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'Survivor' Producer's Alleged Mistress - An Armful

4/18/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the "Survivor" producer whose wife Monica was brutally murdered last week in Mexico -- arm in arm with the woman reported to be his mistress. 


Joy Pierce is holding on tight to Beresford-Redman (left) in this photo taken last summer. Multiple sources close to the Beresford-Redmans, and several published reports, have said that Joy and Bruce had an intimate relationship. 

We're told Bruce and Joy worked together on the boxing reality show "The Contender" in 2005 ... and a game show for ABC called "Crash Course" last year.

The photo was taken when the pair was out to dinner with "Contender" boxer Tarick Salmaci.

TMZ made several attempts to contact Pierce -- by phone and in person -- but she has not gotten back to us.

Bruce is out of police custody but is barred from leaving Mexico pending results of the forensic investigation into Monica's death.


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I feel bad for the children. Their mother was murdered by their father. They lost both parents and their world will never be the same.

1649 days ago


I thought it was Amber Rose before I read the txt below the picture. Heck I just spent 10 minutes looking for Amber Rose pictures, and WOW, if that truly isn't Amber she is a TOTAL look-alike. Harvey and Crew can you check into this picture again.

Oh and saw Volcano again this weekend, and pretty good acting as a TV news reporter Harvey, oh wait you are a reporter, but hey good job anyway, and oh did you meet Tommy Lee Jones while doing the movie?

1649 days ago


we all know he did it and for what?a piece of ass,now his children will grow up motherless,just because he had to be a big whore,his judgement day will come,mexico needs to let the us handle this,his ass would of still been behind bars right now,instead they let a murderer loose......

1649 days ago


I wouldn't be suprised if it turns out that this psycho put in a hit on the wife because she was jealous that he decided to try to save their marriage.

In which case, good job buddy. Your mid-life ego boost cost an innocent person her life. Sucks for your kids, who will grow up without a mom. What a winner you are.

1649 days ago

to little    

What a loser chokes his wife and dumps her in the sewer. I hope he spends the rest of his life in a Mexico prison. It would be fitting for the survivor producer. Lets see how long he can survive there. I guess now if you want to kill your wife and have the money to buy yourself out of charges then just take her to Mexico and kill her.

1649 days ago


HELLO!!!!! Anybody who might cheat does not make them a potential murderer/or the bimbo who cheated with a married person does not result in murderous rage. Brutally murdering anybody for any god damn reason is not's just not done. period. Most folks that get some on the side, are hurt, or don't care about others' feelings, but to murder is never in the equation. In this case, Bruce is of a different animal, a socio-path type, and sadistic tendencies for sure, look how the Survivor contestants are always having their nasty-bits exposed. He doesn't care, he's along for the free nudie show on Survivor. Bottomline, most *******s don't get in murderous rages, they're just plain uncaring *******s, end of story.

1649 days ago


Isn't that the same chick that hangs with Kanye?

1649 days ago


Let me get this straight, this guy is a murder suspect who keeps denying it, but has a mistress and apparently everyone heard them fighting the night before she was him, of course...and now this...who does this foolio think he is fooling....and he killed his wife to be with this byatch???

1649 days ago


Thank you for bringing a well thought out and reasoned comment to the discussion....

1648 days ago

judge deborah    

This slow speed-arrest has a familiar ring to it...

And all these entitled rich guys seem to read the same book:
"Keep your cash, men — don't divorce. Just get some action on the side — if your wife gets out of line — whack 'er!"

1648 days ago


Wow!! I wonder how TMZ got this photo???

1648 days ago


HE is SO guilty!

1648 days ago


OMG! THAT is the butch dyke he killed his wife over? This guy has to be off his rocker and his only saving grace would now be to pleading insanity. What on earth is taking so damn long to arrest this pshycotic killer??!! Hope he has a an eternal vacation in a Mexican jail.
Monica was thousand times hotter than this bull dyke btw! Any man would have loved to take her away from this psycho in a heart beat.

1648 days ago

john smith    

Bruce will be better off eating his beans in Mexico than coming back to LA......MAYBE HE WILL HANG HIMSELF LIKE THE BOXER WHO KILLED HIS WIFE Monica not only was beautiful but also a great person who is dearly missed by thousands of friends

1648 days ago


I actually have met Joy and can confirm that she is as nuts as this douche bag. She gets around town for sure and I don't know many men who haven't slept with this whore. She honesty tries to pretend like she is famous and I wouldn't put it past the b!t@h to have talked this dip**** into committing the whole thing! They should both go to hell!

1648 days ago
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