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LPGA Star's Father -- It Was 'No Suicide'

5/11/2010 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511_erica_blasberg_EX_gettyErica Blasberg's father is adamant that the 25-year-old LPGA superstar did not take her own life in Nevada this weekend -- insisting she was "very upbeat" in the days before her death on Sunday.

TMZ spoke with Mel Blasberg, who tells us he had visited Erica at her home in Henderson, Nevada on Thursday and spoke with her on the phone on Friday -- and both times she seemed "very upbeat."

In fact, Mel tells us Erica was excited to play in a golf tournament in Alabama this week  ... and had already packed her brand new golf bag in her car for the drive to the airport Saturday morning. But Erica never made her flight.

Mel tells us a friend discovered the golfer in her bed on Sunday.

Mel notes that Erica had just returned from the Tres Marias Championship tournament in Mexico ... and in what would be her final round, she shot an astounding -3.

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1594 days ago


Professor Obvious- Its obvious to me that you're a complete sack of ****. I feel sorry for the cells in your body that have to support such a repulsive and worthless mind.

1594 days ago

MISSmurder Fatale    

hmmm the autopsy will report what really happen to her. Too many comments on what happen to her, just wait for the report of the autopsy people! And if people are suicidal you will see and notice the signs before and after they are gone. If it was suicide, she would have tried it before plenty of times.

1594 days ago


Please stop with all the idiotic comments and speculations. I happened to graduate high school with Erica and had known her since I was a little girl. Some of these comments are so insensitive and it amazes me that people would post these things. Please keep in mind her family and friends regardless of the cir***stances. Some of us actually do read these(although probably not after this).

1594 days ago


MYSTERIOUSLY DEAD IN NEVADA. I would wonder too. She had her BAGS PACKED and suddenly decides to kill herself ? YEAH...RIGHT.

1594 days ago


Well lets look at the odds...A 25yr old woman athlete with no medical complaints dies suddenly in her bed (rare n unlikely) OR mix alcohol and/or drugs with say, affairs of the heart maybe? Either way its a tragic end to a young lovely talented woman. So sad........

1594 days ago


It seems she was smothered to death, probably while she was sleeping. How sick is that?

1594 days ago


Krissy Taylor's mother's account of her daughter's death (NOT from drugs like the previous poster indicated):

The medical examiner could find no immediate cause of death from the autopsy and therefore declared that her death was not a result of natural causes. This led the press to speculate...after all, she was a teenager.

In the weeks that followed, we tried to analyze everything. What happened? Was there anything that could have been done differently that would have made a difference? Was it our fault as parents that we didn’t recognize some underlying problem? The burden of guilt drove us to find out what happened. Why did Krissy die? We met with the medical examiner, doctors, attorneys, advisors.

Every one said SUE.

Then we received yet another blow: the medical examiner advised us that the resuscitator was improperly used. It had been found in her esophagus instead of the airway to her lungs! How can emergency medical staff work on her for over an hour and not know to check this common procedure? She just wasn’t meant to make it. All the money in the world can’t bring her back. Trying to lay blame for her death would have been easy, but was it really anyone’s fault? We wanted and needed to know.

Were the paramedics at fault? The medical examiner didn’t seem to think so. Efforts at resuscitation had come too late, he said. I asked why, then, had they worked on her so long? His answer: “Nobody likes to give up on a young person.” I can appreciate that...I know I did on that one fateful morning. I didn’t want them to stop trying then.

Was it the Primatene? Krissy had taken a puff of Primatene earlier that night to combat shortness of breath. She had allergies that congested her upper respiratory system, and the Primatene seemed to help. Her doctor knew she was taking it. Unfortunately, it seems we’ll never know if Primatene caused Krissy’s death. The epinephrine it contains can cause cardiac arrhythmia, but it was impossible to prove she had taken any just prior to her death. Epinephrine is absorbed quickly by body tissues, and it is also used by doctors in resuscitation efforts.

Three weeks later, the final results came back from the medical examiner’s office: microscopic tissue studies indicated that Krissy might have had undiagnosed asthma. The medical examiner deemed her sudden death to have been caused by an acute asthmatic attack, complicated by (unproven) cardiac arrhythmia.

The conclusion that Krissy had died of asthma left us filled with doubt. We were told that the vast majority of asthmatic deaths have prior warning, including severe attacks leading up to the time of death. The lack of warning in Krissy’s case was inconsistent with this pattern. Later studies of tissue slides from her heart uncovered evidence of a rare heart disease called right ventricular dysplasia. We now feel that this was the major component of Krissy’s death.

1594 days ago


It seems a lot of comments about this tragic tragic happening are looking and maybe even hoping some dark reason is found to be the cause.. And why so many comments about Krissy Taylor, also a tragic story.. Focus on this lovely golfer and wait for the facts to be known before the dumb remarks.. Regardless of a lack of any wins on the LPGA Tour, she was a beautiful person in a developing stage in an extremely difficult profession.. You can speculate all you want, but the facts will be the bottom line.. Absolutely nothing in Pro sports today would surprise me!!

1594 days ago


Some people have no class whether it was a suicide or not. Why put this on the internet for her family to read. Let her RIP and let the autopsy show the results.

1594 days ago

L K Tucker     

These suicides have been happening to college students for years. Subliminal distraction is the likely cause.

It is the most likely cause of a sudden intense episode of despondency with psychotic like delusions.


1594 days ago


She looks hot, kinda the cokehead, ***guzzler type, but hot nonetheless. Even dead, I'd still hit it.

1593 days ago

Sad sad    

ewww maybe a jealous competitor? Sad.

1593 days ago


Please people. Stop the meanness! She has passed away. Her family and friends are grieving.

1593 days ago


@Patrick ---> You are a disgusting piece of rancid dung. I certainly hope TMZ removes your putrid comments, and further hope that you seek professional help for your obvious mental health issues.

1593 days ago
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