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Golf Tourney -- Extra Protection for Tiger Woods

4/18/2010 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The golfers aren't the only people looking to knock Tiger Woods off his game at the upcoming Quail Hollow Championship -- officials are beefing up security to make sure the hecklers stay away from the world's most famous athlete. 

TMZ spoke with the tournament's Executive Director Kym Hougham -- who tells us that in light of the drama surrounding Woods, they are taking the necessary steps to make sure he gets through his rounds undisturbed ... which means more hired muscle than usual.

Woods received similar treatment at the Masters -- but hecklers were still able to penetrate the sky.

Round one of the tourney begins April 29.

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No Avatar


Golf is boring and so is Tiger.

1619 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Tiger has lost his roar.....YAWN

1619 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Tiger should pay for his own protection. What a slimeball he is!!!

1619 days ago


Amazing. tiger need extra security for cheating on his wife from hecklers. ben raped two possibly more women and nobodys heckling him. where is all these right womens groups. nobodys protesting in front of steelers stadium. but vick killed a dog and people want his head. but dogs are more important to white men than their women are

1619 days ago


So, people's First Amendment right to free speech will be suppressed because Tiger is a womanizing, whiny crybaby? Sounds typical.

1619 days ago


People need to grow up! His personal business has nothing to do with them, they need to get a life & quit casting the first stones, are they really that sin free themselves?!! ;oP

1619 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Darlene, are you one of Tiger's Mistresses?

1619 days ago


Woods is coming across as still deceitful. The Nike Commercial, done all in the name for him and Phil Knight to push product over HO chasing remorse, his saying he wasnt sure he'd return to golf after the Masters, and it will all of what, 2 weeks? Stay away from this guy and dont wear NIKE products---its like wearing West Coast Chopper stuff or a Ben Rothelisberg jersey. Son of a HO Chaser is all Woods is, a robotic like golfer but a sociopath as a human being. He needs to be the one to explain to his darker skinned daughter why he only married and chased Ivory White women. Ho Chaser all Woods is and all he ever will be. Bring boat horns, whoppie cushions, clicking cameras, whistles and your big mouths to the next Tournament---worst they can do is ask you to leave...big deal, you'll make your mark on National TV.

1619 days ago


People need to get over it!!! Tiger didn't do anything that thousands of other men haven't done or aren't currently doing. If you don't like golf, then don't watch it. If you don't like cheating, then don't do it. If people want to protest something, there are a whole lot more important things to protest. And no, I'm not one of tiger's whores.

1619 days ago


Extra protection?

Does that mean they're giving him condoms?

1619 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

DOMDONNY is lammer than a tiz tiz tizzy TMZ fake woodjew.WOWCer is tv DOA&u site is smithouse paper crappy rehashy4$ one dollar and 50C`s.ADULT DAYCARE IS OVER get real J.O.B`s TMZ

1619 days ago

former fan    

Sooo, all this extra protection for the womanizer, crybaby isn't going to be a distraction for all the other golfers?

Just how long are the honchos going to protect the precious little cheater from his just desserts ( the heckling )? Sooner or later he is going to come face to face with the real world, no matter how much money he has or spends to insulate himself from the consequences of his actions. He wants us to believe that he has become such a wonderfully, changed for the better "man", but he is being protected from things as much or more now than he was before the scandal hit the public awareness. All the "special" security is just extending the show for as long as possible because everyone is just waiting until the day he finally faces the reality of being human just like everyone else on this earth!!

Maybe he should have used the head on his shoulders before he messed up his life so badly. He obviously didn't care about anyone else when he did as he wanted in the past, so WHY should every golfer and their fans have to put up with all the bulls____ of "protecting him now?

It's time for him to man up and face the public and take his lumps like anyone else who messes up OR take his ego and his millions and crawl back under the rock where he was living with his hos and let the rest of the world forget about him and his lack moral fiber and common decency!

Being able to get a little white ball to go into a hole is not a very good indicator of a person's worth as a human being, and until he can show a little more self-respect and respect for the people who are forced to share the world with him, he shouldn't expect to be treated as some sort god we must all bow down to!!!

1619 days ago


Tiger Woods has decided to continue playing golf because since Elin Nordegren will be divorcing him soon, the only thing he has now is golf, a damaged reputation for the rest of his life and many vengeful, shameless mistresses that will continue to make his life miserable. What a sad future and wasted life!!!!

1619 days ago


This guy is a total control freak and a creep ...And ESPN is just one of his whores for not covering the planes .

1619 days ago

kendra bethune    

bye tmz i don't want to see a big ole butt remake by ll cool j i'm watching casanova heath ledger
the ll cool j pool party taking over the tmz news

1619 days ago
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