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David Letterman's Extortionist Gets Six Months

5/4/2010 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman's extortionist is headed to the slammer -- Robert Halderman was just sentenced to six months behind bars for trying to squeeze $2 million out the "Late Show" host.

Halderman -- who pled guilty to attempted grand larceny back in March -- just appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court in handcuffs.

Halderman will also have to serve 1000 hours of community service and will be on probation for five years.


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DUMB ass you should have hired Gloria Allred, she would have got you the money and ZERO jail time.

1633 days ago


Haldeman has got to be one of the most stupid people on the planet to have tried this ridiculous stunt. Gloria the Allredbitch is certainly one of the greediest, most obnoxious bizarre creatures on the planet. I wish we could put her away for a few years, I am soooo tired of her relentless yammering and grandstanding for every slut and loser client!

1633 days ago


So I am assuming if he hired a lawyer and had lawyers go to david letterman to discuss the issue about his "tell all story" he would have probably gotten money like Gloria Alfred. Its incredible the same cir***stances and the only difference is a lawyer and Gloria Alfred walks free but he doesn't. Extortion is extortion no matter how many legal terms you put into the do***ent.

1633 days ago


6 months sounds awfully short. I guess the American taxpayers really can't foot the bill for rich kids to be in jail.

1633 days ago


Scoop alert. A measly 6 months for blackmail is solid proof that this guy was sent to mess with Letterman because he was airing cryptic comedy message on his show about the NWO.

1633 days ago


That is a true shame. 15 days would have been long enough for this minor infraction. Letterman is such a s***bag, nothing anyone does to him other than physical harm should be ignored. Physical harm must be excluded in ALL cases.
Fire Letterman and open up the airwaves for some entertainment.

1633 days ago

go home!    

Another one for when is Gloria Allred going to be locked up? TMZ get on that!

1633 days ago


How are Gloria Allred's actions ANY different???? Is it ok because she is a lawyer?

1633 days ago


Why didn't that wh*ring sl*t rachel uchitel go to jail?
seriously? she extorted woods for 10 million? what is the difference? least TMZ doesn't show any more pics of that wh*ring ugly woman.
Anyway, this really is bizarre, this guy goes to jail, and the women get paid off.

1633 days ago


I think the punishment should be having to watch Dave every weekday night for 6 months. Now that would be cruel and unusual punishment. I would rather go to prison.

1633 days ago


This. How is what Gloria Allardwhatever different from what this man tried to do?

1633 days ago


Now, lets apply the same logic/punishment to Gloria Allred and her squeeze of David Boreanaz.....

1633 days ago


Letterman should get 6 years for being a slimey oiece of s*hit.

1632 days ago



1632 days ago


Why did TMZ shut down the overwhelming negative comments on the "Gloria Allred on Boreanaz: What Happened Was..." story? I'm so sick of this woman abusing the legal system. Gloria Allred has made a career of walking right up to the line of what's highly unethical but still legally permissible. What she's doing on behalf of these jilted mistresses is de facto extortion. She's careful to skirt the legal definition of the crime but it's still extortion by any common meaning of the word. What else do you call it when someone attempts to extort money in return for their silence? Blackmail? If she weren't acting as the middle man in these negations these women would be arrested for extortion. I mean f'n Jesus Christ she comes up with these weak excuses to threaten to sue (because you can sue for just about anything even if it is frivolous) and then uses the pretense to enter "settlement talks" where her client will guarantee her silence in exchange for a fat pay check. How much you want to bet she doesn't even follow through with a suit now that David Boreanaz has told her to go to hell, there's no deal? Enough is enough already! When is the California Bar going to take disciplinary action against her already? She needs to be put on probation and ordered to take a remedial course in ethics. She's a disgrace to the legal profession!

1632 days ago
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