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Seagal's New Accuser

Ray Charles Connection

4/21/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_ray_charles_granddaughter_EX_02The Steven Seagal alleged sexual assault scandal  now has a Ray Charles connection ... TMZ has learned one of the women who just came forward accusing Seagal of making unwanted sexual advances is Ray's granddaughter.

As we first reported, two new women have given sworn declarations to back up Kayden Nguyen's lawsuit against the star.  One is Blair Robinson -- who claims she first met Seagal at her granddaddy Ray's funeral in 2004.

According to Robinson, she was invited to Seagal's home after the funeral -- along with her father Ray Charles Jr. -- to discuss a job opportunity with the actor.

In the declaration, Blair claims she took a job as Seagal's assistant one month after the meeting -- but on day 1, she claims Seagal came to her room and told her she was required to give him massages. In the docs, Blair also claims Seagal tried teaching her the proper method by massaging her.

In the docs, Blair states, "It became clear to me that he wanted and expected sexual favors as part of my job duties." Blair claims she quit after the first day.

Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, vehemently denies the accusations and claims Seagal has "no knowledge" of either Blair or the other woman who provided declarations.

Singer added, "The declarations were clearly prepared by Nguyen's lawyer to be leaked to the media to help bolster his client's meritless claims."


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WOW.... there are some really nasty misogynists on this thread .what the hell is wrong with you people?

i believe steven IS GUILTY i am sure there will be many women coming out of the woodwork soon...
he is a s***bag hiding behind a false budha like mask , it's all a cover to hide his true ugly self.

his ex wife is writing a book and she has a lot to say about him and i am certain much of what she says will reiterate what these women and his previous victims have said about him.
he has been accused of rape before,unsurprisingly .
i just hope this time he gets what he deserves a long stint in jail with some nazi skinnhead using his face for punchbag practice.

1638 days ago


Hah! Ever since the Mafia tried to push Steven Seagal around and his badass self refused to let them, they have been out to get him any way they can, and they will use anyone they can, even the ****** Granddaughter of a dead ******! The things is Seagal is cool and laid back and tries his best to help anyone that he can, and the jealous people do not like that. This bitch, rest assured, has been well paid by the mob to come forward with this bogus story, just like the others, and try to damage Seagal's career. Think about this; until he had that real life run-in with the mafia of Hollywood who thought they could just own anyone, and found out that Seagal is definitely not a man to be owned, you never heard one bad thing about Steven Seagal. All anyone ever heard was all the good fopr people and animals that he was doing and still continues to do! But as soon as the mafia got ticked off because they found they couldn't intimidate Seagal or push him around like they had done so many actors and actresses, all of a sudden you hear that Seagal did this bad thing or that bad thing! Makes me sick, but what makes me more sick is when you hear about whining whores like this that Seagal tried to maybe help and give a job to, turn right around and just try to screw with his rep. Personally I believe that what Probably happened was these females read Seagal wrong and thought that his hiring them meant that they would get to sleep with him, and when their anorexic asses were turned down, their whore pride was hurt and they figured they'd get even. Yeah, that is what Really happened! Anyway, I've been a fan of Seagal's for a long time, and I will always be a fan. And who gives a **** if he has a little more weight today than her used to have in his prime! Christ he's going on 60 or past! And I don't see any of you jerks that are sitting on your arses and badmouthing him, getting up and trying to help animals and other people by donations and work! When you lazies start doing as much for animals and humane societies as Steven Seagal has done, then you might have a right to a gripe or so. Otherwise keep your big fat lazy mouths full of food and **** for a while, and Jesus, give this man a break!!

1208 days ago
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