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Tiger Woods Pulls Out of TPC

5/9/2010 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship in the middle of his round today, citing a neck injury.

Woods was on the seventh hole when he hit a tee shot well to the right. He called over an official and proceeded to hit his next shot -- but grimaced in pain.

He shook hands with his playing partner, Jason Bohn, before leaving on a golf cart (above).

Woods said he fears he might have a bulging disk in his upper back.

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Tiger Sucks

1630 days ago


How wonderful if Woods doesn't return, then we won't have to see his ugly, monsterous looking, contorted face yelling after he wins. Not that he'd have a chance of winning anymore. I guess he's off of the performing enhancing drugs.

Bet he wouldn't have quit the Players' game yesterday if he had been winning. LOL On Friday he said his health was 100%, that he had NO health problems whatsoever. After he quit the game yesterday, he said his (so-called) neck problem has been bothering him since before the Masters tournament. What a friggin' lying, spoiled, immature brat of a man, always making up excuses for his failures.

POLAR BEAR is the man! Check out his posts for the truth. #132 & 133 are thugs who threaten him and support Woods merely because he has a bit of African-American blood. This isn't a racial issue, it's a character one. Oh yes, I won't buy Nike brand anymore either.

1630 days ago


And all of you fools actually believed that he played on a "double-fractured" tibia at the US Open back in 2008 ... what a load of crap that was ! Anyone who's ever had a broken leg, knows that you don't jump around celebrating and fist pumping, when you're afflicted with that type of injury. Just like this "bulging disc" garbage ... anyone who believes this, also believes in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. Tiger Woods is losing credibility now, faster than the Titanic taking on water ! What's really becoming funny though, is watching those rats on the Golf Channel. They know they have to toe the line and keeping propping up their man ... and yet the more they do that, the more they know how foolish they're all going to eventually end up looking !

1630 days ago


Tiger Woods didn't deserve his family. He does not even care where they are! When did he last see them, the kids? What a poor father he is! He cares only about his fame. Pathetic!

1630 days ago


Tiger pulled out! "that's what she said"

1630 days ago


From the greatest golfer in the world to a joke punchline. He is not to be taken seriously anymore. Nike needs to drop him and pick up Phil, only then will I buy Nike anything.

1630 days ago


I pray all of us including his Mom, his wife and his children learn to forgive him for being the man that he is. It is not who he was, it is in all aspects the man he is. But he can repent and change, I pray earnestly he does both and can one day regain the respect of his Mother, Wife, Children, Friends, Peers, and Fans. Everyone deserves the opportunity to rebuild when they have been reckless in their lives, we all make mistakes and none of us are perfect, Not even one. God Bless Tiger, Elin, his Mother and his dear children. IJN, Amen!

1630 days ago


five will get you ten if the holes had hair on them he wouldn,t complain of a sore neck. he should leave the country and never be heard from again allthese tiger fans love him beacuse they don,t have any morals themselves

1629 days ago

PolarBear Is Retarded    

Erica, the only reason that you and PolarBear are soooo angry at Tiger woods is because he cheated on a blonde haired blue eyed white woman!! If the woman were darker skinned you guys wouldn't give a crap! I never threatened anyone by the way. The fact that you think the only people that could possibly support Tiger only do so because he is part black, shows your own bigotry! I'm from Spain and don't even watch golf. I just hate phony outrage by bigots like you and PolarBear. I never saw one post from PolarBear about the Ben Roethlissberger situation because he was a white man being accused by a white woman. If Ben Roethlissberger were darker, you and PolarBear would be all over it.

1629 days ago


Ho hum, "Is Retarded," (some) people believe what they want to believe and ignore the facts. I have a feeling you're one of them. I don't believe you're from Spain, and if you were what has that got to do with anything? Tiger Woods is a very high profile person; that's what brought his savage betrayal of his wife to my attention. I don't understand the hatred for people who think he's immoral and narcissistic.

1629 days ago

PolarBear Is Retarded    

Listen Erica, you commented that I was a thug and only supported Woods because he is part black. This is why I pointed out that I am from Spain, so your comment didn't make sense to me. Just to let you know, very high profile people have been cheating for a very,very,very loooong time! You idiots act as if Tiger invented it!! Heres a list of a few: 1.David Letterman 2.Gov. Mark Sanford 3.Gov Spitzer 4.President Clinton 5. John Edwards 6. Jesse James 7.Many Many Many wealthy business men!!! I would like to see how faithful your little hubby would be with lots of women chasing him. It's easy to be faithful when nobody wants you! Men are only as faithful as their options! I'm done educating you on how the real world works.

1629 days ago


Hmmm funny neck injury, I've been battling with inflamed facet joint in my neck and back for nearly 5 years and they don't show up on MRI, they do however show up on a contrast CT scan. So whats the real reason for dropping out?

1619 days ago
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