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Kate Gosselin Stomachs Herself

4/28/2010 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin may not have developed rhythm or grace during her amazing stint on "Dancing with the Stars" -- but she did lock down a tight tummy.


The 35-year-old mother of eight showed off her flat stomach while heading to an organic cafe in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

When you have two reality shows in the works, you gotta look as good as humanly possible.


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it's not a "belly" shirt, to the people who say it is! It's an exercise outfit she is wearing! The same exact outfit is at any department store..I've seen it..why can't she flaunt what she's got? She should be proud of her body..age has nothing to do w/ it either! Neither does being a mother of 8! Here's to Kate starting to feel good about herself:)

1607 days ago

Yeah, my belly would look like that too if a plastic surgeon would offer me a free tummy tuck. Too bad we don't all pop out a zillion kids and get bigtime freebies - being in the real world and having to work for luxuries sucks.

1607 days ago


Kate is SO fake!!! Yes, maybe she got toner doing DWTS, but she also had a breast enlargement among other things, so of course she had another tummy tuck and lipo! When is this woman ever home?! I just can't wait until her 8 are old enough to tell their stories of their own!

1607 days ago


She did not get that tummy from DWTS......she got it from the tummy tuck!!!

1607 days ago


You look great Kate. Can't wait til your new show with the kids is on.

1607 days ago

just saying2    

I agree with #15. If I had free plastic surgery like she did, my stomach would look like that too!

1607 days ago


Yeah, that's the way someone dresses when they are trying to fly under the paparazzi radar. What a fame seeker she is. It's disgusting how much exposure she's had (pardon the pun) considering she has no talent, was a horrible wife and continues to be an absentee mother. Reality show star -- give me a break -- she has absolutely no handle on reality.

1607 days ago


Does anybody remember the episode where she finally showed the world what was going on down there?.... floppy dog jowls anybody? Maybe if she stuck with being a REAL mother of 8 everything wouldn't have gone to pot. I really think she has wanted to be famous the whole time, tummy tuck, now everything. Why cant anybody just be happy being a damn good mom and wife? why is that not good enough for woman now adays.. it is to me.. but then again I live in Wyoming.... and we are one of the happiest states ( and we are the equality state so no comments on that crap) We just hold old time family values.

*** Kate..... you have 8 kids.. go be a good mom***

1607 days ago


Yea Right! anybody's stomach can look like that if you get lipo'd in my opinion she needs to just go away, although she may think she is a celebrity she is NOT her only claim to fame is to have had her brood thru ivf ! enough already she has had more than her 15 min of fame and if some suitthinks that her show is going to be a hit think again a definite flop who the h...would take advise from this shalow self-centered egotistical fame hungry wanna-be.

1607 days ago


Hello wasn't DWTS that gave her tight abs was the FREE TUMMY TUCK that she got ..get your facts straight !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1607 days ago


I'd look good too if I'd been given a free tummy tuck and liposuction!

1607 days ago


Everyone is so jealous! If you took half the time that you talk bad about her and get up off your lazy butts.... you might look somewhat like her. She had a c-section..... so nothing is different "down there".
Seriously people...... grow up!

1607 days ago

John Gosselin    

Guys, be honest. Would you love just once night with this woman? Look at her. she is hot! I'd re-hit that!!!

1607 days ago


Am I the only one whom is just so sick of this woman? I'm so sick of her crying, complaining, dancing, fake ass celeb, star wanna be......her explainations on why she is a bad mother......

How 'bout finally pulling your head from your ass and raise your tribe O' children? Instead, shes busy figuring out how to make the next buck. Gether hair done, flipping all over the country for her 'career'. Whatever.

Those poor kids, from day one they had to endure all the bull**** becasue their parents saw dollar signs...nice normal life huh?

They are freaks to begin with, and now Mom and Dad have turned this into a side show.

Well done. What will the encore be I wonder?

1607 days ago


lmao, i am an 18 year old male....she looks descent for a mother..LMAOOO everyone thats hating is like 40 year old mom behind the computer pissed that they cant look like her and give excuses like "oooo she has others to take care of her kid", lol dont make excuses for being fat i have seen reguler 50 year old mothers in perfect shape just because they work hard, BTW i find her annoying, but i find lazy sacks of fat behind their computers hating on some one for being skinny?!?!? i mean WTF!

1607 days ago
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