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Miss USA

Is There Such a Thing

as Too Sexy?

5/9/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."


A rep for the pageant tells TMZ they have been fielding tons of calls, calling them out for the provocative pics. The pageant tells us, "You can have brains and be smart and still be sexy."

The Miss USA 2010 pageant airs Sunday May 16 at 7:00 PM on NBC.

Don't miss all the brains.


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The girl in the picture (Samantha Casey) just graduated from the College of William & Mary- one of the top universities in the country, and the alma mater of four presidents, Jon Stewart, and Sec. of Defense Gates. She did so with a ridiculously high GPA, near the top of her class. I didn't know her personally but she sure as heck isn't lacking in the intelligence department.

1624 days ago


Sorry to here about the girls father' death --How ever As a Prof at a Major Performance Arts School, I must inform that person that the Miss USA contestants do know perform --Just walking around in Evening Gowns, and Swim wear.--Being the Prof that I am I must inform you that this pageant is not a performance.You must have the two pageants confused --The Miss America pageant is the one very talented girls perform --I think last year three Miss America Contestants were students at Jullard ----If you know anything about performing--You know about Jullard--you will no it is know walk in the park to recieve a degree from that school

1624 days ago


Hot. and awesome. go Miss Maryland and Pennsylvania!

1624 days ago


its better they show scantily clap pictures now before someone digs pictures up of them doing them from before. this way someone that messes up can keep their tiara! good move by trump...

1624 days ago

Daddy Like    

Trump is the man

1624 days ago


It looks clear that guys will like the Miss America girls photo that look like more pictures on some male magazine. It is obvious now,The Miss America LOST the glamour,the charm, it is just NOT a classy show to watch as years ago, it is becoming less and less relevant. If the people in charge of the Miss America are so worry about creating controversy they got it. Maybe more men will watch the Miss America this year, but much more women will NOT, and is always good to keep in mind that there are "more" women than men in this planet...

1624 days ago


What do you people expect once Donald Trump got involved here??? That guy is the pimp of all pimps...a tool of tools...this guy sold his soul a long time ago and he is dragging anybody he purchases into his quagmire. However, this bitches didn't have a gun to their head when they made the decision to pose did they??? A travesty to America.

1623 days ago


Take the USA part out of the name and call it Trump Pageant. The name implies it represents the USA, and this pageant doesn't represent USA. If they had asked each contestant to come up with their own creative idea of something- and judge the outcomes creativity, beauty, use of idea involving something- even lingerie that would have been better.

1623 days ago


See all 51 on one page and decide for yourself.

1623 days ago


In a comment about the Miss USA pageant following the Carrie Prejean incident last year, I suggested that the show was a beauty pageant and should be a lot sexier, especially since it is held in Vegas. I also thought there should be separate categories for naturals versus enhanced and the "question and answer" segment should be dropped. Who cares about the opinions of the contestants? It's about T & A, not Q & A! I don't know about the enhanced category or the Q & A, but apparently DT has followed most of my advice! It will make things much more interesting. I guess the next step is to turn the contestant selection, staging and publicity over to Steve Francis (GGW) with TV coverage by Mark Cuban's HD Network. Thanks Donald, the show should be better this year!

1621 days ago


Most of men are visual, it's all about the cover of the book, they will watch the MISS USA to see the bodies.
Years ago when programs like MISS USA were family program I enjoyed to watch and see the girls night dresses, it was so beautiful, and classy, not anymore. These last years for me it just a waste of time watch USA pageant. I hope at least that the people in charge of the program will NOT show what they call "HOT" photos in a family time, we really need to protect the children. One of the reasons why society now has such low standards is because of the over exposure to sex before the time. Why to make kids to become adults before the time? Allow children be children. What is wrong with the media?

1621 days ago

G. Gilan    

#2's comments: Last year's winner? Kristin Dalton from North Carolina won Miss USA 2009. Please explain how she was smeared?

1620 days ago


now that trump is involved in outer looks only, maybe Hue Heffner can be a judge???

1620 days ago


Come on, is anybody seriously offended or put off by pictures like these? They're pretty tame, and completely harmless. You can see more skin at the beach (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I never understood why people always put down good-looking women like there's something wrong with them. "They must be dumb ... they must be tramps ... they are ugly inside ... they give women a bad name ..." WOW, bitter much?! Hot women are and always will be part of what makes life fun. I enjoy outer beauty for its own sake, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. So there! :P

1619 days ago


hello tonight i wish all of the contestants luck but i tend to greatly think that the pageants are rigged for money purposes because most of the time the pretty ladys to me are not picked as much and a lot of times the less arractive ones are and why does the judges already has to be picked at hand in secretly anyways i belive that the judges are told whom to pick for the top 10 and so forth to the final two then bam theres your queen for that year h e l l o it is soooooo t r u e that beauty is in the eye of the beholder for real besides i have seen women in pubic that puts some of those contestants to shame in looks such as myself fore most said i am gorgeous and i know pagaentry all to well i have won countless beauty pageants as well i have to say i belive that alot of the contestants lie also a bout some of their ages because to me the contestants some looks older than they say that they are donald since you agreed to these lingerie photos to go through raise the ages for the contestants for the miss usa pageant because it is alot of older ladys that puts some of your younger contestants to shame well i voiced my opinions l o v e i t .

1619 days ago
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