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Juan-Carlos Cruz -- Murder/Suicide Plan

5/17/2010 9:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Juan-Carlos Cruz was allegedly involved in a Shakespearean plot to kill his wife and then kill himself -- and it's all over their inability to have babies.


Sources say the Santa Monica Police Department and the L.A. County District Attorney are fully aware 47-year-old Jennifer Campbell has been despondent for years over her infertility and has spoken openly to friends that she wanted to end her life.

But Campbell is a deeply religious, practicing Catholic and the church views suicide as a mortal sin.

Our law enforcement sources say the information police and prosecutors have "is absolutely clear" -- Cruz was trying to honor his wife's wishes by ending her life.  He then planned on killing himself.

As TMZ first reported, Cruz -- who hosted a show on Food Network -- allegedly approached 3 homeless men in Santa Monica to kill Jennifer.


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How can you even compare it to Romeo and Juliet? Juliet and Romeo were lovers whose families were enemies. Plus, Romeo only killed himself when he thought that Juliet had died and then Juliet committed suicide when she saw that Romeo had killed himself. How does the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet compare with this story?!!??

Has the author of this poll read the story?

1618 days ago

JK in CA    

Too cool for Lindsay Lohan. For once, her attorny, Shawn Chapman Holley, has bigger issues than Lindsay. At least Ms Holley gets to save an extra trip to court by representing two clients in court in one day.

1618 days ago


None of that is true, can't you leave this case alone!

1618 days ago


he is a liar, he was not going to kill himself. he was going to get the life insurance money and a younger chick! are you stupid? really.

1618 days ago


They both need mental health evaluations and some time as inpatients in an institution. Millions of couples suffer from infertility and manage to cope and still live happily. To attempt a murder/suicide over it shows there's some deeper emotional/chemical imbalance at work here. If this story is true, I hope they both get intensive therapy and medication in place of jail time.

1618 days ago


give me a break and I'm the Pope.

1618 days ago


was he too macho to adopt?

1618 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

Wow... that Urkel is his wife? Why not just kill himself instead? Why be selfish to snuff out her dweebish existence? How rude! What? Did her librarian skills trump his? He's not the Right Hand of God. Eesh! Sadly, I've seen his forgettable and regretful "act" years ago on that gawd awful doo-doo Food Network (how many so-called chefs and home cooks have nibbled on Tuschman's "lady" bits?). Part pretend cook, pretend nutritionist. Yeah, worked wonders for the doughnut loving crowd, didn't it? Hope he gets deep fried!

1618 days ago


Emeril would never do this! Bam!

1618 days ago



1618 days ago


She is just another religious zealot. Most conflicts in life, where harm comes to either themselves or others, be it either personal or worldly, are based on religion. How many wars are religion based? How many people die because of religion? How many people are discriminated against because of religion? How much hate in the world is caused by religion? I was always taught we were all Gods children and to love and help their neighbor, instead we find ways to destroy.

1618 days ago


RIGHT.....this guy was going to HIRE SOMEONE ELSE to kill his wife and then kill himself.....The only people who are serious about murder/suicide are the ones who actually go thru with it....the ones left to talk about it are just dirtbags who want someone else dead and have NO INTENTION of killing themselves!!!! This is just a last ditch effort to stay off death row....kind of ironic, huh????

1618 days ago


Saying, "Police are aware she'd been depressed for a long time" is not the same as "and thus she wanted to be killed." That's a ridiculous excuse for one caught planning to kill his wife, rather than get her counseling for her depression.

1618 days ago


When TMZ broke this story I was shocked. I've watched Juan-Carlos on The Food Network channel and I always commented, to whomever was in the room, what a genuinely nice he was. This couple was traumatized and lived with this sadness for a long time. I'm thinking, years and years of anguish must have eaten away at their logic and they couldn't see a way out. They're vision was warped. As a Catholic, I KNOW we have no right to judge this couple. That's G-d's job. I'm sick that this happened. OMGoodness, the love he possessed for her. To do this -- to end her torment. It breaks my heart -- just tears it up. I KNOW G-d understands -- He understands in a way we never will. My heart, thoughts and prayers, goes out to this couple -- their loved ones and friends. Please, there MUST be a reason they "couldn't" adopt a child. I KNOW they would have if it were possible. I'm in tears. Here I was, judging this man -- thinking he committed the biggest sin. Who an I to judge? Please forgive me G-d, I should have known better. This story just makes me numb. I feel their pain and I WISH they would have gotten professional help before he decided to take action with this tragic plan to have his wife murdered. I KNOW they were OUT of their minds, to even THINK about doing this. No one knows what goes on in someone's mind and heart -- this is G-d's work.

1618 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

FFS! B!tch is depressed because she was HONGRAY! Of course white Urkel had to count calories when she's married to Cpt. CALORIE COMMANDO!

1618 days ago
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