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Alexis Neiers

Cops Deal,

Gets Jail Time

5/10/2010 1:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexis Neiers just got 180 days in jail for her role in the Burglar Bunch crimes.

Neiers pled no contest and was also placed on three years felony probation and ordered to stay away from Orlando Bloom's home.

Neiers was accused of stealing nearly $600,000 worth of stuff from Bloom -- a hearing was set for a later date to determine how much restitution she must pay.

The "Pretty Wild" star was ordered to surrender by June 24.

UPDATE: According to court documents, the property stolen from Orlando's home includes 5 Rolex watches worth $450,000 total, a $20,000 ring, two paintings worth $25,000 total and $4,000 in cash.


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Bye Bye *** ****

1593 days ago

me not you    

Where was this, LA? 180 days equals 90 minutes. Guarantee she'll be out in hours.

1593 days ago


Good! Take THAT you entitled, spoiled bimbo. MOST people would have gotten worse, and as it is, she will probably only serve less than a month. Hope they keep her in there the full six. Maybe her lousy mother will learn a thing or two about parenting and not mess up with the youngest one, too.

1593 days ago


Six months: half off for good behavior so now it is 90 days. Since the jail is so overcrowded and this is a non violent offense the sheriff can release her after she does 18 days... 10 percent of the original sentence.

So she will do less time than Paris did for her 45 day sentence.

The judge is the real criminal here, she should have made her do the whole 90 days!

1593 days ago


I find it kind of disturbing that so many people are writing "and so it is". I assume it is a catchphrase from the show. Why are people watching this trash? Of course the TV stations are going to put this stuff out there if that is what people want to see. It's all about the money. If you boycott the show and the sponsers, the stations will get the message.

1593 days ago


Does this mean they will take them off the air???? Oh please say yes!!!!!

1593 days ago


I hope she doesn't because i don't think she deserves it
She took the plea because she was at the crime scene and a few items were found in her home but i don't believe she's guilty. However in comparision to 6 years 6 months is nothing. With the 3 years probation, and 2 years suspended i think the jail sentence is extremely harsh.

1593 days ago


Ha! ha! Let your mommy do her crazy spin now. Girls and parents like that make teaching your kids right a much harder task. These girls are sooooo annoying. What was it Alexis and her mom were talking about on the E TV Show??? Something about all good things she does for the community? Was she speaking about getting a head start on her community service hours?

1593 days ago


6 months?? that's it?? i'd steal 600k if i only had to spend 6 months in jail..

1593 days ago


This girl is well on her way to being a BIG zero in life. Her mom should stop pimping out her daughters on a "reality" show, and put some effort into raising productive human beings.

1593 days ago


Six months, probably less with good behavior? I don't know much about normal sentencing guidelines, but that seems pretty lax. What were the exact charges anyway? At the very least I would expect trespassing, breaking and entering and of course felony theft. I agree with the other comments...doubt any of us would get the same deal.

1593 days ago

Mic Fontan    

I don't understand how these people can have a TV show after admitting to stealing over $60...0,000 worth of stuff!! Also, if she were just anybody, do you think they would have gotten only 180 days. When is it going to stop rewarding people for doing wrong. I'm sick of it!!!

1593 days ago


It is true that everyone can expect that she will never serve 180 days and probably be out in no time...however, I'm pretty sure that the DA is banking on her busting her probabtion,there is no way she will ever stop going out and partying.The pap's are good for one thing, that is keeping an eye out for the LA Probabtion Dept. Mama needs to stop being her friend and start being a mother.Is this the life you really pictured for you daughter? AND SO IT IS.

1593 days ago


everybody hates a thief

1593 days ago


TO Darius - I agree that the legal system is bias when it comes to people of color. I was just pointing out that particular case had nothing to do with race. Yeah, the legal system isn't the greatest, but everyone has the right to cop a plea. Try that in some other countries where they chop your hands off for stealing.

1593 days ago
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