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Cops On the Hunt for Dwyane Wade's Wife

5/10/2010 4:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned law enforcement officials are currently on the hunt for Dwyane Wade's estranged wife -- after she missed a mandatory court appearance today.


Earlier today, Siohvaughn Wade had blown off a court hearing in Chicago regarding her ongoing divorce war with the Miami Heat star -- so the judge threatened to issue a body attachment order unless she showed up in the afternoon.

The deadline came and went -- and Siohvaughn never showed.

Now, the judge has issued the order -- which means cops will now seek her out, take her into custody ... and deliver her to the judge.

As we previously reported, Siohvaughn has made several sensational claims about Dwyane -- most recently accusing the NBA star of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with his new girlfriend in front of his kids.

Dwyane -- who was present at court today -- has denied all of Siohvaughn's allegations.

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She really shouldn't go there (the claim of foreplay). It only makes her credibility suspect, because what man would really do something like that in front of his child. Especially if that child is old enough to tell. have some class Siohvaughn.

1625 days ago


Yikes! This woman needs some serious help. I hope they throw her butt in jail for missing her scheduled court date. If her accusations were real, she should have shown up. The fact that she didn't makes her look like a liar. And also, Yikes that someone would even name their child Siohvaughn spelled like that. That should be a crime.

1625 days ago


haha... bitch is gonna get what she deserves! these are the kind of women who need to just go away... major head case.

1625 days ago


Some people just can't let go. It is mention that they were high school sweethearts, however, those days are long pasted. His estranged wife must feel some kind of entitlement. D man has been nothing but a stand up individual since arriving into the NBA. This woman will get all the help she obviously needs once reality hits. Karma is a _other ----er, and the not soon enough former Mrs Wade will learn. She can mention his foreplay with his current girlfriend, yet, withhold the fact that she got an STD, and paid for other man's expenses with D-Wade's money? She will receive all she so rightfully got coming to her. Most likely, hardship with plenty more STD's to come her way.

1625 days ago

Chocolate Box    

This woman has no class, to drag her kids into her messy divorce. Then try to bring out dirty things about Wade. Only to find out she done even dirtier whorish nastier things. This woman is unstable and needs psychiatric help and fast. Wade should get file for full custody. then when divorce final wife uo Mz Union.

1625 days ago


She obviously in need of mental health. She's unstable. The kids should been taken away and put in Dwyane Wade's custody full time.

1625 days ago


Why does he have a girlfriend if he's not even divorced? That's a classy guy, huh?

1625 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if Dwayne did engage in "sexual foreplay" with his new girlfriend in front of his kids. He probably thought it was no big deal when in fact it is very damaging for children to be exposed to that kind of adult behavior right in front of them. But you cannot expect much parenting skills from these NBA basketball players or NFL football players. I'm shocked he's even in the picture. I love basketball and football but I gotta admit most of these guys are deadbeat dads.

1625 days ago


this mother is a loony, and she needs to have her custody taken away in full, and given back to Dwayne.

She sounds like a lousy mother for brining them into this divorce, and "coaching" them on what to say in a complaint.

Seems like a bitter woman to me and unstable. Give Dwayne full cutody and visitation rights to her. Hell, she got an STD from her man outside of the marriage... LOL

1625 days ago



We are humans, we do have needs, whether we're married, single or in the middle of a divorce. From what I've read on TMZ his bitter, crazy wife won't let go and continue to drag the divorce out for over 3 years now. I won't judge him for moving on with his life.

1625 days ago

Ms Ann    

Siovaughn is not responsible for what name our parents embrace us with for personal reasons.Many of the comments seems to come from women that apparently haven't been married or married a high school sweetheart.Being a sports fans ,I have noticed the change in Wade on the court and mannerism even when Barkley teased him about taking Star Jones to the Kentucky derby.It was speculation for Star Jones not to marry a guy that was possible gay and she married him.So D Wade and his wife should have concerns in the sex department.I am sure Wade is not innocent if his wife is having emotional problems.The children are 8 and 2 years old,so he could have been lying about their relationship for some time.As Black women stop hating even if a Black wife makes a mistake and it wasn't Wade's money,it is her money too.She can donate to charity and did it to get even with the money he was spending out there.For some reasons D Wade seems to like older women and befriend older men and he seems to have hidden issues.Wade show some respect and be thoughtful and kind to your children's mother.Women ,wait until a man is total free from a marriage and that means a DIVORCE.Wade brought his mom a church ,why his mom not speaking in his life to have some privacy for the mother of his children and self.Money can bring you down and injuries too,so don't think you are better than buttermilk and find out you on skim milk.

1625 days ago


Don't defend this woman.. She's a bitter and hateful person, and I fear for any children that grow up in a household like that.

The judge even stated today "Every time it seems like she thinks the case is going against her, she doesn't answer her phone, or appear in court.". If she can show contempt to a judge repeatedly, we can only wonder what kind of woman she is like at home.

Go Dwayne! Hopefully the judge will make her undergo a psychiatric evaluation, and the children are taken away from her for at least 6 months.

1625 days ago

me not you    

You gotta hand it blacks for coming up with the most creative ways to spell a simple name.

1625 days ago


this bitch be cray cray

1625 days ago

yep t    


1625 days ago
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