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Deputies Arrive at Lindsay Lohan's House

4/22/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department just showed up at Lindsay Lohan's apartment accompanied by Michael Lohan to check on Lindsay's sister's welfare.

Sources tell TMZ Michael went to the Sheriff's Department and said 16-year-old Ali Lohan was staying with Lindsay and he was concerned for her safety.
Lindsay just tweeted she is angry at building management for letting the cops and Michael in.

Michael, we're told, convinced deputies to go to Lindsay's pad to do a "welfare check" on Ali.

We're told Ali was in the apartment and deputies spoke with her.  Deputies left and Ali was allowed to stay with Lindsay.

We're told Michael is now going to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, per the advice of the Sheriff's Department.

Sources say Michael made a "compelling case" to Sheriff's deputies -- we're told Michael told deputies Ali was in Lindsay's car on the way back from Coachella and the car was going over 100 mph.

We're told Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to get a restraining order.  Problem is ... Michael had the legitimacy of the Sheriff's Dept. behind him, so it's unlikely a judge will see it Dina's way.

We just shot video of Michael leaving the Sheriff's Department in West Hollywood.

Dina Lohan just told us, "I was told by my attorneys not to speak because it is very serious and my ex could be in big trouble.  He's dangerous.... If he can't get to them he is going to try to hurt them -- it's not good."


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You know. I've read all of these F*cking comments and I am pissed at the fact that you all have bad mouthed Michael. Okay, he hurt his familly in the past! My own mother is addicted to drugs and Alcohol. I fear the worst for her and feel sorry for her. But you know what?! Michael has every Damn right to show up at his daughters house and check on his youngest daughter's welfare. Okay, granted he needs help in the dad department, but he is trying to be there for both of his daughters. Michael is TRYING to save Lindsey from dying at a young age. But no, none of you all see that because you are so convenced that Dina is the better parent. No, if she was truly the better parent she wouldn't allow Ali to party with her oldest daughter who is addicted to drugs and alcohol or BETTER yet, who supports this kind of behavior. It has been said that Dina parties with Lindsey, gets drunk with her and everything. If anything Michael is worried about is kids. And quite frankly I don't blame him. I feel sorry for Lindsey.

Side note to Lindsey & Dina. You both need to get F*cking help. If you don't then your brother and sister with be motherless and sisterless. To bad the mother doesn't care about her other children's well being because if she did, she'd do more to get Lindsey into rehab. And not let her son and Ali near Lindsey until she gets help. Plain & Simple.

Sorry to all you Dina and Lindsey fans. But Dina is the main cause of Lidnsey's problems.

1572 days ago


WorriedGurl, chill out. if you are not Michael or don't know him, your reaction over negetive comments about his is creepy. All you have to do is disgaree, there's no need to freak out.

You might want to reread the comments, she has some people who are on her side like you are on Michael's but just like her ex huband, the majority critizes her.

[Sorry to all you Dina and Lindsey fans. But Dina is the main cause of Lidnsey's problems.]

That is debateable. I'm sure having a father who wasn't an active part of her life when she was a kid and who currently airs their family problems to the media played a large role in Lindsay's problems. By the way not everyone who has a negetive view on Michael is a fan of Dina and Lindsay. I stopped being a fan of Lindsay years ago and I have the same opinion about Michael as I do Dina...I think both should are unfit parents and equally to blame for the way their oldest daughter turned out.

1572 days ago


Time to Boycott Lindsay Lohan Movies..

Lets fight back,and tell Hollywood that we are no longer interested in Lindsay Lohan.

1523 days ago


Thank God someone is doing something.

1463 days ago


I like topic here!!

1028 days ago
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