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Kendra Sex Tape -- First Shots

5/13/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The first images from the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape have finally been released -- and TMZ has learned ... she looks really, really good.

Kendra Sex Tape
The video, which is set to be released by Vivid Entertainment, was shot in 2005 ... after Kendra had turned 18. will post even more screen grabs today.

Who says it's hard transitioning from television to film?


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I think this sucks! She's a sweet girl and I wish she wouldn't have made the tape, but the person who's releasing it is trash. She looks like a kid in the pics.

1622 days ago


i wish society would just leave her the hell alone.....she is a new wife and mother,she was'nt neither of the two whenever this video was another said she was 18 years old young and dumb WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE!!!it could be ALOT ya Kendra~your girl***Jennifer in Dayton,Ohio xoxoxoxoxo

1622 days ago


Far too many women having children who should never have them and she's one of them. One can only imagine how that child will turn out?

What does one expect from one a Hefner modern sex slave? Is sex so important that her husband can overlook the pigsty in which he is now subjected as a domestic partner and the same way she existed at the Playboy mansion? He's going to find that she's the worst thing (along with the reality show) that could happen to his potential football career. All of these reality TV shows are showing the depth of sickness of a certain segment of American society. After watching one of her shows, who would watch another?

1622 days ago

Jen O.    

She was 20. She was born in 1985.

1622 days ago

what He said    

wonder what the white trash ho witht he big noggin will be like at Danica Mckellar's age. She needs to read the bible I know she isn't technically inclined or really all that intelligent but somehow her brain absorbed the judeo-centricic society that bs's the world and makes people lose their religion.

1622 days ago


For the people who say Kendra's not a whore, are you out of your mind?!?!? She's the definition of cheap whore. She sounds so incredibly stupid it's hard to listen to her talk.

1622 days ago


I don't want to look at the pictures. Playmate or not, she looks about 15 and it just creeps me out. This is just another example of bad choices coming back to haunt you.

1622 days ago


this chicks looks damn near 30 not attaractive for like 24 sorry

1622 days ago


Did you really have to participate in this? She is happy with a new life and baby. Nice going TMZ.

1622 days ago

TMZ Lover    

Hank is probably in on this, too. His fumble and trade aren't paying the bills. It's all on Kendra now. And it's funny this comes out near her season finale. AND E! went back to tape her reaction to it?? I gues we'll see how good of an actress she is...

1622 days ago


Well, once a ho, always a ho.. Why is anyone surpised about a sex tape? The only reason she has any notoriety is because she took her clothes off for Playboy. Yeah, she did try selling it on her own, so I don't get her "oh no!" attitude now.

1622 days ago


Go back to the farm HORSEFACE!!

1622 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

The only thing this tramp is famous for is for trying to get Hugh Hefners dinky wink hard enough to use!!!!!

1622 days ago


Ahhhh, how cute, Mommy has a sex tape! Just think how great it will be someday when the internet is so advanced that Lord knows WHAT her kids can see her doing!

WHY don't these people think? They don't think about their future beyond the tip of their nose.

I can't feel sorry for them, like the "girls gone wild" who show us your boobs and NNNNOOOOOWWWW are so very sorry they did.

Wake up ladies, you will regret behaving like a Jerry Springer show victim. And then all you will known as is a 'ho.

1622 days ago


Everyone knows, that Kendra has had more meat in her, than Kim Kardashian, and the George Foreman grill put together. This is no surprize.
She must be as wide as a catchers mit by now, UGH.

1622 days ago
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