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Sam Ronson:


'An Angry Human Being'

4/25/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson was short, sweet, and to the point last night when we asked her why Lindsay Lohan allegedly threw a glass at her.


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I couldn't agree MORE! This is an addict. That means it must be somebody else's fault and mountains of anger. It' why we see a wide range of expressions in photos of Linds. She needs a strong mandatory intervention. Mandatory because it's a life or death sitution. It's clear Dina isn't going to do anything but bury her. Michael is her only chance.

1610 days ago


I don't want to stick up for that borderline famewhore Linsanity, but, I have a hard time believing that anyone even Linds would throw a drink at someone for no apparent reason. I think Samro gets off pushin linds buttons she certaintly isnt' sittin there mindin her own business.

1610 days ago


Lindsey was "calmer" when she was with this girl which is sayin something cuz Linds is straight up crazy!! She has no career left, no money, major drug problems, is addicted to attention and sadly, will probably end up dead soon. The saddest part is no-one gives a damn enough about her to really help her, not even her crappy parents.

1610 days ago


Samantha has anger issures also, just read her late night twitts.
This thing is part of Lindsay's problem.She has been hooking up with linds since 2005 she no longer needs her.BAD KARMA SAMANTHA

1610 days ago


i have to be honest - the majority of same notoriety was because of lindsay. now lindsay falls on hard times and she throws her under the bus to get ten more seconds of fame? boo sam!!!! if you were a decent person youd keep it to 'no comment'. loser.

1610 days ago


To think Lindsay always had this things back.She always supported and talked highly of her. Frankly im glad miss Sam came out and said this Lindsay can finally see that Sam is no differant than the rest of sell outs.The best thing is that LL get far away from Sam and fake friends.

1610 days ago


The court locks up Charlie Sheen & Robert Downey for substance abuse but they let Lyndsey run around loaded all the time? Now she's turning her little sis into a drug addled little tramp.

1610 days ago


I said it all along she is no differant than Michael Lohan she is
a sell out. No one heard of her before she became Lindsay lover and
hopefully she go away. I could never figure out what LL saw in her/him

1610 days ago


To think friends are suppose to be thier to help and show support when your on hard times. No Samantha jumps on the band wagon and kicks her to the curb. Samantha by her own account many times on her twitter page go to therapy so she has issues also. I hope Lindsay's real friends come out in full support of her i bet they have alot of dirt on Samantha.I agree with one of the other posts Samantha knows what buttons to push with Lindsay.

1610 days ago


This is newsworthy?

1610 days ago


Who gives a Rat's @$$?

1610 days ago


Don't say that! Everyone goes through bad times, she needs therapy and compassion. Come on.....

1610 days ago


how much was that tip???? im thinkin it was a 100$bill

1610 days ago


wow some people are angry here too. Sam never looked for attention and she's not doing it now. She just answered the question and people attacking her over nothing. did she say something new? no. did she lie? no. what are you flipping out about? and why in the world are guys bringing up her being a lesbian? what does that have to do with what she said? ^_-

1610 days ago



1610 days ago
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