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Kate Gosselin

Shacks Up with President Obama

4/20/2010 5:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin and President Barack Obama are sharing some very close quarters -- TMZ has learned the Prez and the reality star are kicking back at the same Beverly Hills hotel.


Kate -- and her 8 -- are staying at the swanky Beverly Wilshire hotel for "Dancing with the Stars" -- and we're told the kids enjoyed a relaxing Monday at the pool with their nanny while Kate prepped for last night's show.

Meanwhile, Prez Obama's in town until Wednesday to lend his support to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) during her campaign for re-election.

The hotel tells TMZ it's currently on "heightened security" -- as in total lockdown -- but no word on who's getting the special protection ... Kate or Barack.


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Elmer Flobbergob    

First, bitches.

1645 days ago


Are these two competing on The Biggest Loser together? Time for Obama to toss Boxer under the bus; she is ineffective and a distraction. Kate should hit Obama up for a real job. The way she dances and on talk shows is so awful, as a political adviser she could improve Obama's ratings; they could use the help!

1645 days ago


OMG...go figure. Obama's staying in Beverly Hills. Don't worry about helping the country, Obama. Just keep campaigning. Running your mouth is what you do best.

1645 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Why can't this narcissistic socialist stay on Air Force One at LAX where the secret service could protect him better from all those republican terrorists and those old retired folks that are part of the tea party movement. Instead he has to disrupt a hotel trying to do business and spend more of Government money all along while he has a luxury flying hotel sitting empty on the tarmac. Hey BO, you gonna give back that dirty money ($900K) to Goldman Sachs? Maybe when pigs fly, right?

1645 days ago


Everyone complains about her stiff dancing but I think she dances wonderfully, for someone with a giant stick up their ass.

1645 days ago


Dear dumbass, have you ever heard of the president sleeping on the tarmac of an airport in Air Force One??? yeah, that's what I thought... His limousine is state of the art as well... should he sleep in there as well?

Kim, presidents do travel around the country. Even your former president Bush did it as well. As for being away from the White house, your friend George set the record for most days away fromt the White House (typically he went to Crawford, Texas his real home).

1645 days ago


Old sneaky katie Irene with the president O....katie Irene could be the next Mrs. O............

1645 days ago


The lady judge told Katie Irene she was like CHARLIE BROWN, WAWAWA and BRUNO told katie Irene she was terrible..Poor Tony looked so embarrass..I bet Tony will be glad when they are voted off.Last night He acted different, he didn't even encourage people to vote when the lady was talking to them.I voted for Pam Anderson..

1645 days ago


Nothing says "single average American mom" like staying at the Beverly Wilshire with your 8 spawn.

If K8 missed her kids so much each day and every minute, why is she on a reality show that takes her 2K miles away not to mention signed up for a new one that takes her trolliping around the nation to "help" other single moms.

I expect it from Osama Bin Bama - we're paying his bill after all.

1645 days ago


I'm so happy for katie Irene Gosselin & her critters if she moving to Hwood Calif..Hey! who knows Katie Irene could be on the soap called,"THE YOUNG & THE WORTHLESS."

1645 days ago


Why in the world is Kate Gosselin STILL NEWS? And why aren't her children in school anyway? Their 15 minutes was up a thousand hours ago. No one cares anymore.

1645 days ago


Kate last night was the worse dancer I've ever seen,her kids could do better.It was hillarious, I must admitt she's great on the show just for comic relief. Unbelievable how this women embarasses herself continually on national tv.She's just turning her and the kids life into one huge train wreck. Kate go back to being a nurse if you want provide for the kids, and maybe try being a mother again you were actually pretty good at that.Man you really suck at the celebrity thing,every thing you try it just gets worse. Watching you is getting painfull.

1645 days ago


I think is doing this for the money. The Dad is a dead beat Dad. He has nothing, and she needs to support her kids like any other working single Mother would. Simple as that---the only problem is she has no personality, looks bored to death most of the time. I think her instructor is hoping they get booted off tonight. She just is not a "fun" person. Then again with 8 kids I guess who can be? But if she wants to make it in TV land she is going to have to step up her game!

1645 days ago


Why do these idiots keepng voting for clumsy Kate to stay on DWTS? She is a clumsy joke. Pam Anderson and Erin Andrews never danced either, and they are fantastic!! Kate is a JOKE. Tony should get double pay having to put up with that whiney bitch. I'm SOOOOOO sick of her face and her phony "I love you" speech at the start of the show. I want to be able to watch the whole show and enjoy it. Not have to change thechannel to avoid her phony face, attitude etc. I have to shut off the TVwhen Kate takes her "walk" around the "dance" floor. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZzzzz ABC get rid of her. SHe has cost you viewers and certainly voters. I have an idea.....send her and that witch Tracy from Jerseylicious for a long vacation....Like forever. The TV world would be a better place without their phony personnas as part of it.

1645 days ago


I thought for a second there was going to be a non-racial comment, and lo-and behold #11 met the mold...with a name like NWA I shouldn't be surprised.

1645 days ago
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