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Tito Ortiz's Ex: He'd 'Never Hurt a Female'

4/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0427_tito_exiwfe_small_EXTito Ortiz's ex-wife is as surprised as anyone over his arrest for felony domestic violence yesterday -- because according to her, he would "never hurt a female."

Kristin Ortiz -- who was married to Tito for nearly 10 years -- tells TMZ Tito was an "amazing person, amazing father and an amazing human being."

Kristin also says there was never any violence during her marriage, which ended in 2005.


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I bet her dead mother would be really proud of the woman she is today. Tito doesn't need her money. He has a clothing line that does really well. What kind of mother abandons her children like that? Can't turn a ho into a housewife!

1641 days ago


Why does everyone blame HER for filing for divorce? Perhaps he was skanking it up with Jameson and/or others and that is why she filed...I agree it sounds a bit suspicious to be calling him "amazing" all around, though. Obviously there was a little something UN-amazing about him at some point. I'm just surprised people are ranking so much on her. The comings and goings of an ex-porn star and an over-hyped wrestler dude hardly warrants attention. I have no idea why I'm commenting at all, LOL.

1641 days ago

i'm a people person    

Hey Chris/Tito... you still haven't answered my question... Why are you here if you hate her so much? Hmmm? You are really not fond of Jenna at all, so much so that you couldn't care less about her side of the story. She has one, you know. And guess what... you're an idiot. And MMkay... think before you speak. you're just showing your ignorance so please be quiet. She's not on twitter right now because a-holes like you are slamming her for no reason.

Hi annie2. The reason we're all attacking The ex Mrs. Tito is because when she and Tito first split it got really ugly with both of them attacking each other on the media. Now, all of a sudden, she is calling him an amazing person. It just really reeks of damage control on Tito's part. We're assuming that she had to have been paid off rather handsomely to say these things.

TRUTH! Keep telling it!!! TRUTH!!!!

1641 days ago

i'm a people person    

Oh yeah, and if TRUTH really IS Jenna, then she would know who you are, because as you said, she would know all of Jenna's letters. So really, you're not fooling anyone, Tito. Be quiet.

1641 days ago


i'm a people person:

Gotcha. I really shouldn't have been commenting to begin with since I don't know a thing about any one of these people for the most part, I just found it odd initially. Thanks for the clarification.

1641 days ago

i'm a people person    

Hey annie2 - no worries. I'm here to help. Well, that, and to call people on their stupidity. Not you, haha. No, I'm here to find out the truth. I am not a big fan of guys who hit women, especially big strong guys who think it's okay to batter women and try to get away with it. I'm actually here to find out the truth, but since this is a message board I'm confronted more with stereotyping and irrational accusations thrown at a fighter and a former adult actress, neither of which should be judged for their professions (of which Jenna is a FORMER adult actress).
Oh yeah, and I'm here to try and get StalkerChris/Tito to tell us why he/"she" is here when she hates Jenna so much.
Take care annie2!

1641 days ago


I know her type . . . . .she had it coming


1641 days ago


TEAM TITO. I don't like him as a fighter but Jenna is a lying drama ridden drug addict.

1641 days ago


Oh he repeatedly cheats on Kristen for YEARS until she finally divorces him and he is an "amazing person" and an "amazing human being"? Really??? This woman found a used condom in his suitcase from some stripper named Heather who he saw on the regular. Then he publishes all this information in a book so his son can read it. Wow, yes, he is really "AMAZING". WTF is wrong with people?

1641 days ago


like the old sang gos you cant turn a hoe into a house wife

1641 days ago


To all you dummies out there. Tito and his ex wife also have a child together. Tito left her for the ho who just got him locked up. I'm sure this young lady and their child is well taken care of. However, Jenna and their two will always come in second and third as far as child support is concerned. Frankly, Tito and the ho got what they deserve. He's such a dumbass and a crybaby. And she looks like she's been smoking crack.....imagine that!!!

1640 days ago


See Tito u should of stayed with your ex wife

1640 days ago


All I can say is that Tito has always been the sweetest guy. Back in the day, he coached a high school wrestling team in HB. Since he is friends w/ the guys from Korn, he was supposed to attend their concert the night of an awards banquet for the school's wrestling team. His fiance (at the time) seemed really annoyed and kept asking him to hurry and leave with her for the concert. Even though it was a small banquet held at the high school (nothing fancy), he stayed until the end and congratulated all the young guys. He was not famous yet, so it was not for publicity. He genuinely cared about the kids. Watching him and getting to know him back then, I can say he really cares about others. Nice guy. The truth about what happened in that house is for the authorities/D.A. to decide.

1640 days ago


clearly jenna j wants to get back in the news and press,just remember a few weeks ago she lashed out on kendra complaining about her behaviour,kendra is no saint but to me kendra looks like an angel compared to her,the porn star teaching another how to be a mom,made me laugh lol,ppl have forgotten about her,this is an attempt to get back into the headlines,pathetic.

1640 days ago


he abuses women. its sorta like a sideline for these guys who think they are supermen, and the toughest in the world.
Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag. money dont change that.
Now the drug addicted, penis loving, carpet munching jenna say, well he didnt beat me, cuz i'd be dead. (why, cuz he is oh so tought?) She did agree to manhandle. Either way. Sorry tito. your a loser. manhandlin' women, lmao. lift more weights, your still a dousch.

1640 days ago
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