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Jaimee Grubbs Mug Shot -- The Eyes Have It

4/15/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaimee Grubbs Mug Shot -- The Eyes Have ItTMZ has obtained the mug shot for Tiger Woods' alleged mistress #2 Jaimee Grubbs -- taken after she was busted for outstanding warrants in West Hollywood last night. 

Grubbs could have cracked a smile for this mug shot -- after all she just replaced her infamous missing tooth.

As TMZ first reported, Grubbs was arrested yesterday in West Hollywood on three outstanding warrants related to driving on a suspended license.

She posted $30,309 bail at 1AM this morning.

Grubbs -- aka Tiger's alleged mistress #2 -- claimed she had a 31-month affair with the golfer.



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Hello TMZzzzzzz.. Where is my comment?

1588 days ago


Wonder is she put up a tooth for collateral for the bond money? Geez.. she looks like a street rat! Yikes Tiger, way to bud you really know how to pick'em!

*Kooky does it again..LMFAO! TOO FUNNY Kookster.

1588 days ago


good!! she is a worthless pos. who the heck goes around and sleeps with a KNOWN married man?! don't get me wrong, tiger is def. at fault as well but there are always two partners in crime. stupid ass b*.

1588 days ago


Dang, yo! She looks a hot mess! But I guess she won't have to worry about Tiger! She'll be back in court and in the slammer. And her missing tooth! Whoa! What a babe!!!!lol

1588 days ago


tiger wired that money fast lol damn, there is no way this ho has 30g's for b ail

1588 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

"name dropping whore"
pretty much sums it up... What I don't get is every single one of these "women" the celebs are getting caught with are all disgusting skanks that look like they've boinked their way through hollywood, and yet, they still go for them. Why do men bother marrying hollywood actresses or model's? we know it's only for aesthetic reasons but this chick along with that blubbering porn start he hooked up with? EWWWWW! nasty

1588 days ago

John H    

30K bail for suspended license tickets/warrants? Rapist get out cheaper!

1588 days ago


Damn she ugly!

1588 days ago


I'm just curious as to how this went down. Did the LAPD go to her house specifically for this issue? Was she pulled over and her plate/name was run and then brought in?

1588 days ago

ork man    

she is everything but ugly... come on lads... give her a break

1588 days ago

B.L. Bently    

All you men in the public lime light who talks about Tiger Woods are full of **** and wrong for doing that. There are two differences between you guys and Tiger Woods. Is the fact that your made because he's a grate historical athlete and get paid very well for being so. And fact number two he got cought for his infidelity and you didn't. I'm a fan of Tiger Woods and as a women I a grater fan of his wife right now. I'm going to tell the truth. Tiger Woods did not and don't owe his fans or the public an apology. Because what ever Tiger Woods did he did to his wife and children not his fans and not the publc. The only people Tiger Woods let down was his wife and children not his fans and not the public. Yes, he should of gave an pulic apology to his wife and children only; not his mother, not her parents, not his fans, and not the public. And as for all those women who came out and said they where having an affair with Tiger Woods. Him and his wife should take them to court and sue them for every dime they got or was giving to them for exploiting Tiger Woods, his wife, and children. We all know that exploitation and bribery is illegal and those bitches willing had a relationship with Tiger Woods with the intent to get money out of him. The whole world always knew that Tiger Woods is a very rich and very married man. Tell me why is some of the bitches is claimig that they did not know that.
We love you Tiger
Bee & JoJo

1588 days ago


Dear Bee & JoJo at post # 68 ... notwithstanding the fact that your message is the grammatical equivalent of "ground zero" in terms of it's destruction of the English language, etc ... even more troubling is the "essence" of that which you represent. You and your fellow Tiger-lovers will actually follow your disgraced leader to the bitter end, never once to pause and even consider the futility of that which you so admire and cling to. In a way, it is eerily similar to the fanatical followers of Adolf Hitler, who on the brink of total destruction at the 11th hour, still clung to the hopeless notion that "theirs" was a just and winnable cause. Tiger and his shrinking army of misguided followers, are destined for the trash heap of forgettable history. But what the hell, you probably mean well and you are loyal to your leader, which is a very admirable thing. So to you I say "Sieg Tiger" and god speed !

1588 days ago
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