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Sandra Bullock's Baby Shoot -- Jesse Was There!

5/14/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Jesse James was right by Sandra Bullock's side when she posed with her baby boy for that People photoshoot.

Sandra Bullock
Sources tell TMZ Jesse was not only present ... he was "incredible with both Sandra and Louis" -- and created a "healthy, loving and positive atmosphere."

Now get a load of the timeline.  We're told the photos were taken March 9 -- two days after the Oscars  ... and just a few days before the scandal broke.

So Sandra was apparently oblivious to Jesse's alleged affairs when the pics were snapped. 

Alas, we've figured out what was really going on when a photographer was snapped carrying baby clothes into Sandra and Jesse's home on March 9.

Now, the million dollar question -- are there photos of Jesse and little Louis Bardo floating around?  We're guessing since Jesse was there -- and at the time expected to co-parent with Sandra --  no way he wasn't in some of the shots.  Interesting the way it ended up looking like a single mom shoot.



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Another low-life male who prefers disgusting swines over a real woman!

1587 days ago


GROSS! Now she will have a slave when she gets older! ****** LOVER!

1587 days ago


I agree with #18 that I was in hopes of them staying together, but I also feel it is wrong & selfish on Sandra's part the way it appears she has deserted the other kids. I have my own child now so so long. Star or not, she should not be adopting that baby on her home, let the baby be in a home with both parents to love and not just the endless list of material things the baby will have with just her.

1587 days ago


After the shoot, Jesse James said: "I'm outta here. I'm going to Slappy Hour at Brad's!"

1587 days ago


I agree with the other posters who said, "enough already" with the sandra/jesse thing. He got caught cheating. She filed for divorce. She'll be a single mom. Not the most unheard of thing in the world. Happens every day. Move on already.

1587 days ago


I don't think Jesse is the daddy!!

1587 days ago


Sandra your awesome, why is it a race thing, or country thing? we adopted from China, because we have a heart for children. Some adopt from the US, yeah, some adopt in other countries, yeah, she has a heart for children, thats awesome, lets uphold Sandra, she's amazing and that baby, oh my i could just squeeze those sweet cheeks!

1587 days ago


I agree w/ Karen #21 & most of Annette #27 & 33. I too wish that Jesse would hire a pr firm & tell his side. I've been expecting it for days now. I don't believe 1/2 of what I've read about him. I also hope Sandra & Jesse can somehow work this out & stay together. I look at photos of them together & you can see the love in their eyes...especially Sandra. The more recent photos of Sandra make me sad. She is so thin & her eyes don't sparkle like they used to. She looks heartbroken to me. I feel sorry for Jesse's kids...losing a wonderful stepmom Do we really know that she doesn't have anything to do w/ Jesse's 3 kids?? I love Sandra Bullock & will still be behind her no matter what but I still hope they can work it out.

1587 days ago


Regarding this man's children, Sandra Bullock is not responsible in any way for the children who were under her part-time care while she was married to this pig. They have two living biological parents who are responsible for the failure of their own marriage and are legally responsible for the care, feeding, and nurturance of their own children. His children by two separate women or mothers are blessed to have experienced Sandra Bullock's love and nurturance while she was in his clandestine and cheating life. It is time for everyone, including the talking heads and psychologists, to leave Sandra Bullock alone to solely raise her adopted child who will be a full-time responsibility. Again, she is not responsible for the outcome of the children this pig had with two other women.

1587 days ago


Well well well........... I STILL cannot believe all this nonsense about "poor Sandra - and dirty dog Jesse". Don't get me wrong - I LOVE me some Sandra movies, and yes I think she's beautiful. BUT... has everyone here "forgotten" that SHE was the "other woman" cheating with Jesse while he was married?? And his wife was PREGNANT at the time???? Geeeze --- if he/she will cheat to be WITH you..... then he/she will cheat ON you. Figure it out people.

1587 days ago


Before you criticize - you should check your facts. There are many more black children that are up for adoption than white children. I know people who have had to wait years to adopt a white child but not true with black or biracial children. Babies don't know black from white - they learn to be racist from some adults. They just know that the person who adopted them loves them and cares for them. She does NOT plan on removing herself from Jesse's children. Some of you just love to write hateful things. Does it really make you feel better??

1587 days ago


the beads were a gift from jesses daughter you idiots! the little girl said all the colors are for all the races in the world. but this is to nice of a story right???? lets make it ugly. morons

1587 days ago


The timing makes sense, looking at the age of the infant in the photo.

1587 days ago


I agree with #10, she's not wearing a wedding band. also, is it a coincidence that jesse is in austin, and sandra has a house there? she's pretty slick at fooling the media.(jesse, not so much so!)

1587 days ago


Obviously this photo was probably going to be used for the spread inside of the magazine while the photo of all three of them woul've been used as the cover picture, but obviously they weren't gonna use that photo anymore...

1587 days ago
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