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Kendra Sex Tape -- First Shots

5/13/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The first images from the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape have finally been released -- and TMZ has learned ... she looks really, really good.

Kendra Sex Tape
The video, which is set to be released by Vivid Entertainment, was shot in 2005 ... after Kendra had turned 18. will post even more screen grabs today.

Who says it's hard transitioning from television to film?


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Sad to see such beauty wasted. I kinda like her and despite her profession, she doesn't seem whorish or anything. Nor does she seem like an airhead. No idea she was so young! She's my age, wow...

Will TMZ delete my post b/c I didn't bash her?

1624 days ago


By the way...she does NOT look good in these pictures! I saw a picture of her recently with her husband and her baby...she was very happy...THAT looked good!

1624 days ago


Wow...I don't know what to think about this. I don't really like Kendra...she was my least favorite on Girls Next Door...but I would feel kinda sorry for her except I heard she tried to release the video herself a while back. I wonder what Hank, both their families, and little Hank thinks about this?

1624 days ago



1624 days ago


Well, once a ho, always a ho.. Why is anyone surpised about a sex tape? The only reason she has any notoriety is because she took her clothes off for Playboy. Yeah, she did try selling it on her own, so I don't get her "oh no!" attitude now.

1624 days ago


Ya know it's disgusting that anyone would want to watch this tape. Kendra was just 18! 18 whether you like it or not is still a TEENAGER! I get real sick of men or any companies taking advantage of the so called "18 is an adult" technicality. The kids are not aloud to drink alcohol, yet here they are for most sick adults to enjoy in XXX films or on stripper poles. WTF is going on with our society? 18 year olds most times don't make the right choices. I recall being a teenager and i made stupid mistakes too...don't we all? I think Vivid needs to leave Kendra alone and not sell this teenager porn. Women will continue to be exploited until we stand up and start saying NO! Start believeing in ourself a lot more and dressing less sexual. Nothing wrong with sexuality. But when you show everything you have and behave like a #hore in public. Then taking your clothing off for magazines, allowing others to make money off your body by selling the magazines to guys who are just gonna beat off to your pic. Do you really get that empowered by that kind of money and attention? It's sad that a lot of girls today will get naked for guys like Joe Francis for a T-shirt and ball Cap...All this cheap porn crap has to go! I say women need to respect themself more and get educated...Being smart is the true empowerment. As for Kendra, i really do feel sorry for her. She seems like a really sweet girl:(

1624 days ago

rex kramer    

Once it's out there, it's out there. Have fun explaining it to your kids. She used to be cute, what happened?

1624 days ago


Trash. Her son will be so proud one day.

1624 days ago

Lenn K.    

You do have to remember this is a different generation and they're standards are very low. Shows like the Waltons, Andy Griffin and even Laugh In wouldn't be able make it in these times. It's all about no talent, craziness and sex with who and whatever. #10 Jmcc is right in some way, but Kendra biggest problem isn't now it's 10 years down the road when taste and times changes.

1624 days ago


Come on people...she was a playmate. The jigs up. I don't understand why this is such a big deal.

1624 days ago


Can't wait to see/hear if she's a moaner :)

1624 days ago


I will be the first one to sign up for this video....she is the hottest of any of the Girls Next Door ever to grace that show.

Kendra = smoking hot, and loves sports

1624 days ago


Seriously who would want to see this ditz. 5 minutes of her show and all you want to do is send her money for a college education she is so dense.

1624 days ago


She has always been a trashy hooker. Yup, her son will be proud of this tape and proud that she f*cked an 80 year old man. Oh and by the way, this horseface was never a playmate.

1624 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

The shelf life of this video is rapidly expiring and she and the porn company know it. Porn is about hot young babes and she is now a married woman pushing a baby stroller. Kendra is cute and all, but I wouldn't pay a dime to lust after years-old video of her jiggly parts.

1624 days ago
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