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Tiger Woods -- Why I'm a Nickelback Groupie ...

4/28/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods just had a press conference moments ago, where he DEFENDED himself for attending a Nickelback concert last week -- unfortunately, he didn't explain how he was able to sit through it.

Tiger just took the mic in North Carolina, where he's preparing for this weekend's Quail Hollow Championship.

... and now we have that damn "Photograph" song stuck in our heads.

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Explains everything right there, listening to Nickleback leads to more bad decisions in your life.

1640 days ago

Alberta Guy    

Yeah... if we love Nickelback so much in Alberta, why does the Calgary radio station X97 FM have the ultra popular "No Nickelback Guarantee"?
(PS... Nickelback sucks.)

1640 days ago


Tiger Woods is an arrogant and despicable Hypocrite and he cannot fool people anymore! People don't trust him and his good- man image is gone forever!!!

1640 days ago


He is still trying to prove he is not black! Wont believe it till I see him drop Cadillac for BMW! LOL

1640 days ago


That stupid radio station has no listeners hahahaha! The no-Nickelback guarantee..... HAHAHAHA! Also the no listener guarantee :)

1640 days ago


Whoa wait, Canadians actually like Nickelcrap? Are you serious?! I mean really?!

1640 days ago


Little Mama's boy's Mama is posting, sticking up for her precious little boy. No wonder he's so immature. I'm STILL waiting for her to confirm that poor little Eldrick was tortured on his first day of school by a racist mob of white 6th graders who just could not wait until the first day of school to begin to go after Eldrick, tie him to a tree, throw stones at him, and spray paint the "N" word on him.

It's strange that his doting mother has been quiet about this. No one in the school heard of it, none of the students, and none of the staff. Woods is one big jerk. He should be in prison for endagering the health and life of the mother of his children, his wife Elin, by engaging in sex with a multitude of unclean women without a condom, thereby possibly transmitting AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis, and other STDs.

But what does Eldrick Woods care? She's just another woman to use, debase, and degrade. With him, it's all about "ME ME ME I I I". What a degenerate.

1640 days ago


I find his choice of the phrase "GROUPIE" to be most revealing.. On top of continued allegations on the number of women he bedded and discarded, his crumbled marriage, the effect this has had to his children, you'd think he'd be keeping a low profile...WHAT AN IDIOT. Actually he seems quite pleased with himself and has no shame left.. He's laughing all the way to the bank at the fools who turn a blind eye just because he's Tiger. I also find it interesting that there are those who condemn Homosexuality (born that way) but have no problem with Adultery (self created and sinful)...hmmm... Ten Commandments say's "thou shalt not commit Adultery". No where does it say "thou shall not be Gay"...This from a straight woman who loathes Hypocrisy....Tiger is a pitiful excuse for a man....

1640 days ago



There songs, don't all sound the same. I was NEVER a fan of Nickelback, until I went to one of their concerts.. I was hooked! One of the best concerts, I have EVER seen! And I go to about 20-25 concerts a year.

Stop ragging on Nickelback. Just because they are the most successful, and most popular band in the world, since 2001, people love to hate on them.

Why not rag on Ke$ha or another fluzie, who has no talent, in the "music" industy.

Nickelback, you can understand the lyrics, they write their own music, and have a mixture of classic, new, and Canadian rock.


1640 days ago


I love Nickleback(YESS I get harassed for it) Tiger does not need to defend why he likes one of the most successful bands in the world!! They are great entertainers!!

1640 days ago


so thats what a horny toad looks like before a quail hollow golf game

1640 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Yeah, now there is a good reason for a PRESS CONFRENCE. He went to a concert.....YAWN

1640 days ago


The reason why Tiger is still looking "like a deer in the headlights" is pretty straight forward ... the facade of him "being the man" is now gone forever, together will all the admiration, love, respect and support that he once enjoyed. It has to be hard for him, as the gravity of his demise is probably now starting to sink in. And I doubt that he's ever going to get much sympathy any more from the "decent-minded" folk, who thankfully constitute the majority of us.

ps: my sources at Quail Hollow indicate that something is definitely "going to happen" there this weekend ...

1640 days ago


Tiger is a DISEASE!!!
Tiger = Disease
Disease = Tiger


1640 days ago


So thats why I can't stand Tiger!!! Oooohhhh Right!

1640 days ago
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