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Sandra & Angelina -- The Adoption Connection

4/28/2010 5:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie share a very interesting connection -- and it all has to do with their adopted babies Louis Bardo and Maddox, respectively ... and the timing of their divorces.


Sandra told People Magazine she and Jesse James set the wheels in motion to adopt Louis Bardo together ... but divorce changed the plan.  Sandra now says she's filing for single parent adoption.

TMZ has learned that's exactly what happened between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.  Although this has not been reported, sources connected with their divorce in 2003 tell TMZ, Angie and B.B. were going to jointly adopt Maddox, but when they decided to divorce, the plan changed and Billy Bob backed out of the adoption.

Adoption experts we've spoken with say turning a husband/wife adoption into a single parent adoption can complicate the adoption process ... but it seems to have worked out for both Angelina and Sandra.


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I cannot think of Angelina Jolie in the same light as Sandra Bullock. Angie is a freak who doesn't respect other people's husband any more than the freaks that did this with Jesse. Please do not compare them or their cir***stances.

1641 days ago


As others have mentioned, this is not a new revelation. It was reported at the time that Billy Bob and Angelina had begun the adoption process together.

1641 days ago


Well, if these men are going to let just the "process" of adoption derail them so much then obviously the actual ACT of raising the child would have proven too much. Weak.

1641 days ago


Money buys anything. For the fool that said money doesn't make you happy, your head must have been buried in the sand and you have serious mental, physcological problems.

1641 days ago



p.s. congrats on the new baby boy Sandy! he is precious!

1641 days ago


But Jesse James was cheating on Sandra right after they married; this adoption had nothing to do with their break-up, unlike ho-bags Angelina & Billy Boob.

1641 days ago


I don't see JJ being a good parent. So far he knocks up woman & hits the bricks before the kid show up. I predict he files for bankruptcy within 2 yrs. No one will want to do business with a guy that's a prevent liar, with more than a few lawsuits for breach of contract. I have seen a few of his bikes at bike week shows lately & I was not impressed. These bikes are so 1992

1641 days ago


How convenient is it that she chose a black baby, the girl must be psychic or something! Look at me! White, black, latino it's all good, nevermind that soon-to-be ex-husband of mine! LMAO

1641 days ago



1641 days ago


With so many kids needing to be adopted, why are all these white rich stars adopting kids outside of their own race?

1641 days ago


Yeah it worked out for them because they're millionaires!!

1641 days ago

Evil Kitty    

Looks like they both do their shopping at the same pet store.

1641 days ago

Julia M.    

Eileen at post 7, you are absolutely wrong. Jolie's adoption of Maddox had absolutely nothing to do with the adoptions that the Department of Justice alleged were illegal or improper.

Maddox's adoption was investigated along with about 100 other adoptions already in process when the charges of impropriety and illegality surfaced. The investigations were carried out by the U.S. Dept of Justice, the U.S. State Department and IIRC the Dept of HHS, as well as the Cambodian government. The U.S. sent field investigators to Cambodia to verify the in country adoption procedures and the childrens' biological families. After the months long investigations all of the adoptions in progress, including Maddox's, were cleared as legal.

I believe that Jolie had to bring Maddox to her home in England until his adoption was cleared as legal. Once his adoption was approved after 4 or 5 months investigation he was issued a U.S. passport (not something done lightly) which, in effect, made him a US citizen. IIRC she was able to bring him into the US in either May or June 2002.

So stop this continuing lie that Maddox was somehow adopted illegally or was tainted by the shady doings that agency committed in other adoptions. It insults all the innocent adoptive parents waiting for a decision on their children who went through a cruel hell, and that includes Jolie, due to that agency's irresponsible and, as it turned out, illegal behavior.

1641 days ago


My guess is that they both decided to switch to single-parent adoption only because now Jesse would be a liability in finalizing the adoption due to all the publicity. He still considers himself to be the baby's father, judging from some recent comments - it was basically a 4 year pregnancy! They had their baby home for several months before the sh*t hit the public fan. Generally finalization occurs later, before that point the adoption can be derailed for various reasons (for instance, if the birth parents or birth family decide to object).

The length of the process suggests that both Sandra and Jesse went through the usual process any American family goes through to adopt an American baby - which includes a lot of interaction with social workers etc. Not as easy as making your own! And definitely if you want a young baby, being open to any ethnic background makes it much more likely, especially since in the US you're considered "non-white" even if your immediate ancestors (parents, grandparents) include people from "white" groups, due to our curious history of racial categorizing. That's why people who can will turn to international adoptions, especially for young babies and toddlers. It's often easier to qualify -- many people who would be fine parents in the US are turned down by US agencies for reasons that aren't really relevant. Also many children in the US foster care system are simply not available for adoption because their birth parents haven't really given them up - they had the kids taken away for various reasons or gave them up temporarily while sorting out other problems. A child in a Chinese orphanage, on the other hand, has generally been truly abandoned by the birth parents and is available for adoption. Things can still be murky, as Madonna found out, but it depends on the culture and how orphanages are used.

In the olden days, adoption agencies wouldn't even place kids who looked "different" from adoptive parents due to social prejudices. They even tried to match such things as hair and eye color, since adoption was supposed to be a deep, dark secret so often. Things are much looser now, but probably just for "white" adoptive parents - I suspect the social workers would still balk at letting "non-white" adoptive parents adopt "white" kids, we haven't really advanced quite that far yet.

1641 days ago


This is the same thing that happened with actor Dean McDermott and his ex when he hooked up with Tori Spelling. He relenquished all rights to the baby girl they were adopting together. His ex still adopted her and is raising her as a single parent.

1641 days ago
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