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Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!

5/4/2010 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of Tiger Woods' mistresses -- is totally pissed off at reports that she tried to extort David Boreanaz and she's going to do something about it.

Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!
TMZ has learned ... Uchitel, who is in Mexico, is flying home today and plans to go on camera either tomorrow or Thursday to say she has "never extorted anyone" out of money.

We're told Uchitel had an affair with Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant, but she was not the woman who demanded a 6 figure settlement from him.  As we first reported, Gloria Allred repped the woman and claimed Boreanaz deceived her by saying she was the only one.  Boreanaz' lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the woman's demand for money extortion.

Sources tell TMZ ... Boreanaz was texting Rachel when his wife was giving birth last August.

And, TMZ broke the story Uchitel got $10 million from Tiger Woods in the wake of that scandal.

Of course, TMZ will cover what Uchitel has to say live.


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This woman's womb has been slid into more times than home plate at Yankee Stadium.

1610 days ago


Always the mistress but never the bride. Women like Rachel are not the marrying type.

1610 days ago


Wow, what a whore!

1610 days ago


So in the next day or so, we'll be graced with yet another Gloria "ShakeDown" Allred media event where Gloria will ham it up that Rachel is the actual victim & will threaten to sue for defamation of character - Okay, we already know in advance the outcome - so don't bother press conference.

1610 days ago

Get back to work!    

Yes, because being an extortionist is much, much worse than being a prostitute.

1610 days ago


WOW!! Whoring around sure pays well.

1610 days ago


Allred seems to me the biggest pimp I've ever seen. Why is SHE not behind bars? She takes these mistresses on as "clients". Essentially saying they should be PAID by the people they had sex with, which are always married men...who either get extorted by allred and/or the mistresses, or followed around and harrassed and put in the media. Does she NOT get the fact that the mistresses are JUST as guilty as the married men? Why don't her "clients" pay the married guy for sleeping with the skanks??

1610 days ago


These men have affairs with some of the most ugly women. WTF!

1610 days ago


It is apparent that Rachel is only interested in other women's husbands. I would not say she is very honorable or worthly!!

1610 days ago


Ugh, I cannot stand her. What a hideous whore, both her and Allred.

1610 days ago


Sorry Rachel ````````````` but YOU are a HO!! This is the second married man you are connected with!! What's wrong honey,, not secure enough to find a single man? It's ALL about the $$$$$$$$ for you, one way or another. Always has been and always will be sweetie! Nothing but BAD karma for you ``` from here on out```` SLUT!!

1610 days ago


It is absolutely amazing how so many women in this country have taken this same route, in one way or another. I have more respect for stray mutts walking the neighborhood! These diseased whores have found a way around the prostitution law. What's the difference between a street whore and these? Getting paid to get laid is prostitution, whether your a street corner whore or one of these whores. A man's wife is pregnant---he goes out and sleeps with Rachel & she turns him out, because he hasn't had sex in a while, well guess what? It's good to him, he doesn't have to worry about his wife as long as Rachel is around. Dumbass, now it's time for the big payoff, services rendered; it's blackmail, extortion and down right prostitution. What is so scary about all of this is there are so many more women and young girls attempting to do the same thing, whether it's a whore, stripper, escort, plastic surgery's all the same. It's all about making money without calling it prostitution. And to the women who stay with these cheating men whether you have children or not, GROW SOME!!! And for the men who have sex with these whores, get tested and then get some help. And for the whores and all the parents who raise these whores and all the young girls who want to be the bimbo, stripper, barbie wannabe's - it's mind boggling what a psychiatrist can do!

1610 days ago


...the "pilgrim" of Tiger's mistresses... heh heh heh, good one.

1610 days ago


This poor girl. Of all the nasty celebrity slu*s she is the only decent one. Why can't they leave her alone. She is just misunderstood. Seriously, why can't just one of these guys wife's beat the crap out of a mistress?? Just one!

1610 days ago


Women (and I use that term loosely) like uchitel and allred have taken women's progress back 50 years.

So to all the girls out there, IF YOU TAKE CASH OR GIFTS FROM MEN YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH, YOU'RE A HOOKER. PERIOD. You're not a mistress, you're a hooker. And if you threaten them with going public, that's blackmail and demanding money, that's extortion.

1610 days ago
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