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Michael Douglas' Son Gets 5 Years in Prison

4/20/2010 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Douglas' son Cameron was just sentenced to five years in prison -- for his role in a major drug dealing operation.

Cameron Douglas -- along with his father and his mother Diandra -- was present in federal court in Manhattan today when the judge fired off the sentence.

Along with the prison time, Cameron was ordered to pay $25,000 in fines and must serve 450 hours of community service. Once he's out of the joint, Cameron is also required to spend an additional 5 years in a supervised release program.

Back in January, Cameron pled guilty to dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine.



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Five years?...Fuq any normal person would have got much more time!

1614 days ago


Definitely the greatest priviledge of being WHITE in these here United States. Consideration by the Criminal Judicial System on all counts. Being white and having money is even better ,an A+.
The gentleman will be out in about 6 or so months and the media will be certain to find something else to arrest the attention of the peasants to make the transition smooth.

1614 days ago


Buh bye!!

1614 days ago


Heard from a reliable source that Z-Jones was banging da judge...LOL

1613 days ago


Are you guys kidding? He shouldn't even be doing time in prison. Save the space for the real criminals who rape murder and steal. This guy needs to be in rehab where he can get help, because he's definitely not going to be getting it in prison.

The reason he got off so "lightly" is because his family has money and could afford the best lawyer money can buy.

1613 days ago


So young to mess up this bad. #15, not sure where you are writing from but here in Canada if you are black, you get away with murder.

1613 days ago


It is sad and ironic that Michael Douglas is going through an identical situation to the one written for the movie "Traffic". Maybe the role spoke to him when he read the script...Too bad.

1613 days ago


hope he gets ********d. Stupid Rich Kid

1613 days ago


Well, 5 years or 1 year, it doesn't matter. All matters is that he will have plenty of time to get plenty of injections from the rear end with all love. Take it well, Cameron.

1613 days ago


addiction kills.... its a blessing for the family.. they will have peace of mind while he is locked up in a cell and not causing harm to others.

a lot of us have lost family members to addiction and would give anything to have a family member in jail and not in a cemetery

1613 days ago


what a lunatic

1613 days ago


what i don't understand is: if Zeta-Jones is telling people that 5 million dollars isn't a lot of money to her and her husband, why was this kid having to sell drugs? it's mind-boggling. sure, be a user, but to sell is only for the money. sad how selfish some people are that he had to resort to that.

1613 days ago

Typical American Sissy    

Greed for lack of a better term is "good" ...err in this case it is "good" for five years in prison.

1613 days ago


that's really sad drugs are a really bad disease I've seen it happen to people and it changes you and it makes you do things and behave in a way thats not you, you can start stealing acting out, being mean, it changes your insides and outsides. I feel really bad for him and his family, to see your own child go to jail for any time a day is too long but 5 yrs thats soo long, I feel bad. Some people don't realize what it's like to know someone that is in the spotlight, little lone your own father and grandfather. The pressures can really get to you, everyone that knows you and finds out that your Michael Douglas son or Kirk Douglas's grandson, they might use you just to maybe get an autograph from them or learn about them, or just to be near one of their relatives. It really does happen and you don't know who you can trust, it doesn't just go for the actors but also their family, how sad I hope he gets better and can survive in jail.

1613 days ago


Heartbreaking for parents. Prayers for family. Hopefully he will use this time to heal and grow, and put this all behind him. He will have many happy, productive years to come. Stay strong!

1613 days ago
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