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Collateral Damage in

Leno's Terror Joke

5/5/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Leno cracked a joke on his show last night, implying that the Times Square bombing suspect doesn't just support terror ... he also supports Conan O'Brien.

During the gag, Leno created a fake Facebook page for Faisal Shahzad -- on which he claims the perp was a member of several online groups, including Al Qaeda, the Pakistan Frequent Flyers Club ... and Team Coco.



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"30. This was not funny. Jay Leno you are an a**hole. It was a low blow. It is in bad taste to make fun of the guy who lost his dream and whom you took back your show from...not that I would expect anything more from Leno...this is the kind of thing he does. This is also a stab at Conan's fans, jealous much? Leno's facebook fanpage has only a fraction of the amount Conan has."

@ Nicole. Trolling much?

1611 days ago


Leno is classless

1611 days ago


How am I trolling? Because I know Leno has such a small amount of facebook fans? Isn't that common knowledge by now?

1611 days ago

the return of Pinhead    

You Jay Leno are nothing short of a prick.

1611 days ago


Classy! I guess this is what a "comedian" does to get back at the competition when he is loosing popularity. It also shows the kind of PR his writers use to cater to his fan base. George Lopez was right when he labeled Leno a two-faced backstabber. Leno is a despicable piece of S#!T.

1611 days ago


I think Jay and Conan should give up on the jokes about each other. Go back to entertaining and forget each other. I'm not Team Coco or Team Leno, I'm Team entertainment. If all they are going to do is dog each other, I won't watch either of them.

1611 days ago


somebody get this loser the **** off of tv
what a punk...if i was conan i would punch this punk in the face

1611 days ago


Life is unfair. MICHAEL JACKSON died with misery.
Leno is still breathing the same air we share.
You'll suffer and die early, Leno.

1611 days ago


There is something "just creepy" about Jay Leno. Am I the only one who thinks that?

1611 days ago

The devil    

Leno is just trying to fit the ******ger populace's taste for stupid humor.

Once again Leno has proved to be an old douche

1611 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

So, it's okay for Conan to go on 60 Minutes and put down Leno? But Leno can't tell a joke about Conan? It was a joke, you Morons. So glad that Leno is back. No matter what the 10:00 News is, Jay puts things in perspective and makes me laugh before I go to sleep. Conan just made me want to barf!

1611 days ago


Leno's a boring ignoramus.
He thinks he's brave.
He's fake, condescending & pretends he deserves praise.

He bashed Michael Jackson after he was accused of molestation.
Jackson came up & choked this smug idiot.
Leno insults crime victims,
he was rejected in comedy clubs & always whined about his dyslexia.
There's nothing good about this arrogant creep. That's why.

1611 days ago

janet jones    

Leno must have seen the 60 Minutes Interview on Sunday where Conan basically called him a backstabbing ******* and now Leno is trying to get even with this lame excuse for a joke. Get lost Leno - we are on to you!!

1611 days ago

Seacrest is a Shorty    

I do NOT like this guy. I think he's a phoney!!!!

1611 days ago


conan came to Google headquarters for his tour, HILARIOUS!!!! there might be some uploads on youtube about now, not sure

team coco > boring chin

1611 days ago
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