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NFL Divorce -- Anger Over Abortion Decision

4/15/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marlene McAlisterNFL star Chris McAlister is at the center of a nasty legal war with his wife -- who claims Chris kicked her out of their home when she refused to get an abortion.

Marlene McAlister
has just filed court documents to end her 13 month marriage to the former Pro Bowler -- claiming she hasn't seen or heard from the guy since September 2009 ... 5 months before their daughter was born.

In the docs, filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court, Marlene claims she's also "struggling financially" because Chris stopped paying his court-ordered spousal support and medical expenses. 

Marlene is also asking the court for sole custody of their 2-month-old daughter -- with Chris only getting supervised visitation -- because, according to the docs, "[Chris] has a volatile temper."

UPDATE: Chris tells TMZ "I was only married to her for a short time. She’s handling this through TMZ, I’m doing this the right way -- through the court system.”

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Allen Ridak    

Too bad his mother didn't abort

1654 days ago


Poster child for IGNORANT

1654 days ago


Poster child for IGNORANT.

1654 days ago


I'm surprised somebody like him would have agreed to get married in the first place...

1654 days ago


Them people like making babies but they sure dont like taking care of them

1654 days ago


Most of these athletes that come from having no money to making big money, getting hit on by golddiggers can't handle it when "real life" hits them in the face. What a douche bag this guy is!!

1654 days ago


All the above comments made by people who dont know the situation....So, If he buys them brand new house, new mercedes, pays full college tuition up front, and 15,000 a month in child support....thats right 15,000 a MONTH (for 1 child) and you dont have a house payment, car payment etc?? And you say That is still NOT enough money? yet you buy a new car every 3 months....I would stop payment to go back to court to get settlement restructered also....Tmz needs to get their **** straight....

1654 days ago


thier have been 50 million abortions since 1973 . this use to upset me now I relize that this is good thing ,since no one will want american women anymore thier's no chance white people will ever be great again because no one will fight for someone who got an abortion and thease women won't even fight for thier own kids. i learnd this in college the corse was called socail affects of abortion 101. I'm a black guy.

1654 days ago


And here we have the heart and soul of the NFL. Worthless; all.

1654 days ago


Right away everyone jumps on the guy. No one knows the facts. No one knows what he has done for her. No one knows what they may have agreed on. Perhaps she was supposed to be on birth control. ETC. Celebrity athletes get jobbed by women all the time. Don't be so quick to jump on the lady's side.

1654 days ago


First of all, let me set the record straight. I know Marlene very well, she went to Stanford on a full academic scholorship and moved to Miami where she worked as a editorial programer and director of marketing for a financial publication so she is NOT a gold digger, they were friends for a very long time before they decided to take their relationship to the next level. She is an educated woman who fell in love with a man who did not deserve her. Her beautiful daughter was born in February and do you think he has even called to see if the baby was ok? In September (the last time they saw each other) was at a doctors appointment where he verbally attacked Marlene so much so that the doctors office sent a note to the courts to make sure Chris comes no where near her because he was so violent. If you think i'm lying check the court papers, the doctors letter is filed there as well. He is a snake and she is only asking that he take care of his daughter.

1654 days ago


everyone should stop pointing the finger at the athlete and take a look into the bitch he married, she is a lying thieving snake!!! and no one knows for sure if that baby is his or one of his colleges!!!

1654 days ago


Hey TRUTH, YOU know more than anyone that it is his daughter, she has agreed to a DNA test but since his lawyers dropped him because he wasn't paying them he hasn't moved forward. If he would just stop hiding this can all be fixed. He knows it's his kid but he is probably too busy buying an eight ball for him and his brother to care.

1654 days ago


No matter who is right or wrong in this situation there is NO EXCUSE for him NOT to pay up what the court has ordered him to pay. There is NO EXCUSE for him to ignore his own flesh and blood. I still think that many athletes think of themselves as having a right to entitlement just because they are quasi-celebrities.

1654 days ago


Shawn Merriman is merry, man.

1654 days ago
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