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Kate's Brother: Reality Show Damaged the Kids

4/14/2010 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon and Kate Gosselin's 8 kids suffered psychological damage while filming "Jon & Kate Plus 8 ... this according to Kate's own brother.

Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin
Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi just testified at a Philadelphia hearing on child labor laws and reality television shows. Kevin said the kids had no privacy during the taping -- even their potty training was captured on video.

Kevin also said the kids suffered psychological damage as a result of the show, adding there were safety issues in the house, including large lighting equipment that created a danger.

During his testimony, Kevin said the Gosselins' kids were manipulated by producers who wanted drama.

UPDATE: Kevin's testimony is interesting ... considered a potty training scene was filmed at his house.

TLC tells TMZ the allegations are "either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention."

Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."


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Kudos to the Krieders for telling the truth--that everybody seems to know except the parents who are on TLC's payroll--and never had any intention of supporting their kids honestly. She as an RN, he was a hs graduate with some MS certificate... they were struggling to raise the twins.. whom they underwent fertility treatment for after not even being married for one year(!)...... and then decided to have six more. Crazy.

We've already discovered how damaging being a TV actor as a kid can be. I think reality TV shows take it to a whole new level. You're not "pretending"... it's your life that is forever immortalized and manipulated.

I feel so bad for the Gosselin kids. Couldn't give a crap about either parent... although, at least on camera, Jon was a much more involved parent and his kids seemed to at least love him. Can't say the same for Kate.

1618 days ago


Okay, I believe it was Carl that said on one of the blogs that showing a child being potty trained isn't damaging because little kids do not have the same sense of shame and modesty. Wow, you are in the dark. Ummm,,,, let me ask you something Carl. If your parents exploited your butt as a child for the world to see and then you grew up, wich is what happens to a child by the way. How would you feel? I know I wouldn't want my friends in high school to look back at that and make fun of me! Not to mention all the pedophiles who entertain themselves with things like that. You people are sick. Go Kevin and Jodi!!!!! I hope I never see Kate monsters face again. She makes me sick and I'm sure that her family feels the same way.

1618 days ago


Oh please Sara get a life you dont know this family or the kids or nothing about them please you must live in a tent or cave somewhere !

1618 days ago


I've seen reports that Kate was not there when they filmed the potty training segment, she was taking one of the kids to the doctors. It says the filming was done at the sister in law's house and they were the ones who had the camera film the potty training episode. Oops I guess the brother forgot about this when he was bringing up his examples of abuse.

1618 days ago


As I recall it was Kate taking pictures of the girls' first poop in their potties and showing it. When Aunt Jodie had the kids, all they showed was the kids going in to the bathroom and shutting the door. They told Aunt Jodie that they had went potty.

1618 days ago

dirty diana    

yes finally someone speaks up FOR the kids!!! let me guess kates on the today show again while the battle it out, can't wait for her day to come!

1618 days ago



Since you come on here to defend yourself I have two questions:

1. When will you be reimbursing the people of PA for the $HUGE$ hospital bill and the nannies supplied by the State of PA when you had the sextuplets? You certainly can afford to pay us all back now.
2. Jon is paying you $20K per month for child support. That equals $240K per year. That is not enought to live on? It is more than enough to live on- therefor that is why you are being judged as greedy. You stated in your comment that your children's college funds are paid for now. So, please explain to the rest of America why you need to make MORE MONEY?

Sorry, but you are not a supermom- show us all how dedicated you are and stay home for 3 months with no cameras, no interviews, no media of any sort. SHow us Kate, if you are such a good person! Prove it.

1618 days ago


Is that Gloria Al-red (aka:ALWAYS THERE) she is part of this too? LOL!

1618 days ago


Not that these people are that interesting anymore, but her brother and his wife were ALL UP in that business when the show first came out, so I'm not sure why they feel the need to say bad things now when they were contributing as well. I'm guessing it is because they didn't get paid any money so now they are mad!

1618 days ago


Jon Gosselin also released a statement, saying "the allegations made by Kevin and Jodi have not been my experience at all during the production."

Gee that is awfully weird because if I remember correctly when him and kate broke up he went to court to have the show pulled and stated his kids had no privacy and he felt his kids were going to end up suffering psychological damage.

The thing is these kids are just that, kids. They do not understand anything about being on TV and when you get older you do not want anyone seeing videos of you being potty trained or embarrassing moments and the whole world is watching these children potty train and do embarrassing things so yes it can very cause psychological damage later in life but as I said it can, I am not saying it will.

I think that Kates brother and sister inlaw are concerned about the kids and are not doing this out of spite or jealousy or anything like that. If you watched the show from the beginning Kate was very close with her brother and sister inlaw and a few seasons later they started coming on the show less and less and finally just vanished.

1618 days ago


Thats right Chrissy they sure did vanish and for good reasons when they vanished the bull started to come out of there mouths just like Jon it was good for him but when he was out of kates life sure wasnt good anymore was it I bet he is sorry he did that cause now he has to go back and do a real job cause none wants his ars on tv for the big money All this is just bull as far as im concerned

Jealousy is all it is that Kate is doing well and they are all trying to now find fault with what she is doing why are they bringing up all old news now cause they dont have nothing else to say

1618 days ago


I love Kevin and his wife...the only two left that had anything to do with KG and her tantrums. Time for a book Kevin...expose the truth about KG and TLC!

1618 days ago

Aaron Salmon    

Wasn't Jodi a guest star on the show a few times? Kate treated her like shiz. Probably why she's getting her revenge today.

1618 days ago


TMZ - Potty training occurred at the house of Jon & Kates friends (Bob and Beth Carson), not at her brother's house as you've written.

1618 days ago

dirty diana    

this guy and girl are not making money at this for one, they are in court, not sure who besides kate makes all public, except the bad stuff, she just tells what she wants. and for the stupid people that keep defending her ass, i do hate kate yes, but it is the kids that matter not kates dumb plastic ass. if i had to fight a custody battle and i knew all these people hated my dancing and me, i would have quit the damn dancing, everyone that says oh she's doing for the money, don't you think 2 more shows, and 2 books will cover your f%^king ass?!?!?!?!?! she is being greedy and the kids are hurting and all you defending her are hurting the kids too!!! she needs a doctor!!

1618 days ago
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