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Nicolas Cage

Buys Pyramid

To Be Dead In

4/17/2010 7:23 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage has purchased himself a fancy new pyramid to stay in -- but he doesn't plan on moving in .... until he's dead.

Nic Cage Buys Pyramid -- To Be Dead In
TMZ has learned Cage recently had a 9-foot tall pyramid-shaped super-tomb built in a New Orleans cemetery -- with the expectation that it will be his final resting place. 

It's unclear why Cage chose a pyramid-shaped building -- but it's probably no coincidence that there happens to be a pyramid-shaped symbol on the poster for his classic film, "National Treasure."



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I want ya back!    

His own "Little Egypt" I don't think so baby...

1648 days ago


The cemetery is St. Louis #1. The same cemetery where the film Easy Rider was shot.

1648 days ago


Let me get this right;

Nic Cage is nearly bankrupt, is losing home after home to forecosure, owes our government millions of dollars and STILL thinks it is okay to spend money on something like this when literally millions of people are out of work, homeless and starving in his very own country, let alone the world?

If his lawsuit blaming his business manager, Levin, for all his money problems goes to court, the idiot has just handed Levin a trump card in winning the suit.

What judge in his right mind would rule in favor of Nic Cage after hearing of this latest insane expenditure of money?

The guy is on a perpetual bender of insanity.

1648 days ago


This might be a backup plan as an alternative to living in his car.

1647 days ago


Here lies one broke-ass dude

1647 days ago


I REALLY hope this guy is NOT planning on using this thing soon.....with all the money troubles he has, it would be easy for him or anyone to believe that ending life is an easy way out of all the misery and pressure....I just hope he has a family around him who help him and love him and will watch out in case he is showing signs of severe depression!

1647 days ago


Hes not even a good enough actor to get something like this.

1647 days ago


He's doing it because he's a freemason, you ****ing idiots

1647 days ago


it took 41 comments before someone (tim) understood the real reason why Nic Cage bought this. He is a freemason and works for the illuminati. Pyramids are their sacred symbol and he is a delusional lunatic. So much evil in the world nic cage is just a pawn, a stupid pawn

1647 days ago


I was in New Orleans last weekend on a tour of the St. Louis Cemetery. He was there, in the cemetery with his wife, but bolted as soon as he saw our group come down the isle. He had the icky yellow hair going on! The tour guide had confirmed this with us that he was building this for his family.

1647 days ago


So here another bad investment by Nic Cage

1647 days ago


After losing all of their houses, the Cage family is moving into that pyramid.

1647 days ago


well, I guess that's better than what I'm going to be emtomb in.

1647 days ago

joseph bloseph    

May a fool and his money soon be departed!

1647 days ago


He has lost 2 or 3 of his homes. He owes uncle Sam a ton of money. Now, he buys a burial plot? I hope he is not going to hurt himself. He needs as much love as people can give, even though he has lots of trouble in his personal life.

1647 days ago
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