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Larry and Shawn

It's Not Over!

4/16/2010 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned not only are Larry King and Shawn Southwick having second thoughts about filing for divorce ... they've agreed to go to therapy to try and save their marriage.

Sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ, Shawn and Larry both say they love each other and both would like to figure out how to work things out, but there's one little thing standing in the way ... Shawn believes Larry is still shtupping her sister.

That aside ... we're told when Shawn and Larry met up at their son's baseball game last night, they genuinely connected and expressed their love. They plan on speaking today and they have both agreed to meet with a marriage counselor  on Monday.

That said ...  no one has withdrawn divorce papers yet. In a bizarre twist, mega-divorce lawyer Robert Kaufman showed up again to the King mansion this morning, but he wasn't speaking with Shawn because she was still sleeping -- he was speaking with Shawn's dad.

As of the time of this post, Shawn is still connected to her present lawyer, Joe Mannis.


Stay tuned ...


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She knows HIS lawyer is going to get those houses taken away, so, she's saying she wants to reconcile. WATCH YOUR DRINKS, LARRY!!!

1587 days ago


Regardless, it sounds like little sister needs to get the f**k out of their business and stay away from both of them. Why is Larry hanging out with her sister anyway....seems a bit fisy to me!

If they can work it out, then they should at least try. They have two kiddos who are stuck in the middle of this circus. I don't believe in staying married for the kids-but work it out if you can!

They both are too old to be acting this immature. They need new rules-no more sister and no more laying their hands in anger on eachother. Get some help-stat!!

Larry-you are OLD and will need a woman you can trust in your life to take care of you. Get a clue man!

1587 days ago


In a recent interview, King said that he worried about not being their for her and the kids - due to his age. I half wonder if this isn't just a way for him to ensure that she is taken care of - give her half of the money now to avoid a legal battle between her and Larry Jr. whom he never met until Larry Jr. was in his 30's - conspiracy? Maybe - but it definitely sounds plausible.

1587 days ago


aww I love a happy endings, sooo sweet! Larry's wearing that jacket again, was this all shot in one day, lol.

On an earlier article, there is a video of Shawn hugging Larry and she looks like she totally adores him.

1587 days ago


about C - Richly Widowed.

1587 days ago


The old coot won't be around forever...she might as well just wait it out!

1587 days ago

Janice Wilson     

It's good to see them working through their problems. Hopefully it will workout!! more:

1587 days ago


She can't just wait it out - Larry Jr. is the eldest son and will take a substantial chunk of the Money - which is his birth right.

1587 days ago

Eye Opener    

Make sense,

Old man geezer (who public slaps around his wife in public because she doesn't want to sit w/ his bingo buddies at lunch) will probably drop dead by the time the divorce is finalized anyway!

And the big IDIOT didn't even do a pre-nup. WHAT?!?!? He really thought his marriage was for love? Yeah, LOVE OF MONEY!!

LK: Just in case - you can always check Paris - she's desperate now! ;)

1587 days ago

Janice Wilson     

It's good to see them working through their problems. Hopefully it will workout!!

1587 days ago


TMZ, do you realize that you're losing readers with these boring, repetitive stories? The majority of your readers are under 35 and don't give a crap about Larry King, nor do they care about Kate Gosselin, Ben Roethlisberger, Tila Tequila, or any other stupid Z-list celebs. X17 is much better than TMZ lately and they report on REAL celebs and they don't drag the same stories on and on like you people do.

1587 days ago


Why don't they just have a threesome? Sleeping with Larry King is about as nasty as it gets, so why not just throw your sister into the mix too?

1587 days ago


I just can't believe ANY woman would F larry king.

1587 days ago


see, money does buy happiness!

what woman would stay with her husband if he was sleeping with her sister? money, money, money.

1587 days ago


Shawn should STFU and let Larry bang whoever he wants... less pressure on her to put out. I mean really, does she actually want to have sex with him!? Eww!

1587 days ago
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