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Tiger Woods Pulls Out of TPC

5/9/2010 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship in the middle of his round today, citing a neck injury.

Woods was on the seventh hole when he hit a tee shot well to the right. He called over an official and proceeded to hit his next shot -- but grimaced in pain.

He shook hands with his playing partner, Jason Bohn, before leaving on a golf cart (above).

Woods said he fears he might have a bulging disk in his upper back.

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69 Butterfly, another Tiger enabler I see. I think it's time for Tiger to grow up and act like a man, don't you? After all, he's the father of two now. I also think he's been given enough adoration, money, excuses, etc. Only he can straighten himself out. It looks like his overly-ambitious father didn't raise him right and teach him important values in life. If he was practicing golf since he was 2 or 3 years old, his father should have been charged with child abuse. I wasn't there, so I don't know, I'm just guessing. I'm sure he (Tiger) must have had SOME fun and play time/free time. Still, his father was a ho chaser also and could not have instilled proper values in his son. Bleeding hearts need to quit treating Tiger like he's someone special, a victim. He's a grown-up man now. His wife and children are the victims in all this.

I'm still waiting for his mother to back up his story about being tortured by racist white kids on his first day in kindergarten.

1572 days ago


is it all in my head or IS HE GETTING DARKER?

1572 days ago


#77 "Better than" Ugly, immature post.
I'll thank you to not talk about mothers like that especially on Mother's Day. Anthony, you're a racist, too.

1572 days ago


He is more pathetic with each passing day.

1572 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

I wish he would just go away

1572 days ago


Your mom called, she said Tiger forgot his boxers there. She also noted that he absolutely glazed her face. Please tell your mom to quit banging Tiger.

1572 days ago


80plus comments on this guy!!! hahahaha....get a life losers.

1572 days ago


I love to watch him golf so I hate to see him quit like that ...Hes very easy to dislike and never has come off as a nice guy ... ...

1572 days ago


Maybe he should call Rachel the puta to confort him. After all she's his soulmate. I'm sure he needs to be laid so the whore won't have any problem whatsoever to please Cheetah.
It's funny to see there are people who still make excuses for him. Pathetic losers they are ! No better than him I presume.

1572 days ago


Well gee, why didn't they call an ambulence if he's got a herniated disc or something like that. It could be serious, you know he could end up paralyzed!

Poor, poor Tiger, just look at that pitiful expression on his face. If he's not trying to get sympathy, the world is flat.

Polar Bear, I think you're spot on in your analysis of what's going on with Woods.

1572 days ago


Maybe he’s lost his inspiration when the women are out of his life.

1572 days ago


The only thing wrong with him is a bruised ego.

1572 days ago


O you flat earthers , if there was a god he she it ,would have punished him a long time ago !!! the earth is kind of round ,egg shape and he got caught ..... he is a piece of **** wait **** is good compaired to him...strip him records steriods ,then jail with O J.... demonds in head

1572 days ago


I think that Tiger Woods returned to golf too soon. As a result, Tiger’s game has been suffering big time, his morale as well and now his health. Tiger needs to take time off from Golf until his personal life and health becomes more stable. This is what Elin wanted him to do and what Tiger initially said would do but he did not.The results of his hasty decision has been a disaster! It looks like if pay day is already here for Tiger!!!

1572 days ago


I'm not really into older men, but the man on the right in the picture who is driving His Highness around is way better looking than Woods. I'd choose him any day over his passenger.

1572 days ago
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