanny to take care of her kids instead of them being with their own parent. I couldn't feel worse for those kids. They are so secluded...aren't even allowed to see granparents or aunts/uncles/cousin's. Kate is convinced that money will buy them happiness. How did she expect to raise them before TLC came into their lives???? I live right by them and drove past their house yesterday. It is HUGE but looks very lonely. They don't need to live that lifestyle. Those kids have to pass the paparazzi everyday parked outside of their house. Couldn't she just use her DWTS earnings and live a less lavish lifestyle? There ARE other people in this world with 8 kids who don't live like her and don't starve either. Everyone but the Aunt and Uncle forget about those kids. I have to say, I don't think Jon is about the money. When did you ever see Kate really play with her kids these days like Jon will. Most you will see is her getting a manicure or a starbucks with them. Very sad story and I think people give Jon a bad rap. Let's not forget why Jon rebeled in the first place!!

1660 days ago
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