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Lindsay's Dad

Moves on Conservatorship

4/26/2010 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he's on his way to his lawyer's office to start the Lindsay Lohan conservatorship ball rolling.

As we reported this weekend, Michael was giving Lindsay an ultimatum -- either meet with him today or he's going to court.  Our Lindsay sources say she wasn't keen on a tête-à-tête -- actually, she said no way would she sit down with daddy.

But here's what's ironic. Michael says Lindsay did text him that she wanted him to help smooth things over with the bouncers from Trousdale, the club she was reportedly banned from after allegedly throwing a glass at Sam Ronson.

What a mess.


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Hope this works. Dina won't do anything to help her daughter.

1644 days ago


Conservatorship is a great idea, but can't they appoint a guardian ad litem or neutral party to the post? She needs to be protected from both her parents, as well.

1644 days ago

Wake Up    

SOMEONE needs to help her! Her mother is a complete idiot, blind to the problems Lindsay obviously has. At least her Father is trying to help. It's better than doing nothing.

1644 days ago


Daddy! I can't party at Trousdale anymore Daddy! Can you go talk to the bouncers for me daddy? Daddy! Oh by the way, I hate you Daddy! But I must party at Trous again Daddy!

1644 days ago


dad is actually doing the right thing, unlike mom the enabler. but they need to appoint an independent conservator because lindsay won't listen to dad, and i wouldn't either because he's a total douche. but his actions are correct and warranted. i hope a judge agrees and pushes lindsay to move out of denial and get some help. regardless of any drug and alcohol issues she may have, she desperately needs to get real and get into therapy and face things. because she is SOOOOO in denial and her horrible mother only makes it worse by calling her a child and covering for her adult daughter.

1644 days ago


Should surely NOT be her EX CON DRUG ADDICT father or her stupid **** of a Mommy. Court appointed person with no conflict of interest. I think it should be Harvey! J/K

1644 days ago


Why is he reporting every move to TMZ? What a loser!!!

1644 days ago


Whether he's appointed or not, he took the step to file for Conservatorship. No one else would, could or had the nerve. At least give him credit for getting the ball rolling. The Court will decide who should be Conservator, whether it's the dad or Public Guardian. Then any decision in the future will be through the Court. The Conservator would not have free rein. But my guess is Dina will not/should not be appointed Conservator. IMO

1644 days ago


she's worried about smoothing things over at the bar she just got kicked out of...what does that tell ya?

1644 days ago


No Judge in their right mind would give slimely Michael Lohan a conservatorship over her. Firt of all, he is pathetic and he is a lying thief. Second of all, he's more of a mess than she is! He only wants to get at her money...plain and simple. He is so pathetic. Plus, she's an adult and has had no where near the public issues Britney did. Michael Lohan is a loser.

1644 days ago

me not you    

I feel bad for Lindsay. This loser couldn't care less about her, he just wants access to what little money she has left. She should have gone to court as soon as she turned 18 to legally divorce him from her life and he would have no standing whatsoever. If she was smart, she'd file those papers immediately and get him OUT OF HER LIFE!

1644 days ago


Brittany had the police out to her house for a hostage situation with one of her young sons (she was locked in the bathroom and wouldn't come out). Lindsay is a whole differnt situation. Being a public drunk and tossing a drink at an ex-girlfriend are not the same. Lindsay's dad has so many restraining orders on him no judge would let him near his troubled daughter. What a worthless father.

1644 days ago


Sad trying to save one person who does not want help yet countries have people starving for clean water.

1644 days ago


Lyndsay Lohan is a washed up drug head and no producer should ever employ her one wants to see a drug head thief on screen! Her mother is a spaced out air head that will never do anything to her daughter in fear of getting cut off and losing her meal ticket and then she would have to get a job! Novel idea you POS Dinah that has let her daughter turn into the trash she has become and her other daughter is headed that was as well.

1644 days ago


Where in the hell is her mother, oh yeah she's skanking around town just like her daughters. What makes this LOSER as a father think that she's going to be with him. This whole entire family is just bad news in every possible way.
It's really sad the Lindsay is like this, she use to be such a beautiful and talented actress and now, no-one wants anything to do with her. What a real,real shame.

1644 days ago
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