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Kate Gosselin -- Still Room for Jon?

4/16/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin now has two shows on TLC -- and, according to her, the chance of  Jon Gosselin showing up on either of 'em is slim to none.

kate gosselin video
Kate was headed into the Discovery Channel upfronts (industry speak for 'look what we have') last night for her upcoming shows "Twist of Kate" and "Kate Plus 8" -- where she said "typically you don't work with your ex-husbands."  Typically. 

Sooo, she's saying there's a chance?


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Tiger Woods    

I just CAN'T stand this lady. Man...I want to put KATE and Octomom in the toilet and flush AWAY!!!!

P.S Kate is the next *William Hung* from American Idol!!!

1614 days ago


What most of you do not remember was while she was off on book tours Jon stayed home with the kids 24/7, He just had a sitter if he needed to go out and could not take all the kids. He alos quit the JOb with the government because she wanted him home for filming. He is having a hard time finding any work because TLC will not let him get a show because he is on contract with them, but they let Kate do anything, is that fair? No it is not. If they want him to get a job they need to give him a show or release him from the contract so he can get one somewhere else. Alos you forgot that she regulated him to the garage apartment and told him it was over a year before she claims he cheated on her. Also people say he should see the kids more, he wants too but she won't give him anymore visitation than she wants him to have, One time she said he could stay when she was gone but now would rather leave them with nanny's than him of course for spite. My husband and I have been married for 25 yrs but would not have if I had treated him like Kate treats Jon.

1614 days ago


I am so tired of hearing Kate's poor excuses for prostituting her children. My girlfriend is a nurse and had 7 children. Her kids never had alot of things but their mother was home each night and the house was full of love.

1614 days ago


No, it's called being polite. She's is way too polite and always considerate of what she says as her kids may one day see it. SHe wouldn't want that loser anywhere near her if the kids weren't involved.

We'll all be watching Kate!

1614 days ago


freda what YOU forget it is...

Jon was FIRED. No one wanted to jire Jon. He was a bad employee. TLC had to BEG for a job to give him so he didn't look like a loser. His employer has gone on record how much he did not need jon and wanted to get rid of him the entire time but he had "kids" etc.

Her "book tour: was 2 months long. Jon said babysitting was woman's work. it was JON's idea to hire a nanny. In the past Kate hired a few house keepers once a week but Jon needed full time nannies by the buckets. He refused to watch his own kids and was out every night. He hired bartenders and told how he was jealous Kate was out on the tours "eating lobster".

He had NO JOB. and STILL he refused to watch his own kids for a few days a week. The guy is a LOSER.

TLC posted how difficult it was to film the dck. He was always smoking (against their filming ethics for their demographic) and was always texting and on the phone. It was very difficult to get him involved and made filming him near impossible.

He's going to be a douchebag until he dies unfortunately. Lohan is his hero.

1614 days ago


SICK of hearing disgusting disturbing pedophile comments! She has never exploited her children. They kids haven't been on tv in a year and a half and you people still piss and moan and whine. Shows you have NO idea what you're talking about. They only had "specials" ie 2 shows a year the first few years of their lives.

and no a nurse has 12 hour shifts and mandatory on call 24 hour shifts. It's great you all live on macaroni and cheese but just because she's paying a mortgage and working to earn money is no reason for you to be jealous and think she gets more than you. Go whine about the millionaires.

I hope she DOES make a buttload of money. She deserves it way more than these teenage whres doing anything to turn a buck on tv and then snorting the profits up. Oh no! Kate spent 20 bucks at target.. call the police!. You haters and death wishers are PATHETIC

1614 days ago


Kate is bright and Jon is a dud, but if the money is right, who knows?

1614 days ago



Too much fawning is as hazardous to your mental health as hate.

1614 days ago


before they got a divorce, kate was on the road for a year, with her 'bodyguard'...who is her bodyguard now? anyway she worked on the road 'for her book' before the divorce. jon watched the kids. on jon & kate plus 8, kate treated those kids worse than i would ever treat my dogs. who is she? i never watch anything with her on it. i am sick of seeing her change her answers/acting for the camera. out of all the money that her kids get none of, and the child abuse of having a camera in their faces, working from babyhood just to have their mom actout on tv...who made that pennsylvania decision on no child abuse? they need to be fired! kate needs to go to jail for abusing & continuing to abuse those kids& she gets 20 grand a mo child support, what do those kids eat that costs that much? where has that money gone to? she was selfish, already having two kids, to have invitro again, & they had to stay at mcdonalds house because they did not have enough money...selfish,to have more kids...selfish bitch! please get her off my tv! put octo mom on there, she is much less fake...and has way more need for the 200grand. half of her kids are special needs kids! and i bet she really can dance! "poor kate, she really needs the money", puke, puke!i will flip channels to see what products are advertised and are paying for her glory. i assure you,i will never buy any products from those companies. i will encourage my friends to switch to different products, too. please stop punishing me, i'll have to give up watching any tv at all...

1613 days ago


If you all hate her so much and want her to go away then stop reading the posts that are about her. I for one respect the way she has handled all that has been thrown at her. Go Team Kate...Jon is a loser always has been always will be. Even if either of her shows fail, at least she is giving it a try. What has Jon tried? To mooch off every person he knows.

1613 days ago


Can't wait to see the new show, without Jon. Kate is great! You go girl!!

1613 days ago


Is it ok for the Duggers to use their children to make money ,but not Kate ? Kate needs to work to support her kids and nursing
salary is just not enough...Dont like Kate dont watch the shows..

Read more:

But at least the Duggars involve their children. They don't fly everywhere and leave all their children behind. They don't show up on talk shows without their children.
And at least we don't see them every time we turn around.
This woman needs to just go away no one likes her nor do they want her around.

I hope she gets booted off the show this week. And the she will be gone.

1613 days ago


When the kids WERE involved with the show she got criticized for exploiting them - now you want to criticize her for NOT using them on her show??


1613 days ago


74. We should boycott TLC until everything Gosselin/Duggars is taken off the air.
Whoever thought to give Kate TWO shows should be fired.
Posted at 8:59 PM on Apr 16, 2010 by eyeroll

Kate's girlfriend Eileen O'Neill President and GM TLC

1613 days ago


Good Day,

Oh, so that isn't a picture of Kathy Lee Gifford?

1613 days ago
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