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Halle Berry, Gabriel Split

Custody in Limbo

4/30/2010 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have split, TMZ has confirmed, and she went to a divorce lawyer three weeks ago to find out about a custody arrangement ... but nothing long-term was agreed upon and no financial settlement has been struck.

Halle and Gabriel worked out a "very short-term custody arrangement," a very connected source tells TMZ.  But when they worked out the arrangement they had not split, though they were clearly having problems.  Neither Halle nor Gabriel have tried to make the arrangement permanent for 2-year-old Nahla.

Neither of them have gone to a lawyer to formalize any type of long-term agreement, so despite the fact they have split, there is no custody arrangement or property settlement agreement.

We are told, however, by sources close to the situation, that Halle and Gabriel are "working well together" and are handling parental duties without conflict.

We are told the long-term plan is to share custody but nothing has been formalized in writing.

UPDATE:  We're told Halle and Gabriel have agreed to several short-term custody arrangements while they sort things out.  They have renewed them each time they have expired and are still working under a short-term agreement but no permanent agreement has been struck.


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major hang ups here, hopefully the little one will not suffer from her Mom's insecurity. Just because one is beautiful and looks to have it all together, definitely not the case here. Too bad... Sometimes a person just cannot help it.

1605 days ago


How sad for their child. I thought Halle had found her man, finally!

1605 days ago


Sad, to hear of a break up when a child is involved. But it sounds like he needs to grow up. He has been with one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and now seems to find life boring. He probably is not getting enough attention. Poor little boy. Same as JJ and TW. These men are threatened by strong women and children. It takes a strong, loving, loyal, supportive confident, real man to be with a beautiful talented woman. Not many of them around today.

1605 days ago


What is up with her not being able to stay in a relationship. I get it the first guy was a cheating *******.

But, we all know how it is sometimes, a woman may be great to look at, but impossible to live with. Who knows? You hear mens ay this about some gals....

1605 days ago


I love Halle, but according to her first husband, the baseball player, none of us really know her...

1605 days ago

Friggin Tracy    

The comments by the haters sound really ignorant. If you read the articles, Gabriel said "He found himself attracted to other females" how does that mean it's Halle's fault? What it means is this can happen to anyone no matter how beautiful! Calling her a knucklehead and making it ok for domestic violence just sounds really, really stupid. It sounds like the relationship ran its course, period! Happens ALL THE TIME IN LIFE!!! Sad but true! Unless you're ****in' 12 yrs old, you should know this already!

1605 days ago


What friggin article? I doubt that he would say that. But you're right about the other stuff.

1605 days ago


I can't help but feel that Halle is incapable of sustaining any sort of long term relationship. She is undoubtedly beautiful but obviously has issues with men and needs some serious counselling.

1604 days ago


I'm so tired of hearing this crap about something being wrong with her. There's nothing wrong with her. The relationship has lasted 5 years, and who knows, they might get back together. How many of you have had a long-lasting relationship? Not to mention the numerous pressures of being in the position they're in (most of which, none of us have any idea about. Really, most people would be in shock if they knew). I suppose some of her exes (and there really hasn't been that many, so please don't act like she's Zsa Zsa Gabor) are jumping for joy now, as if this is some kind of vindication. Speaking of the exes (not this one), I really believe that it's often the douchbags that tend to bag the hot women, because their insensitivity and arrogance is commonly mistaken for charm, confidence and swagger. They know how to present themselves in a perfect package as the answer to a woman's needs, then when they've nestled themselves safely into the relationship, their douchebag behaviour starts to come out. When you have a background like Halle's, the last thing you need is an insensitive jerk who thinks he's Gods gift to earth and enjoys breaking down women's confidence. I hope they work it out, he's not a bad guy.

1604 days ago

kora kora    

Comments from #15.... Hurray!!!!!! To the point...

1604 days ago


WAIT WAIT WAIT! Who is the old guy?? That video was pretty disgusting, actually.

1604 days ago


OMG. Start watching the video at 1:35. What in the world is she doing with this old guy and why???

1604 days ago


Who is the ugly Beast that was walking with Halle Berry last night?
I can not understand that this pretty woman still looking for a BBD? that she is addicted to sex with Monsters or what else?

1604 days ago

anthony harris    

how many times have halle berry been marrie

1604 days ago


don't forget what's his name jamie foxx is waiting for her. they would make a great couple. both actors and academy award winners.

1604 days ago
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