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Heidi Klum -- Bikini Fiesta in Mexico

5/7/2010 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Super mom Heidi Klum showed off her runway-ready body in Mexico on Thursday -- seven months after giving birth to her fourth child.

Everybody wants to know the 36-year-old's Victoria's secret.



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Please post more pics of this. Sincerely, my PENIS!

1631 days ago


'Bikini Siesta' is more like it,TMZ.

1631 days ago


I don't blame her for giving up. She lost her self respect when she woke up from a hypnotic state and realized that she was married to the ugliest, nastiest man in the world. What a shame.
36 year old women that look better than Heidi are all over the place.

1631 days ago


@Antwone (comment #8): Yes, a woman's body does change significantly after child birth. I just had my first child 5 months ago and although I'm only 10 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, I would say that I'm still sexy. So what? I'm a size 8 instead of a size 6 and I'm a medium instead of a small. Eventually the weight will come off with regular exercise, but until then, I still look great! Don't make it seem like all women that have children aren't sexy. I'm a lot sexier than many women who haven't had children!

1631 days ago


She doesnt look, but spectacular, but has a decent figure for a woman her age that has had 4 kids!

1631 days ago


Mrs. Mayn, you are absolutely ridiculous. Anyone can have a flat stomach after four kids or TEN kids. Pregnancy can cause abominal muscles to become separate/herniated but does not happen in all woman. If it does happen, surgery is required to fix the muscles. Otherwise, a flat stomach is entirely possible with good diet and hard exercise.

Please go on a 1200 calorie diet for a while with a lot of protein, fish oil, avocado, nuts, vegetables. Very low carb. Lift HARD. Lots of squats, pullups, compound exercise. Do intervals on the treadmill. And then tell me that it's physically impossible to have a flat stomach.

That said, Heidi doesn't look so great. She's clearly not hittingthe gym hard yet. Her boobs also have seen better days; incidentally, that is something that preganancy and breast-feeding can in fact 'destroy,' requiring surgical intervention. But not your stomach unless you fall prey to the abdominal separation.

1630 days ago


36 and looking fantabulous! Nice!

1629 days ago


Mrs Mayn probably weighs 250+ so what she says or thinks is irrelevant. There is no way she has had a tummy tuck. You can still clearly see her stomach is still recooping from the baby. AND you obviously do not know what you are talking about with scars idiot. PLEASE show me any type of surgery that does not she some type of scar. ****ing idiot.

1629 days ago


I agree with Antwone as far as childbirth goes. It is a fact that women do struggle with their bodies after having kids and it does some nasty things to it as well. She looks ok but nothing to rave about. Since she's having no more kids she'll most likely get her body in even better shape over time.

1629 days ago


You've all obviously not had children. She looks rockin for having had four children. I agree nothing "super-model" about her body, but she looks healthy and damn good!

1629 days ago


76- agree. amazing body after 4 kids!! hello people!!! have u seen anybody naked after having 4 kids?! she looks perfect!

1627 days ago


Yes people. She does look good for having had 4 children.

But that does not equal looking good. I could care less how many children she had. That is her choice. She's still past her prime, and her body is nothing special. Imagine her standing next to Miranda, Doutzen or Candice.

You can babble all you want about how many children she has had and how it's not fair, but people will still be staring at the other 3.

1622 days ago


She does look hot. I am not jealous just worried about air brushing. Real bodies are awesome. I think that is really Heidi..she is beautiful,

1621 days ago


She is very beautiful....dah, her body is her living. You know OBYN'S can be very clever with the knife.
Sad to think she is a role mode for many. That is just life. Cry or get over it. Air brushing ROCKS>
It works for playboy etc.. guys don't care it just looks good.... how sad for the normal gal. We put up with their beer bellies and other small/fat factors!

1621 days ago


Heidi is a beautiful woman. The angle of the photo is bad. After having 4 children she still has a spectacular figure and probably works at it but is not obsessed with it. Her attitude always seems to be healthy and fun. She seems like an intelligent down to earth girl. All these women putting her down are jealous and shallow. A woman should be able to enjoy the beach with her husband and family without having to pose and hold in her stomach for the photographers all the time. Give her a break.

1621 days ago
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