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Heather Locklear Likely in the Clear

4/22/2010 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it's "unlikely" prosecutors will file hit-and-run charges against Heather Locklear.

TMZ broke the story that Heather was arrested Saturday for allegedly striking a "no parking" sign near her house and then fleeing the scene.  A neighbor heard a crash at around 4:00 AM Saturday but didn't call the cops until 15 hours later.

Our law enforcement sources say cops don't have the ammo to prove Heather was driving the car in question.  Here's what we know:

- Cops went to the guard shack last Saturday at Heather's development and the guard on duty said he saw a BMW with right wheel well damage that was consistent with the accident.

- Cops checked the surveillance video which shows the BMW going into the complex hours after the incident but the driver can't be ID'd.

- One of the investigating deputies picked up a piece of plastic at the scene and it matched a piece missing from Heather's car.

- Sources say as of now there is "nothing approaching proof beyond a reasonable doubt" that Heather drove the car that hit the sign, making it "extremely unlikely" prosecutors will file charges.

And there's this -- the "Ghostbusters" defense.  Even if there were proof that Heather hit a "no parking" sign, who's she gonna call at 4 AM on a Saturday?  It's not like hitting a car where you leave a note for the owner -- who leaves a note on a "no parking" sign?


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dennis in sac    


1625 days ago


Wow, hitting a sign! Heather should be up for manslaughter!!!
This whole thing shows a strong indication that the police in that area have personal issues with her.
Let her live in peace.

1625 days ago


"The pole jumped out in front of me"

1625 days ago


arrested for hitting a sign and driving away? oh I hit a curb and drove away. thats stupid.

1625 days ago


She was probably drunk. It is a big deal.

1625 days ago


This entire event is laughable. It's also sad on the part of the police. Don't they have something better to do ?? Pretty petty.

1624 days ago


That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile.This looks freaking awesome!

1624 days ago


Quit driving under the influence, Heather. It could be a person you hit next time.

1624 days ago


California is, without question, the worst place on earth. Everything is illegal, everything is taxed, everything is 5000 times harder than it should be. Unless you’re a no-parking sign, because apparently those have an entire branch of government dedicated to ensuring their safety.

Heather Locklear was arrested for allegedly hitting a no-parking sign on a public street early Saturday morning near her gated-community home in Ventura County, Calif., and left without notifying anyone, police say.

Notify? Notify who? Who should she tell? A stop sign? A traffic light? “Hey Mr. Orange Cone, I think I killed your wife.” Who knows how many resources were used to bring this sign-driver-intoer to justice but it was all worth it. We’ve taken back the streets from this blood thirsty maniac!

1624 days ago


lee that by far was the funniest thing to read

Notify? Notify who? Who should she tell? A stop sign
? A traffic light? “Hey Mr. Orange Cone, I think I killed your wife"

haha...thanks for that!

1624 days ago


HUGE surprise another cleb can't drive... How many do we see a week?

1624 days ago


So who else had permission to drive her car? Are there more licensed drivers living with her?

1624 days ago


Crazy Heather Story! At first I thought she hit someone but it was only a sign. Publicity from the Police Dept. Watch CNN via internet television ( ) they are covering this no sense story. Heather sells headlines that's it.

1624 days ago

BOBO Nofingers    

IT~S STILL HIT&THE RUNS if someone crashes because the sign is downed and dies it could be TMZ slutter.KEEP2 your smit storys and doff my sites with your hacked rewites that suck

1624 days ago

Josi Verlingieri    

This is not worth a story....drop it..move on....

1624 days ago
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