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Larry King's Wife -- My Sis Kept Getting Gifts

4/15/2010 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned what triggered a run to the courthouse between Shawn Southwick and Larry King was a discovery Shawn made -- a discovery she believes proves a continued relationship between Larry and her sister Shannon Engemann.


Sources tell us earlier this week, Shawn discovered evidence that Larry has continued to give Shannon expensive gifts -- very expensive gifts.

We're told Shawn was assured by Larry that the gifts had stopped -- but she found evidence to the contrary.

Our sources say Shawn is a "wreck."

As for her meeting today with attorney Robert Kaufman, we're told she has not hired him -- she is sticking with the lawyer who filed divorce papers on her behalf, Joe Mannis ... at least for now.

Stay tuned.


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1654 days ago


Yea Larry is ugly as hell but the sister is just ugly for doing such a thing..seriously who is this bitch, someone from Jerry Springer? So Larry is a douchebag with a track record for being one but for as sister to do something like this is as bad as it gets...effing whore bag!

1654 days ago


Whores! he should have made a sandwich w the both of em'.

1654 days ago


Nobody is that nice to their sister-in-law unless they are getting some. Larry has a history of being a womanizer, I hope she gets a good settlement from him.

1654 days ago


COME On, What a Bitch she couldnt find her own man they are both beautiful women that is just ethically wrong! And Larry he deserves everything he has comin to him sleeze ball, again he couldn't find a girl not related to his wife to screw!!!!! GAG

1654 days ago


All three of them are pathetic.

He's an old, goofy horn dog and the wife and sister are gold diggers. They all deserve what's coming to them.

1654 days ago


My sister pulled that same crap with my boyfriend, and my mother even knew and helped her get ready for their date! What money does to some people is pathetic. By the way, he came running back to me. With alot of jewelry to compensate, I didn't get over it or take him back!

1654 days ago


What does it say for the women who are willing to have sex with the little skinny, old hunchback - bag o bones? They are no different than hookers. Wonder if he will talk about his own infidelity the same way he airs other peoples on his show?

1654 days ago

Cheryl A.    

UGH, He is fugly and the sister is just an effing hose bag. OMG who the hell sleeps with their siblings spouse? Just an ugly sh*thead who never grew up. This whole story is making me sick.

1654 days ago


What do women see in him? He is as ugly as they get. And for two sisters to actually like him? What's he got going on because it certainly isn't the looks department....

1654 days ago


No prenuP???!!! No wonder he married her. Larry is ol' letch and a fool. She had two babies for his arse and that trumps the lack of a prenup or a weak one...get ready to lose some bucks bucko!

1654 days ago


another great example of a liberal loser.

1654 days ago


Why tear down a sacred boundary, Larry? They are sisters. You are the spouse of only one of them. Usually when people keep it that close in the family they cannot respect the boundaries of their own genetic relatives as well. Such boundaries preserve the quality of the human gene pool.

His next interview should be about "Old Timer Larry King: the Redneck Pimp-Jew" because that describes his values and actions.

1654 days ago


His show should be canceled. That would cool down all of them.
Next he'll be cat-licking and frenching pet toads "..just to get that feelin'."

1654 days ago


What a sister, what a gal. I thought my sister was wacky, but had she ever even thought of something like this I would have kicked her butt. OMG, well Shawn, cut your losses and leave the both of them in the dust. You have two beautiful children so take them and give them a wonderful life. It can be done, you are strong and intelligent, now prove it. Prove to us you have more class than either of them. They really deserve one another, and you lady, you deserve much much better.

1654 days ago
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