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MJ Fans Dispute Lisa Marie's Cemetery Claims

5/13/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of Michael Jackson fans dedicated to honoring MJ's tomb claim Lisa Marie Presley was dead wrong when she insisted that the pop star wasn't getting enough love at his grave site -- and they have the pics to prove it.

michael jackson fans at michael jackson's grave

TMZ spoke with a rep from the "Original Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California" who told us they visit the site at least once a month -- and always flood the place with gifts and flowers. The group claims they've documented all of their trips with pictures like the one shown above, which was taken April 3rd.

As we previously reported, LMP had posted a message on her MySpace page yesterday, claiming there was too much "empty space" around the site and called for fans to step it up and send flowers.

But the rep from OMJFSC tells us, "You know what, we all know that we visit Michael once a month ... so like everything else we just have to find comfort in the fact that we know the truth.



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I lost my job, Im broke and she wants us to put flowers on the grave.

She was the one married to him and makes 47 million a year from her fathers estate.

She should hire a florist to surround his grave with flowers every week. WE CANT AFFORD IT.

1571 days ago


She should hire a florist to surround his grave with flowers every week.

Posted at 10:55 AM on May 13, 2010 by Cheryl

And if she did (and I wouldn't be surprised if she did), people here would call her horrible for that too. She only made a suggestion for those who are inclined, that's it. She knows from experience that Michael had plenty of fans who liked to send him things throughout his lifetime - she's only giving them some info on his favorite flower, that's all. She's not demanding anything from you or anyone. *rolls eyes*.

1571 days ago


People need to lighten up...She wasnt coming from a bad place...She didnt say MJ fans werent leaving enuf stuff...And did comment that FL were probably too efficient in cleaning up.

It was a kind gesture..It doesnt matter how much money she has..Yeah she could probaly flower the whole place..She was just throwing out options for MJ fans to be involved.

Thanks LISA <3 RIP Michael

1571 days ago


She should hire a florist to surround his grave with flowers every week.

Posted at 10:55 AM on May 13, 2010 by Cheryl

That wouldn't be the same. Not thousand flowers from one person, but thousand flowers from thousand persons – that's what LMP tries to say. As a visible sign for countless fans out there who still have Michael in their mind.

1571 days ago


awww.. we will always have Michael in our minds but in our hearts ... and in our ears too. really like... what's a silk sunflower going to cost.. A dollar at the dollar store? She would know MJ loved sunflowers.

1571 days ago


AGREED! Lisa Marie should be flooding the place with flowers. She took advantage of his fame while married to him.

1571 days ago


She has a ton of money, let her spend her $$$ on showing him love. Guess she doesn't realize most ppl are in a recession and choose to spend their money on other expenses. I liked MJ but if you want to do something to honor him why not spend that money on donating it to charity in his honor. There are a lot of hungry and poor children that can use the money.

1571 days ago


There is a glut of intolerant postings here.
There is a plethora of correct and current information available for those who know how to carry out research.Michael Jackson was not a child molester;the FBI took over the Chandler case and found nothing to substantiate the charges(report is available at the FBI website for public information).However,information does exist to show that Evan Chandler was a grifter who medicated his own child with sodium amytal,a pyschotropic medication not used in dentistry,in order to extract a tooth.While doing the work,he questioned his son and implanted suggestions into his son's mind.Michael's insurance and business companies wanted Michael to work,so they unwisely chose to settle the case.Chandler's use of sodium amytal would have voided all of his son's testimony.And Evan Chandler's own words would have portrayed him as the greedy,ruthless man he was,not caring about hos son's well-fare,just the amount of money he could make.
The second accusation ended in a trial which cleared Jackson of a wrong-doing.
This isn't to say that Michael Jackson was a saint;he was a human being with human failings.
Michael Jackson stated many times that he wasn't gay but that he wasn't going to make a big deal out of the stories because he had fans who were gay and he did not want to offend them.He didn't want to lose his fans by being intolerant. He also told friends,including another person who should have kept his mouth shut,Rabbi Shmuley Boteach,that he wished to marry again.These are the reasons why I don't find Klein or Pfeiffer credible or trustworthy.
And a note to the very intolerant:
"To be aware of a single shortcoming within oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else."
"Only the practice of tolerance and patience can give protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred."
These are the words of the Dalai Lama.Please be patient,rational,truthful,equanimous and kind and refrain from name-calling... of Michael,(his name was Jackson not Jacko)and other posters here.
I finished graduate school many,many years ago;while there I learned how to correctly carry out research and judge media entries for truthfulness and accuracy so I tend to look at everything to form an opinion.My opinion is different from other's opinions here,so be it.But this is a lesson that helps everyone:"One if the best human qualities is our intelligence,which enables us to judge what is beneficial and what is harmful."(Dalai Lama) We need to look at facts and be mindful of our emotion's effects on our words and actions;we also need to be aware that life is usually well out of alignment with what we'd really like.There is no need to insult the intelligence of those who disagree with opinions,as some of the more intolerant posters have done. I know how easy it is to let emotions run rampant,but practicing good manners and self-control helps.Stating opinions based on facts,something the very intolerant do not do,isn't helpful and the name calling is not going to change any one's opinions.

1571 days ago


Funerals and follow-up crap is for the living. If anyone really thinks MJ or Elvis etc. really care about how many teddy bears and flowers appear, they're in the arms of the Pope loving pedo throw-backs.
Give your love to the living people. You know Elvis is spinning and she is trying to twist things.
Treasure the living, do not try and angelize the gone.

1571 days ago


you are right had a string of gay lovers who he seduced by saying "I want to lick your lollipop", it was claimed last night.

1571 days ago


LOL, More delusional rantings from some wacko jacko fan club that just doesn't get it. Visiting the cemetery isn't visiting his grave site nor is leaving offerings outside the mausoleum. The closest these nutjobs will ever get to seeing the inside of the Sanctuary of Ascension mausoleum and Michael's tomb is visiting websites like because the mausoleum is private and locked to the general public. The mausoleum is huge and only family and real-life friends of those entombed there are allowed inside. The family specifically chose a private burial spot so they wouldn't have to be mobbed by these wackos every time they visit and have to wade through the piles of stuff they leave behind.

1571 days ago


You people are just cruel..If you dont agree...Dont post! This isnt MJs trial..Its over.

This was a kind gesture from somoeone that loved him..For the record..She doesnt have a CD ready to come out. She has songs written..She doesnt need publicity and never has. Trust me! I have been a fan since her first CD..She has a her own fan base..She doesnt write for radio play and hates media attention.

She blogged about something she cares about...Well damn her huh?

Mean people suck!

1571 days ago


@ you are right That was a good post about Elvis. Very interesting.

1571 days ago


Bear in mind these are the same fans who wanted the big, overblown memorial service but were either unwilling or unable to pay anything toward its ridiculous costs.

Forest Lawn undoubtedly clears the spaces periodically, and it is their right to do so.

If LMP doesn't like the offerings, she could as one reader suggested, spend her own GD money to regularly blanket the place in flowers. How often does SHE visit?

1571 days ago


This is what Karen faye said about it: KF is going to battle for Lisa on her facebook. Here is what she said to some haters:
she probably wasn't in the mood to chat up the guards. she was visiting her once husband who was murdered.
Tabloids often make errors in their reporting to create sensationalism. She believes the mausoleum should be open for the fans. She was sad... to see how fans and their gifts were not able to be brought personally to him. Sad some fans don't understand that they really loved each other and she hurts deeply...
Sad how Lisa's good intentions are misinterpreted :(
I sure understand how that feels.

1571 days ago
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