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Lindsay Lohan -- Lose a Rolex, Take a Rolex?

4/23/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is both a Rolex victim and a suspected Rolex thief ... and the pictures below could prove both.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is a suspect in the disappearance of a $35,000 Rolex.  Law enforcement sources tell us they have a photo of the Rolex Lindsay is accused of stealing.  We did some digging and came up with the photo on the left, taken April 14, showing Lindsay sporting a Rolex ... very possibly the same one a friend accidentally left at her house and is now at the center of the investigation.

Now take a look at the Rolex on the right.  That Rolex was stolen from Lindsay last year -- allegedly by The Burglar Bunch.

The two Rolexes are similar but not identical.

As for the current investigation, Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, denies the allegation against her client.


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joe beat    

It's a different watch you dip ****s. Get a real story.

1653 days ago


The Rolex on the left looks like a Datejust with a stainless steel jubilee band. Maybe $2k on eBay. The one on the right looks like an Air King with a stainless steel oyster band. Maybe $2.5k on ebay.

1653 days ago


Lindsay is in deep trouble. She is so drug fueled and tired from staying out all night that she's getting sloppy. I believe it will be something like stealing a friend's watch that will get her jailed. That won't stop the epic drug prob she has though. It might give mama some reality here. This is a girl in some major difficulty for many reasons. I believe she kept her friend's watch thinking it wasn't stealing. She's empowered enough to think that jewelry in a photo shoot was hers to keep and therefore, I'd bet she thinks whatever is left at her house is hers.

1653 days ago


Lindsay is a celebrity and can do what ever the F she wants including stealing a Rolex.

1653 days ago


Neither one of these watches is worth 35k. Perhaps $3500. but not 35k. Solid gold with a presidential or jubilee band is more like 17k-35k depending on diamond markers on the hour or diamond bezel.

1653 days ago


And the point is??? She had a Rolex stolen fron her? She bought another one that looks sort of like it? Shocking!

1653 days ago


Lindsay is not working on Hollywood movies because she keeps failing her required drug test before producers can hire her. - With no money coming in it's no surprise she would be desperate enough to steal a 35 thousand dollar Rolex.

1653 days ago


April 14, showing Lindsay sporting
a Rolex ... very possibly the same one a friend accidentally left at her house
and is now at the center of the investigation.

good try TMZ...can't even report on a story correctly, THAT IS NOT THE SAME WATCH...NOR DO THEY LOOK EVEN SIMILAR!!1


1653 days ago


Could this story be any lamer?

1653 days ago


Most ridiculous story ever. "Similar but not identical." I think Stevie Wonder could tell that those two watches clearly aren't the same. Not sure if "similar but not identical" would hold up in court.

1653 days ago

TMZ is going down hill    

Do you even look into this kind of stuff before you post it...who are these idiots you're hiring, CLEARLY the watches are not the same...find something better to talk about.

1653 days ago



1653 days ago

Tourneau Guy    

It's not the same Rolex, and a $35,000 rolex is about 10 steps up from either shown on this post. DO SOME RESEARCH, a $35K Rolex would be a President, in full gold, most likly with diamonds across the face. Both watches featured are under $7,000.

1653 days ago

Jena Woods    

I want to comment on another one of TMZ's post. Instead of blaming you father for all your downfalls and failures, take a good long look at yourself in a mirror. Your father is not the blame for this so called career that you had. Your a lousey actor, you bring shame on your family for your behaviour, you look like crap and you don't know how to be respectful. How could you, when you don't even respect yourself. When you see your reflection of yourself in the mirror, point your finger at yourself and say "You are to blame" no one else. Grow up, shape up and shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one cares about your misery except you Dad.. in that sense at least he cares. Your mom media whore, and doesn't give a crap about you or your welfare.

Spare us the drama

1653 days ago


Wouldn't a watch that cost 35k atleast have a serial number on it. My cheap dvd player has a serial number. Have the cops check it out.

1653 days ago
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