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Joe Jackson: Don't Attack Conrad's Supporters

5/12/2010 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is trying to prevent the army of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters at his upcoming hearing -- begging MJ fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

Joe Jackson

In a letter written to MJ's fans, Joe says, "We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe continues, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

Joe says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."


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The LAPD will be doubling maybe tripling the amount of officers. Anyone who does not follow the law will be arrested. The only person or persons that will look foolish will be those who act in an unlawful way. Everyone is an individual and will be seen that way. Act in a peaceful way and you will not have anything to worry about.

1570 days ago


"There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters"

Based on many-many comments I've read on this site, all I have to say is "Don't hold your breath, Joe."

1570 days ago


@@@ lola That letter was perfectly said. We can't let people forget what a "real" loser MJ was. Sure he could sing and dance, but what a weirdo. MJ fans can see past that his vile ways, but many of us with family values can't.

1570 days ago


It looks like Joe understands Michael and his message and his character and his light - finally - unfortunately late but finally.

Justice for Michael - and R.I.P.

L.O.V.E. you forever

1570 days ago


If even one fan acts inappropriately, you can bet that is what will be reported and then all fans are tarred with the same brush.

1570 days ago


You people are all so JADED!!! Get a clue!

Joe has no ulterior motives. It's because of all the HATE that is being spread, that this message from Joe needed to even be released. Sure, we all want to strangle Murray and the people involved. But, acting in a hateful way is not the way to go about getting our points across! "Kill them with kindness (or silence in this case)." Ever heard the saying????

All he is saying is that we are a reflection of Michael. And Michael would not act in a mean, hateful way. No matter what the cir***stances are. He has proven this on many occasions throughout his lifetime. Did you ever hear or see Michael scream hate at his accusers???? NO!!!! He sat quietly and let Justice be done. End of story. Michael's message was, is, and ALWAYS will be about LOVE, not hate. REPRESENT Michael!!!! That's all he's sayin', dimwits.

1570 days ago


We will be there holding signs that say Justice For Michael, Investigate AEG, Randy Philips, Frank Dileo. We will be silent.
But we will be there among the Murray supporters.

We believe AEG got to Murray, offered him millions to put out Michael Jackson's lights forever, thus the large amount of propofol in his stomach. Murray will either walk or get little jail time because the powerful AEG will pay off the judges, DA.
The court system in LA is corrupt and CAN BE bought off.

1570 days ago

Lee lee    

In this case Joe has my applause.
Firstly because he feels a responsibility to de-escalate. And secondly because a riot and rowdyish fans are the last things Michael's case needs – and what Michael would have wanted. I can't believe that there are "fans" who'd like to shed blood in front of the courthouse.
Protest is necessary – but with dignity. And not with violence.

Posted at 2:31 PM on May 12, 2010 by moni

Ho moni,
I agree . I'm all for protesting, But totally against violence.
It seems that for once Joe is showing some common sense. Michael would never want his fans to be in a situation, or take part in anything that would result in violence. He was all for L.O.V.E , and although Murray causes many of us to feel anger and resentment...Nothing will ever bring Michael back now, so it better that we respect and honor his legacy by representing him in a positive light.

1570 days ago


I say F Joe.
Come on Jacko crazy fans show the world what kind of losers you guys are.
Please act out in front of the cameras,I need a good laugh.

1570 days ago

Lee lee    

* that was supposed to read HI moni....Sorry moni

1570 days ago


Hi Lee lee,
seems you've got a very early start in the morning again, ;)
Someone has suggested on another board a quiet, dignified protest with a candle in the hand, and I think this is a wonderful idea. So much more effective than fighting, what would turn the trial in exactly that kind of circus the media is waiting for, with Michael as a main actor and freak who perfectly fits in.

1570 days ago

Lee lee    

Moni...always a early start for me : )......I'm heading off to work soon. A candle sounds like a great idea. Just the quiet sound of silence would work wonders I think.
The Murray supporters would love to see the fans play into there hands, by screaming and yelling etc. And what a joy that would be for the media. The calmer the better. Either way I'll be watching.
: )

1570 days ago


You harrassing jerk offs need to find a different profession. I honestly don't really care that much for celebrities but I just find it sad how you can make money off of harrassing people...I hear celebs get charged for smashing cameras and they call that "battery." I call that rightful retalitation. Why don't the TMZ camera wielding ***gots get convicted of harrassment and invasion of privacy? It just goes to show how much in the toilet this country gets every minute because of moronic ****suckers like you at TMZ..I hope in hell they infinitely stick video cameras up all of your asses for all eternity.

1570 days ago


I love Michael Jackson but you people need to grow the h up with your stupid and immature comments. Obviously you so called Jackson fans must be under the age of 20 . You are an embarrassment. Mr. Joe Jackson is correct in everything he has stated on this site. So grow up and stop ridiculing michaels Father.

1570 days ago


Lee lee,
Kudos to you, I would post nothing than nonsense after getting up, still hangin' half asleep over the keyboard, lol. I'm lucky that evening, tomorrow will be Ascension Day (more popular here as father's day), and everybody's off work. Sleeping late!
Yes, let's watch what will happen in front of the courthouse – and hope for quietly shaming Murray with a sea of candles.

1570 days ago
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