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MJ Estate Stops

'Heal the World' Copycat

4/27/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Score another crushing victory for the Michael Jackson estate -- this time the MJ squad dropped the hammer on a woman who allegedly set up a sham Heal the World Foundation to dupe Jackson fans into buying merchandise.

TMZ has learned a Federal judge issued an injunction against Melissa Johnson -- the woman behind a Heal the World Foundation website -- requiring her to stop "exploiting Michael Jackson's name, image and likeness." 

According to the court order, the judge ruled that Johnson -- who has attempted to register at least 40 trademarks with a direct connection to MJ -- operates websites that "convey to consumers a false affiliation with Michael Jackson."

As you may recall, Jackson operated a legit Heal the World Foundation back in the day, but it had been inactive for many years prior to his death.


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1639 days ago


I think those two fat bastards were in love with Michael and the same way Arnold sent Debbie Row after Michael, he did the same thing with Jason. I think this time he planed on black mailing Michael. I think every time Michael was in the office Arnold would drug Michael, and leave Jason alone with him to sexually molest Michael and subconsciously conditon him to be susceptible to drawing them closer inside his world, to consider them family rather than just his doctors. Their are millions of men that were and are still in love with Michael and wish they could have gotten close to him sexually even for a moment, just like his female base, but would never dream of taking advantage of him. Unfortunately for Michael his bad apples really stands out. After being in the public eye for so many years, when Michael met a person, they knew everything about him and he knew nothing about them, and they would know what buttons to push to get what they want. Kline had the code he'd watched, encouraged, and assisted Debbie Row in getting what she wanted and he was confident the same combination would worked for Jason. Michael had a very kind heart, if he met you and you did something kind for him and he decided he liked you he would tell you he loved you tomorrow or if he thought he would never see you again he would tell you he loved you right then, and he would mean it. I'm sure if Michael had a torrid affair with that awful person, it would have started with Arnold Kline drugging him in his office. In the last months of his life, Michael Jackson's Fans on the "This Is Not It" website reported that; in a effort to be picture ready for the concerts, Micheal's frequency to Klein's office increased dramatically, they reported that some visits over were over six hours and that Michael often emerged smelling like Ether, he looked groggy, seemingly drugged and that's different from being high. It's suspected that Arnold Kline was putting Michael under with Propofol in his office and the DA is working to file charges, perhaps this is just a smoke screen by them. I'm sure they have a motive. The bad thing is Arnold Kline knows and claims to hate Dr Steven Hoefflin, the other dermatologist doctor who use to drug and molest Michael. You can Google it, he was just as disgusting as Kline, if not worse, because he really messed up Micheal's face.
They all should be prosecuted for their crimes against Michael.
They all operated out of bounds.

1638 days ago

Get real    

To those who seem to think Branca is so wonderful, you may want to do a little investigation into what Tom Mesereau uncovered about him at the time of the trial. The is a reason he was fired in 2003 and it has to do with shady dealing in off shore accounts with Sony!
I mean get serious! Michael fired him in 2003 because he no longer trusted the man and yet we are suppose to believe he left him in charge of his estate?? Pahlease!!
Branca is making money hand over fist off of Micheal's name. That money isn't going to Katherine and the children, they are given an allowance every month and that is all they get. Micheal's death was not an "accident" caused by a bad doctor! Do some research people! Ask yourselves who has gained the most from his death? Sony makes the list!

1617 days ago


i don't undestand because she saying my name in your do***ent ....

1290 days ago


be what he let some thing for me ? for she got cite my name in yours do***ents is because he own got let some thing for me ...kiss

1290 days ago


No-one ever wondered why Melissa Johnson starts with same initials than MJ and also does have the same number of letters? This can't be a coincidence in my opinion.

659 days ago
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