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Lindsay's Dad

Moves on Conservatorship

4/26/2010 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he's on his way to his lawyer's office to start the Lindsay Lohan conservatorship ball rolling.

As we reported this weekend, Michael was giving Lindsay an ultimatum -- either meet with him today or he's going to court.  Our Lindsay sources say she wasn't keen on a tête-à-tête -- actually, she said no way would she sit down with daddy.

But here's what's ironic. Michael says Lindsay did text him that she wanted him to help smooth things over with the bouncers from Trousdale, the club she was reportedly banned from after allegedly throwing a glass at Sam Ronson.

What a mess.


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There's no judge in their right mind that's going to give him conservatorship. He's not Jamie Spears...a man that actually gave a **** about his daughter....WITHOUT a drug/violent record. He's wasting his time and everyone else who's involved in this mess. Where is he getting the money for all these lawyers, etc. anyway? he on your payroll???

1641 days ago


She needs to shave her head.

1641 days ago


No Judge in their right mind would give slimely Michael Lohan a conservatorship over her. Firt of all, he is pathetic and he is a lying thief. Second of all, he's more of a mess than she is! He only wants to get at her money...plain and simple. He is so pathetic. Plus, she's an adult and has had no where near the public issues Britney did. Michael Lohan is a loser.
What money? She steals, owes a lot of money on credit cards, and hasn't worked. WTF money do you think he's after?

1641 days ago


Why tell anyone what you are doing? Just friggen do it. This man is such an attention whore. If he really cared about just helping his daughter, he would not being going to the media about it.

I wish someone other than him would help her.

1641 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Lindsay Lohan is a big mess and I should know!!! .. Death watch 20 10

1641 days ago


I'm proud of you Michael for doing the right thing. Someone has to and it sure ain't gonna be Dina! Sitting down and talking to her right now would be like talking to a wall. I feel he is going to have a much harder time controlling her once the conservatorship is in place than Jaime Spears has had because this one is really a loose cannon. What happens if she defies him during the conservatorship? Michael watch out, I have a feeling this out-of-control daughter of yours and psycho ex-wife, Dina will try to bring you harm. Don't listen to all these idiots here. No matter what you did they would talk smack. They talk out of both sides of the mouth. There are some real LOSERS here!!!!

1641 days ago


Doesn't she have to be worth something in order for him to be conservator? She's broke and can't get a job. What's the point? I despise this wothless whore.

1641 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

Death watch 20 10

1641 days ago


Want a simple answer Lindsay, Get your **** together and they wont have a reason to get in your life...????? "You think".

1641 days ago


Dear Lindsay,

You are a great actress. I saw many of your interesting movies
dvds from

I hope you make many more great movies.

800 Pound Gorilla

1641 days ago


I really can't stomach most of you people. Your mothers should be ashamed. Michael Lohan is doing the right thing, trying to save this train-wreck from herself and all of you think you are so damn high-and-mighty. If he did nothing and let her stay in self-destruct mode, you would criticize him for that. If she died, you would blame him for that. Dina isn't doing a damn thing! Michael is doing everything RIGHT!

Why the hell is it your place to judge Michael? This isn't about what you hypocritical LOSERS think or say, it is about saving his daughter's life. The same of you who are criticizing him could give a flip if she died. You'd enjoy it. You are just evil.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

1641 days ago


She belongs in prison! I hope she's rotting in there by the end of the day.

1641 days ago


You are right Michael. You are her father and she is laughing at you. How dare she spend all her money and leave nothing for you. Conservatorship is the way to go.

1641 days ago


HER DAD NEEDS TO GET A JOB................

1641 days ago

Erin A    

Um . . . most convicts don't get to have conservatorship over people.

1641 days ago
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