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Michael Lohan's Lawyer

We Mean Business

4/26/2010 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer has just sent TMZ a statement, saying unless Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer sit down and talk to her dad about the obvious problems, they will go to court to force the issue.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says it's clear Lindsay has a problem ... with photos surfacing nightly of Lindsay clubbing and appearing "under the influence of alcohol or substances."

Bloom says Michael will take "any and all appropriate legal action to save and protect his daughter."

As for what legal options ... Bloom says she's not foreclosing anything.

Bloom adds ... if Lindsay doesn't meet with Michael in the next few days, "Michael is prepared to pursue other legal action towards his one and only goal: to save and protect his daughter."


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I've been where you are, Michael. Keep going! You're doing the right thing!!!

1620 days ago


It was supposed to be today they meet, now it's in the next few days? So much for taking a tough stand. Bloom, it seems, is not helping matters here. And what exactly do they expect to achieve by having a sit-down talk with an addict? A sudden epiphany? Not gonna happen. I just don't get it. A conservatorship is in order and the time to do it is NOW. Enough with the playing games. It's like trying to make deals with the devil.

1620 days ago


You have GOT to be kidding me. He could easily qualify for worst father ever and he thinks any judge is going to let him near Lindsay? So she parties at clubs. She is 23, not 12. It's her right to get as drunk as she wants as often as she wants. It's not the best behavior but it's nobody's business. And what kind of lawyer is this to actually represent such a s***bag loser? She must be pretty worthless.

1620 days ago


Raise the bar, Michael. Set some standards for these other celebrity parents who were useless in their approaches to even attempt to save their kids. It takes one to know one. You have been through the fire, Michael. You know what it was like in your addictions. Not many other celebrity parents know the ins and outs of drug addiction. You are setting an example for the rest of dumbfonded Hollywood. It is about time. Finally a man with the balls and knowhow to fight a fight no else knows how to. It is not about celebrity boxing, Michael. It is fighting the darkness that has loomed way too long over Hollywood. Do whatever it takes to save your children. We all know it is not about the money. She has no money. You have more than you can ever spend. So don't let these idiots throw you off course. USE WHATEVER MEDIA you have to. Use them ... like they use us. It is payback time MEDIA and HOLLYWOOD moguls.

1620 days ago


I would say that these were the actions of a desperately concerned parent if he didn't need to tip the media off to his every move.

1620 days ago


@bobbarnett We will see what happens if she misses her May 4 depo like she did the other two times. Mike already has the L.A. County Sheriff's Department backing him as well. All that Bloom is doing is setting up the paperwork so that if it is requested they can move quickly.

And yes, I'm not an attorney (not yet at least), but I play one on the Internet.

1620 days ago


Lisa Bloom is no better than her media whore mother. This is a statement to the media, not a legal pleading.

I would tell both Michael and Lisa to go straight to hell, then get a restraining order against Michael.

1620 days ago


Are you an idiot Ernie or just talking about stuff you have no clue about? He's only doing this to get publicity for himself (DUH or why would he do all this through TMZ and suddenly hire a lawyer with a TV show). He obviously has no money (or do you have a better explanation as to why this father of the year is so far behind on child support for his other, non-famous children) and I'm guessing she might still have a little money left seeing as how she lives in a really nice place, drives nice cars, and still goes out and parties most weekends which is not cheap. She has never had a relationship with so he is either trying to get his hands on what he can of hers or he's using her to keep himself in the spotlight since he's so addicted to fame.

1620 days ago


he is truly a disgusting, fame-seeking pig. he does not want to help lindsay, and doesn't care about her. he was never around when she was growing up, so kinda weird that he "cares" now. he is an ex-convict so i would be surprised if he got any control over lindsay.

1620 days ago


This is sooo Michael Low-han! He runs around to the celebrity gossip tabloids making threats and ultimatums to his daughter... then declares TODAY D-day if she doesn't comply with his threats to sit down and talk, then when she says "NO" his douchey Hollywood entertainment attorney and sicking spawn of Gloria Allred declares "if Lindsay doesn't meet with Michael in the next few days, Michael is prepared to pursue other legal action toward his one and only goal: to save and protect his daughter." *rolls eyes* You mean you'll take legal action like you were supposedly going to do today if she didn't comply by today?

1620 days ago


USE THE MEDIA ..... USE IT LIKE IT USES US WITH ALL THEIR NEGATIVE NEWS. Continue the fight. Use whatever it takes. The MEDIA should be fairminded but however it is only controlled by a few and feeds off of other's dimise. THIS story can be the most positive story to ever hit Hollywood. Hollywood saves one of its' own. Even against the negative TMZers wishes. Excellent. A screenplay writier couldn't have thought this one up. Hollywood attempts to save one of its' own. I am sure the Jackson family would have loved to have someone with Michael Lohan's balls on its' side.

1620 days ago


#44 - C .... If you knew anything about Michael Lohan you would know he does not need his daughter's money .. whatever is left of it. Do you research and you will find out the guy inherited plenty from his old man. Don't kid yourself by just blurting out statements you know nothing about. Research before you post. As far as child support ... think again and do your research. Then post. Those statements are just smokescreens... just like chasing a rabbit to get one's attention of the real issue here.

1620 days ago


#3,6,7,9, I agree With you

1620 days ago


LOL, If anyone is exhibiting unstable mental behavior at this point and needs to be 5150'd, that would be Michael Lohan not Lindsay! This is really outrageous what he's doing and how he's going about it. The man has no shame, none at all. It's no wonder Lindsay wants nothing to do with him. Poor girl! She deserved so much better for a father.

1620 days ago


He's soooo bluffing and Lindsay just called it! Otherwise he would have pulled the legal trigger today. The fact is he doesn't want to go to court because he knows he'll get laughed out of the courtroom with what he has. And his attorney knows it hence the new deadline!

1620 days ago
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