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Tiger Lawyers Up with International Custody Guru

5/10/2010 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tiger Woods has hired a key player in his divorce from Elin Nordegren -- attorney Thomas Sasser from West Palm Beach, Florida.

tiger woods and thomas sasser
We're told the high-profile, 39-year-old Sasser is an expert in enforcing international child custody agreements -- and sources say the custody agreement is going to be a central issue in Tiger and Elin's divorce. 

Sources say Tiger and Elin are trying to work out an arrangement where Elin can take the two kids with her to Sweden, but Tiger will have either custody or visitation rights as well.

Our sources say other lawyers and business people are on Tiger's team -- especially for property settlement issues -- but Sasser is the key man in handling what could become a sticky issue -- child custody.

The goal is for Sasser and lawyers from Elin's team to work out an agreement before divorce papers are filed.

Sasser represented NASCAR star Jeff Gordon in his divorce back in 2003. In that case, the settlement agreement was not reported to the court.

TMZ spoke with Sasser who would neither confirm nor deny if he is representing Tiger. Don't expect Sasser to say much -- he once wrote an article called "Protecting Your Client's Privacy in an Age of Public Information."


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He lost Elin. He is not a good example for a father figure. Hope he loses custody of children as well. He dug his own grave.

1627 days ago


When did they decide to get a divorce?.I thought they were trying to work it out...Guess now he has a lot of spare time to chase women....

1627 days ago



1627 days ago


O, so they are divorcing, are they?
In other news, I'd like to pose in front of a shelf of books like that.

1627 days ago


Run with those babies Elin! Save your family... Go find a good man.

1627 days ago


I am sad to see their family break apart, but I understand why. I am sure TMZ and a bunch of other media leeches, are going to ride this for years, until they suck every penny then can from this story. It is a shame, when your main source of income, is dragging other peoples names through the mud, and exposing all of their dirty laundry. One day Harvey, karma will bite you in the butt.

On the plus side, I guess this means more women for Tiger, and now he doesn't have to try to hide it.

1627 days ago


Parents should NEVER use their children as a way to get back at each other. The kids home is in the US. Taking the kids away from their home is just wrong! Elin chose to marry an American and make her life here in the US. Taking the kids out of the country is just plain selfish and wrong!

1627 days ago


1. Elin should be the one to file. She is the one who was dumped on
2. Elin deserves full custody, physical custody
3. Tiger deserves visitation that is reasonable, workable, in the children's best interest
4. Elin should be allowed to live wherever she chooses
5. Tiger has full access to a plane(s) and he can visit the children wherever they live
6. When the children are older Tiger can arrange for secure travel to bring the children to him for visits that work with their schooling
7. Elin should receive one-half of the family assets
8. The custody agreement should state that NONE of Tiger's mistresses can be in the presence of his two children at any time I wish Elin the best and I hope that she finds peace, joy, happiness and true love from a real man who will treasure her and respect her.

1627 days ago


good comment ZR your right on every topic

1627 days ago


Is it just me, but what's up with Tiger? He doesn't look so good. His face looks a little puffy, especially around the eyes. Could it be allergies, stress, or something else?

1627 days ago


The lawyer is a pimp ! somebody tiger is use to doing business with !

1627 days ago


Elin and Tiger have had their lives exposed for the past 5-1/2 months as no other couple has in the past. If the sleazy and immoral journalists had kept their nose out of every detail of their lives, this divorce might not be taking place. The tabloid industry is as much to blame as the worthless w----- Tiger was involved with. I am not a fan of Tiger's, but Elin and Tiger are trying to get on with their lives and are not getting any peace. He is not a politician who is employed by the public, so it is none of our business. TMZ you are shameless.

1627 days ago


Who cares. I just think it's hilarious that he can't concentrate on his golf game & decided to quit playing (I doubt if there is anything wrong with him physically), now we don't have to look at his ugly disgusting face. He'll always be remembered for his perverted behaviors, especially going to the bathroom on women.

1627 days ago


Tiger is a douchb@g and the least exposure his kids have to his lying and cheating the better. I hope Elin is allowed to keep the kids in Sweden and Tiger gets to visit once or twice a year.

1627 days ago


Tiger will get visitations and some holidays, and probably they will have joint custody, with Elin being the parent who lives with the children. He couldn't even begin to ask for more. What is he going to do, be in charge of two young kids when he has a pill problem, which was obvious this weekend, when he was sweating like Whitney Houston, jonesing for pills. Hey, lucky him! he hurt his neck, so now he can get a refill and stop the sweat.

1627 days ago
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